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8 Techwear Shoes to Up Your Game

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Techwear is one of the newest, most intriguing aesthetics to creep into the mainstream. It’s origins a mystery; it’s style an ever-contrasted dance of utility and subtlety; it’s the latest craze you’ve never heard of—or maybe you have.

Whether you’re new to techwear or among the initiated, there’s little doubt you’ll appreciate this medley of the best techwear shoes on the market today. Here you’ll find a list of versatile, battle-proven shoes from the hottest techwear brands on the market.

Quick Introduction

best techwear shoes 11Source: Nike
Sci-Fi Aesthetics for everyday activities.

Techwear aesthetics have been a part of our culture for a while, and it no doubt has deep roots in our love for exploration and technology. The best techwear brands have decided to introduce high-performance fabrics found in extreme weather gear and weaved them into creative avant-garde shoes for everyday use.

best techwear shoes 10
Reliable and comfortable regardless of weather and terrain conditions.

Techwear shoes excel in providing protection and comfort in any environment. Ideal for a sleek urban look, techwear shoes usually features a lean silhouette, primed for enhanced mobility and ultimate comfort. With the emergence of cyberpunk and dystopian aesthetics, our team has decided to show the newest, hottest trends in the techwear shoe industry.

Nike ACG & ACRONYM Air Presto

best techwear shoes 1Source: Nike and ACRONYM
The Air Prestos Futuristic footwear comes in variations of black, white, and grey across the neoprene toe.

The first item on this selection of the best techwear shoes in the market is a collaboration by Nike ACG & ACRONYM: The Air Prestos.

The need for outerwear specialized in mobility and weather protection has prompted collaborations between two of the best techwear brands of our times: Nike ACG and ACRONYM. The Air Presto provides stylish techwear shoes designed to elevate your performance across the board. The Prestos cater to hardcore athletes and fashion connoisseurs alike, making them some of the best techwear shoes today.

Adidas Y-3 Kyoi Trail

best techwear shoes 2Source: Adidas
Yohji Yamamoto channeled his creativity and soul into the Kyoi Trail.

The second item on this selection of the best techwear shoes in the market is the Adidas Y-3 Kyoi Trail. Adidas Y-3 merges Yohji’s creative designs with performance clothing, birthing one of the most stylish performance-enhancing shoes in the techwear industry.

The Y-3 Kyoi Trail is a battle-tested pair of shoes that will not disappoint you during workouts, jogging, or winter. Its heavy textile and leather upper guarantee their durability, while its breathable interior mesh, tongue, and lightweight EVA midsole provide the comfort you deserve. This shoe illustrates the embodiment of techwear within the Adidas Y-3 line.

The North Face Women’s ThermoBall™ Pull-On

best techwear shoes 3Source: The North Face
Navigate winter conditions in supreme comfort with these pull-on waterproof shoes.

The third item on this selection of the best techwear shoes in the market is The North Face Women’s ThermoBall™ Pull-On shoes. The North Face are experts in extreme exploration gear and have a clear edge over many other brands in terms of techwear design. Deprived of laces but still capable of fully protecting your feet, the Women’s ThermoBall™ Pull-On by The North Face is super comfy, lightweight, and has a solid sole that works great on cold, easy-to-slip surfaces.

The North Face Berkeley Redux Remtlz Lux

best techwear shoes 4Source: The North Face
The Berkeley Redux comes with a brand-exclusive footbed that takes comfort and elegance to the next level.

The fourth item on this selection of the best techwear shoes in the market is The North Face Berkeley Redux Lux shoes.

The North Face features a unique crossover between extreme exploration gear and urban techwear fashion. By incorporating the same technology and materials used by experienced climbers, superior performance is always guaranteed.

The Berkeley Redux Remtlz Lux features an exterior made out of Premium-leather and an OrthoLite® Hybrid™ footbed for maximum comfort and reliability. Perfect for every occasion, the Berkeley Redux is a safe, long-term addition to your wardrobe. A fine illustration of The North Face’s take on modern techwear aesthetic.

Adidas Y-3 Raito Racer

best techwear shoes 5Source: Adidas
True to its techno-orientalist concept, these shoes are available in Black and Cloud White.

The fifth item on this selection of the best techwear shoes in the market is the Y-3 Raito Racer shoes.

Capturing the best of Adidas technologies, the Y-3 Raito Racer are renowned for their streamlined silhouette, their lightness, and remarkable breathability. The Raito Racer comes with a brand-exclusive Y-3 Boost Technology: a responsive cushion that delivers unmatched energy return.

The Raito Racers’ upper layer gently wraps around your feet for next-level adaptive support, truly delivering the best Adidas has to offer in terms of comfort.

The North Face Hedgehog Fastpack II WP

best techwear shoes 6Source: The North Face
A sophisticated design with Waterproof protection for urban and outdoor activities.

The sixth item on this selection of the best techwear shoes in the market is The North Face Hedgehog Fastpack II WP model.

Fifty years of experience in extreme exploration gear design allows The North Face to produce high-performance techwear gear. The North Face Hedgehog Fastpack II WP are the perfect choice for activities and routines that require you to stand or walk for hours at a time.

Their superb footbed technology is only matched by the durable materials that protect your feet from the environment, such as the Hedgehog Fastpack’s waterproof DryVent™ membrane, their heel CRADLE™ construction, and Vibram® outsole.

Nike ACG GORE-TEX “Mountain Fly”

best techwear shoes 7Source: Nike
Its React Foam, combined with a Carbon Fiber Plate, to give you all the comfort and cushioning you need on the trail.

The seventh item on this selection of the best techwear shoes in the market is the Nike ACG GORE-TEX “Mountain Fly” shoes.

The Mountain Fly model comes with a waterproof GORE-TEX membrane design that keeps your feet dry regardless of how tough the trail gets. The Mountain Fly rubber outsole provides superior traction, perfect for challenging hikes or wet urban surfaces, while its brand-exclusive React foam provides comfort and cushion throughout the day.

Nike ACG Air Nasu

best techwear shoes 8Source: Nike
Great for hitting the gym, working out outdoors, or commuting.

The last item on this selection of the best techwear shoes in the market is the Air Nasu by Nike ACG.

These excellent techwear shoes are manufactured with GORE-TEX fabric, turning them into abrasion-resistant, highly durable footwear. The Air Nasu insulate you from the blistering summer heat or dampening water puddles, keeping your feet in top conditions throughout the day. Fashion-wise their elegant silhouette and blue details instantly elevate any techwear outfit to perfection.


Techwear shoes offer something for everyone: elevated athletic performance, fashionable aesthetics, next-level protection from the elements, or super comfortable footwear designed to preserve your feet. It would certainly explain why techwear fashion has experienced a surge of interest throughout this year and shows no signs of slowing down.

Regardless of your motives, one thing remains true: as an informed buyer, you’re better off investing in masterfully engineered pieces that offer the quality you deserve. Now that you’re set on techwear shoes, check out our roundup of the best techwear pants, techwear jackets, and techwear backpacks.