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10 Best Wood Watches for Eco-Friendly Style

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Wooden watches are the newest and hottest trend in accessories. If you’re looking to lower your carbon footprint and elevate your style, then check out the best wood watches for this year!

Only the best wooden watches can enhance your appearance overnight. Their hand-crafted design is a statement of cutting-edge fashion and commitment towards preserving our planet.

Watches made out of wood are also one-of-a-kind timepieces that resonate with your ideas and personality. Each grain, stain, and cut is unique, making these accessories highly-sought-after pieces that develop a natural bond with the wearer.

The Best Wooden Watches

The best wooden watch should represent a combination of ingenuity, style, and eco-friendly conscience. Traditional stainless steel watches are great, but wooden wrist watches seek to deviate from generic and uninspiring designs and instead introduce something completely new and sustainable to fashion.

Today we decided to take a deep dive into each wooden watch company’s history and catalog to find the best eco-friendly watches out there. Each of these timepieces features top-notch craftsmanship and premium materials from sustainable sources, allowing you to revamp casual and formal outfits while preserving the environment!

The Jord Meridian Wooden Watch

wooden watches 1Source: Jord
The Meridian is one of the most exclusive wooden wrist-watches for this year.

Jord is known for its next-level craftsmanship and obsessive attention to detail. The Meridian is a super luxurious wooden wristwatch that comes with domed sapphire crystal glass and reinforced steel at key pressure points. This combination of durability and style has allowed the Meridian Wood Wristwatch to become a must-have accessory for men with a strong fashion sense.

The Cora Polaris by Jord

wooden watches 9Source: Jord
The Cora Polaris is a luxuriously feminine timepiece.

From the dial to its bracelet, the Cora Polaris by Jord is a drop-dead gorgeous wooden wristwatch. This wooden watch is often bought with its Meridian counterpart as the perfect anniversary gift for couples, as a symbol of time well-spent together.

The Cora Polaris comes with a midnight blue dial, topped off with sapphire crystal glass and Swarovski crystal markers to project elegance and luxury from the get-go. The natural walnut structure is hand finished and pretreated with tung oils to accentuate its grain and preserve its durability over the years.

The Thanatos Wooden Watch by Bewell

wooden watches 5Source: Bewell
The Thanatos offers multiple presentations that resonate with your ideas, tastes, and personality.

The Thanatos wooden watch by Bewell is one of the best wooden watches out there today. But few are as mysterious, reliable, and soberly beautiful as the Thanatos. The Thanatos features 100% natural Verawood and a delicately preserved grain unique to each model.

Bewell watches can also be engraved and customized to different wrist sizes, allowing you to make a truly one-of-a-kind gift to a dear friend or partner in need of a stylish accessory. We highly recommend you check out its Red Sandalwood and African Blackwood presentation as well: they’re nothing short of gorgeous and fashionable!

The Bewell Venus

wooden watches 7Source: Bewell
The Venus series offers customizable models for men and women.

The Venus Wood Watch by Bewell wooden wristwatches are some of the best wooden watches because of their cost, quality, and style. These models are an all-time favorite gift for couples or close friends that wish to bond with matching accessories.

Bewell’s all-wood watches can come in maple, zebrawood, red sandalwood, or a glamorous maple & red sandalwood combination for bold fashionistas. All of Bewell’s wood comes from sustainable sources that guarantee you’ll own one of the best eco-friendly watches out there.

The Arthur Watch by Holzkern

wooden watches 2Source: Holzkern
This wood and stainless steel watch is the ideal racing or driving watch.

The Holkzern design team seeks to reclaim nature’s boons and wonders by giving us wooden watches rich in concept and craftsmanship. Their wooden timepieces present us with cultural themes that evoke self-reflection or even a rediscovery of our world.

The Camelot Collection materializes Holkzern’s intentions by taking inspiration from the medieval Arthurian legend, bringing us a series of timepieces that project chivalry and nobility. As such, the Arthur eco-friendly watch is their flagship model, offering a tried modern aesthetic that combines wood with stainless steel, vibrant colors, and a grey marble dial.

The Alterra Chrono 44mm by Original Grain

wooden watches 4Source: Original Grain
The Alterra projects confidence, prestige, and success.

If you’re looking for the perfect Father’s Day gift, look no further than Original Grain’s Alterra Chrono. This stunning wooden watch can serve as the centerpiece of a casual or semiformal outfit, projecting elegance and sophistication through its inner-rebel appeal.

The Alterra is a statement of how Original Grain has combined sustainable hardwoods and stainless steel to make a refined timepiece with a history etched in its pattern, one that belongs exclusively to its lucky owner.

The Summer Night Blackwood Watch by Holzkern

wooden watches 10Source: Holzkern
The Summer Night model comes with a natural twist to a classic design.

The Summer Night wooden watch by Holzkern projects ambition, confidence, and purpose all at once. This Holzkern wooden watch comes with a stylish leadwood case, a genuine black marble dial, and a matching 20mm leadwood adjustable band.

Black is often associated with prestige, intelligence, and an appreciation for the simpler things in life, making this model an ideal companion for hikes, barbeques, and casual outings. Having an all-black accessory will elevate casual and formal outfits to detailed perfection.

The Black Sandal Wood Model by Uwood

wooden watches 6Source: Uwood
This Uwood model comes with a genuine leather band that matches its ebony structure.

The Black Sandal Wood model is a tried-and-true model that outperforms itself year after year. This wooden watch is remarkably versatile and perfectly adapts to urban and outdoor outfits with ease.

When it comes to Uwood watches, the Black Sandal Wood timepiece also possesses a unique visual potency that will infuse you and your outfit with confidence, charm and, tremendous style.

The Calm Wooden Watch by Holzkern

wooden watches 8Source: Holzkern
The Holzkern Calm timepiece showcases a vibrant violet color across its structure.

The Calm Model by Holzkern is one of those rare eco-friendly watches that use purpleheart wood (also known as Amaranth) to give it a vibrant byzantine violet tone. The latter is historically associated with royalty and luxury as much as it symbolizes creativity and contemplation. Be as it may, the Calm is a sustainable wooden watch that works as a beautiful accessory for casual and formal outfits alike.

Holzkern creates wooden watches that celebrate nature, style, and individuality with remarkable creativity. The company is second to none when creating beautifully finished timepieces that have a low-carbon footprint. A feat that is only possible thanks to their responsible use of wood offcuts and FSC- certified timbers.

The Inyo by Earth Wood Watches

wooden watches 3Source: Earth Wood
The Inyo is an all-natural wood watch guaranteed to make you stand out from the crowd.

The Inyo by Earth Wood watches is the ultimate beach-style wooden watch, and its delicate beige tones are guaranteed to turn improvised outfits into well-thought-out casual apparel. Earth Wood watches combine next-level craftsmanship with exquisite cuts of wood and grains to create unique designs.


An all-wood watch never fails to turn heads and draw compliments from colleagues and friends. These luxurious timepieces are modeled after a modern lifestyle and deep appreciation for sustainability, efficiency, and considerable style.

The wooden watches we’ve featured today come from manufacturers with a deep commitment to high-end craftsmanship and preserving our planet. Many of these brands promote responsible forestry and even actively reinvest some of their earnings into reforestation initiatives! By ensuring that their products remain green from start to finish, these top brands certainly walk the talk.