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Bikenstock: The Original Sandals With a Modern Twist

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Birkenstock sandals. If you’ve never heard of them you’re probably not serious about sandals. Birkenstock was founded in 1774 by Johann Birkenstock and has evolved into one of the best sandal brands the world has ever seen. Their sandals are comfortable, durable, stylish, and downright original.

While you’re looking for the best place to buy Birkenstocks you’ll inevitably see plenty of imitators. Johann Birkenstock founded a company to which comfortable sandals would become synonymous. However, the Birkenstock brand has a wide-ranging catalog of men’s, women’s, and kids’ footwear. Anyone on the hunt for stylish footwear should take browse its pages. Below are some of our favorites.

The Jackson

birkenstock jackson nubok leather bootSource: Birkenstock
The Jackson boot by Birkenstock in Nubuck Leather

The Jackson Boot by Birkenstock is an artisanal take on the classic American hiking boot. This design, imagined in chocolate nubuck leather, features an eye-hole lace-up design with reinforced eyelets for durability. It comes in a narrow or regular fit, has a water-repellent upper area (including waxed seams), and a removable contoured cork footbed.

Gizeh Sandal

birkenstock gizeh womens thong sandalSource: Birkenstock
The Gizeh Sandal by Birkenstock shown with Patent Marygold strap

The Gizeh Sandal by Birkenstock features a patent leather thonged strap, a contouring cork footbed, and suede lining for extra coziness. This sandal creates a bold mixture of earthy tones and materials alongside the shiny patent leather strap—available in three unique colors. The EVA sole provides excellent traction without overstepping the stylistic bounds of casual. The adjustable strap helps keeps it flexible for any occasion.

The Arizona

arizona mens strapped sandal by birkenstockSource: Birkenstock
The Arizona Sandal by Birkenstock shown in Mocha

The Arizona Sandal by Birkenstock is, arguably, one of their most popular and most characterizing designs. This sandal is perfect for casual wear, goes with a wide range of styles, and is built for all-day comfort. The sole is a sued-lined cork perched atop a lightweight EVA sole. For those looking for casual options with great breathability—look no farther than the Arizona!

Company Information

No company stays in business as long as Birkenstock without evolving with new market demands, new scientific breakthroughs, and new consumer sentiment. Birkenstock has been a pioneer among fashion brands in their endeavor to use eco-friendly materials harvested in sustainable ways.

Birkenstock reports 98% of all adhesives used in their products are water-based compounds. This helps ensure a more eco-friendly footprint (pardon the pun). After perusing their catalog, one might not have the extensive use of cork materials in Birkenstock products. The cork in Birkenstock products come from sustainably harvested trees that are cultivated tenderly such that trees are able to contribute materials year after year.

Final Thoughts

If you’re into sandals you need at least one pair of ‘Birks’ in your closet. Don’t be fooled though—their boots, shoes, and other products are incredible as well. Build on a foundation of responsible manufacturing and sourcing, Birkenstock is, without a doubt, one of the best sandal brands in the world and arguably one of the best shoe brands as well. They get the most credit for their sandals and we’re happy to add our voice into the mix!