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The 6 Best Van Shoes for Everyday Use

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Vans shoes are some of the most recognizable and loved sneakers in the world. Check out our list of the best van shoes for this year!

Vans are universally known for their iconic designs, high-quality construction, and rebellious attitude. Many in the skating scene only accept the best Vans skate shoes into their wardrobe, but the brand has expanded well beyond the 70s SoCal teen aesthetic and niche.

Today, skaters, college students, and even celebrities such as Steve Nash, Mark Hamill, and Kristen Stewart are all part of Van’s fandom and share a genuine love for the best of Van shoes.

The Best Van Shoes

The best Van shoes are the ultimate sneakers for casual wear and day-long skating sessions alike. The rubber waffle outsole, the traditional label on the side, and vibrant canvas designs are all part of the iconic design that has taken this California-based brand to worldwide popularity.

The brand has introduced vibrant prints, bold colors, high-tech fabrics, and custom designs into their already long line of high-quality collections. Whether you consider yourself an old-school skater or someone that appreciates top-notch footwear, our list of the best van shoes will help you find your next favorite pair of sneakers.

Vans Old Skool Shoes

best van shoes 7Source: Vans
The Vans Old Skool is as comfortable as it is reliable.

The Old Skools isn’t just one of the best looking van shoes you can find, but they’re also one of their best-selling shoes due to their iconic “jazz stripe” design. Originally known as the Vans #36, these low-top sneakers feature an upper canvas design that varies in 25 colorways that match any style.

The Old Skools are perfect for casual occasions and everyday walks, thanks to their durable suede upper fabric and cushion impact soles. These knickers also feature reinforced toe caps, supportive padded collars, and Vans signature rubber waffle outsoles for superior grip on slippery and wet surfaces alike.

Best Vans Skate Shoes

best van shoes 4Source: Vans
Have fun at the skatepark with the sharp, board-feel Sk8-Hi Reissue Vans.

The Skate Sk8-Hi Reissues is one of the best Vans skate shoes for this year. The Vans Sk8-Hi line of sneakers are famous for their versatility and durability, and the Reissues are no exception to this.

These vans sneakers have that board feel that skaters love. The soles are not too grippy, and their model heel counter offers next-level support during challenging tricks. Additionally, their two-part foxing (with a tougher toe knurl) ensures a heightened board contact that boosts overall stability.

The Sk8-Hi Reissue is also one of the best van shoes for skating due to its breathable design. The combination of suede and synthetic fabrics work together to prevent your feet from roasting after a long day at the skatepark.

The Vans Rapidweld Shoes

best van shoes 5Source: Vans
These Vans athletic shoes use a reverse waffle pattern and a unique midsole material for excellent traction and comfort.

The UltraRange Rapidweld is one of the best van shoes for wearing at home due to its comfortable fit and cushioned interior. These Vans are adaptable and sporty solutions for surfers who love to go on a first-light journey to catch the tallest waves.

The Rapidwelds features a lightweight layered design that offers maximum comfort. The UltraCush Lite midsole material reduces rubbing and hotspots on your feet, while the Full-rubber outsole provides additional cushioning for plyometric movements. The breathable upper mesh is the icing on the cake, as it offers a heat-dissipation window that keeps your feet cool throughout the day.

The Vans Authentic Shoes

best van shoes 6Source: Vans
The Vans Authentic features the traditional lace-up profile and a trademark sole design that everyone loves.

The Vans Authentics are one of the oldest yet most reliable products the brand has produced. The simple looks of the Authentic make it very popular among skaters due to its vintage aesthetics and surprisingly grippy Vulc sole. This model is, by far, one of the best deals on van shoes you can get.

The Vans Authentic once stood as strictly skating shoes, transitioning into a lifestyle sneaker due to the lightweight and breathable materials. Their simplicity and convenient features make it a wallet-friendly favorite for young audiences that draw inspiration from Southern California’s surf and skate lifestyle.

These classic vans sneakers are available in many colorways to suit every mood and season: 17 different color combinations range from vibrant tones (popular among women) to the usual neutral tones liked by men. Ultimately, the Vans Authentics are all about minimalistic design and versatility, making them comfy, bohemian-style kicks that have the best price on van shoes you can find.

Vans UltraRange EXO Shoes

best van shoes 2Source: Vans
The UltraRange EXO Vans’ sturdy yet stylish design earns them a spot in any wardrobe.

The UltraRange EXO is, hands down, one of the best van shoes in the market. If you’re asking yourself: “are vans good for walking?” we are happy to tell you that the EXO answers this question with a resounding yes.

Vans developed these shoes to keep you comfortable even during the hottest summers as their breathable Old Skool-inspired upper actively dissipates heat. The UltraRange EXO also comes with a revamped rubber toe and a forefoot shape that prevents sore feet even during day-long walks around the city.

You’ll notice that these sneakers feature a redesigned co-molded outsole that differs from Vans’ typical thick soles. This revolutionary design maximizes the sole’s rubber coverage and gives you a better footing thanks to their grippy, reverse lug waffle pattern. This combination of lightweight suede and a comfort-first design make the UltraRange EXO one of the best shoes out there.

The Vans X Parks Project Shoes

best van shoes 3Source: Vans
The Vans x Parks features an Old Skool suede upper for enhanced breathability.

The Vans x Parks UltraRange EXO are excellent hiking shoes for outdoor enthusiasts that love a good pair of Vans.

We all know that Vans are known for their beautiful designs, affordable price range, and superb comfort ever since their early California days. But are vans good for hiking? Thanks to the X Parks Project Vans, we are happy to say that the answer is yes! Just combine these reliable sneakers with the best shorts for hiking and you’re good to go.

These special-edition sneakers keep you comfortable in all situations, thanks to their co-molded UltraCush midsole. The latter also offers support on irregular terrain, while their reverse waffle lug outsole provides you with the traction and flexibility needed on challenging hikes.


The best van shoes are multi-purpose, durable shoes that compete with any of the models available in the best online clothing stores. Their desire to innovate and create models that live up to their iconic designs expectations and hype has allowed the company to introduce some of their most fashionable and reliable sneakers to date.

While many agree that the best van shoes for skating will continue to be a staple in the pro scene, it’s also true that the brand offers trendy unisex designs to anyone that values originality and quality.