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8 Amazing Techwear Vests [Full Review]

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Techwear has expanded the potential for vests usage. If you’re interested in jacket alternatives that favor mobility, core protection, and carry-on capacity, then you’re going to love our selection of the best techwear vests for this year!

best techwear vest 11Source: CP Company
Newly discovered high-performance fabrics have put vests back in the game.

Technological advances in fabrics and manufacturing processes have allowed techwear brands to revolutionize fashion in general. Garments that were once considered clothing accessories are now integral outfit components, and such is the case for techwear vests.

Today our team has put together a list of specialized vests that incorporate enhanced nylons, GORE-TEX, and thermal linings to protect you from adverse weather in great style. As always, our list includes vests from the best techwear brands exclusively. Enjoy!

The North Face Men’s Insulated Vest

best techwear vest 7Source: The North Face
The TNF Insulated Vest presents an exposed, reverse-coil center front zip as well as secure-zip hand pockets for carry-on essentials.

The seventh item on this selection of the best techwear vests in the market is The North Face Men’s Insulated Vest.

The North Face features a unique crossover between extreme exploration gear and urban techwear fashion. This insulated and lightweight piece is great for a late-night taco run downtown or a challenging early-morning hike. It even works for particularly cold offices that don’t enforce a strict dress code!

C.P Company Nylon B. Lightweight Utility Vest

best techwear vest 1Source: C.P Company
The Nylon B. Utility Vest is a fashionable, lightweight version of a tactical vest.

The first item on this selection of the best techwear vests in the market is the C.P Company Nylon B. Lightweight Utility Vest.

C.P Company is an exclusive Italian brand with many years of experience in techwear design, and their Nylon B Vest proves that the brand always merges functionality with style. This lightweight vest is not only water-resistant, it also features an integrated backpack, multiple secure compartments, adjustable straps, and a clean fit capable of matching any techwear outfit.

DD Shell Padded Goggle Vest

best techwear vest 2Source: C.P Company
This hooded utility vest combines insulating fabrics with a high gloss finish.

The second item on this selection of the best techwear vests in the market is the DD Shell Padded Goggle Vest.

C.P company’s Urban Protection line overhaul offers the extreme weather insulation and additional built-in protections all techwear users cherish. As part of this line, their DD Shell Padded Goggle Vest is crafted from a tough, 10-denier, nylon micro ripstop with a crystal ciré finish. This vest also comes with two ample Zipped front pockets as well as an integrated hood to keep you covered in the face of harsh climates.

Stone Islands Shadow Project 002IL VEST

best techwear vest 3Source: Stone Island
The 002IL Stone Island vest offers secure pockets and Velcro tabs for maximum convenience.

Shadow Project is a line that serves as a mad-scientist lab for cutting-edge techwear pieces. Their 002IL Vest combines an outer cow leather layer, a 100% Polyester Lining, and White duck feathers for their padding. The 002IL also features pass-through encased panels and side slits that conveniently secure any devices or essentials in a zip.

It’s also worth noting that the Stone Island dyeing process gives this piece unique color and depth, making it an elegant addition to any techwear outfit.

The Stone Island G01I2 Frag Collar Vest

best techwear vest 4Source: Stone Island
Casual, stylish, and reliable, the G01I2 vest comes with a detachable gaiter.

The fourth item on this selection of the best techwear vests in the market is Stone Island Shadow Project G01I2 Frag Collar Vest.

For Hugh Errelson and his Shadow Project team, techwear fundamentally addresses functionality, fashion, and protection. With a casual techwear vibe, their G01I2 vest incorporates classic stretch moleskin, known for its luxuriously soft yet durable texture. Each piece is dyed with a specialized indigo bath, creating a royal blue-colored vest with water-repellent properties.

C.P Company’s J-Mesh Down-Filled Lens Vest.

best techwear vest 5Source: C.P Company
The J-Mesh Lens Vest is a lightweight, sturdy vest built by skilled Italian craftsmen.

The fifth item on this selection of the best techwear vests in the market is the C.P Company J-Mesh Down-Filled Lens Vest.

C.P Company truly has something for every techwear user. The Italian brand brings you a comfortable garment for everyday use in an urban setting. Their J-Mesh Down-Filled Lens Vest uses a 100% nylon mesh sourced from Japan capable of resisting wind and water. The J-Mesh Down-Filled Lens Vest also comes with secure compartments for all your devices and everyday essentials.

Nike ACG “Rope De Dope” Vest

best techwear vest 6Source: Nike
The Rope de Dope Vest comes with a sophisticated design with waterproof protection for urban and outdoor activities.

The sixth item on this selection of the best techwear vests in the market is the Nike ACG Rope De Dope Vest. Nike All Condition Gear (ACG) is one of the best techwear brands today, known for creating high-performance clothing combined with a unique aesthetic.

The Nike ACG “Rope De Dope” Vest is geared for adventure as it offers water-repellent comfort with a neck-warming collar. This vest is excellent for cool-weather hikes and any early morning activities. This piece also projects a futuristic aesthetic that pairs well with any dark techwear outfits of your choice.


best techwear vest 8Source: ACRONYM
Great for windy days, night social occasions, or commuting.

Last but not least, the eighth item on this selection of best techwear vests in the market is the S-CP2 Vest by ACRONYM. The S-CP2 incorporates GORE-TEX Infinium to protect you from winter’s cold air currents and its low temperatures at all times.

The S-CP2 unique fabrics also make it lightweight and super stylish. You can adjust a great number of features or even pack the entire vest in a matter of seconds, making it incredibly travel-friendly.


Techwear vests are all about functionality, comfort, and appeal. Thanks to recent advances in the materials industry, techwear vests easily protect you from adverse weather conditions without resorting to a baggy jacket.

Keep in mind that these vests are not only great for keeping everyday essentials at hand: they’re also notoriously good at shaping your figure and creating new wardrobe combinations overnight!