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10 Amazing Techwear Pants You Need to Try

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Are you looking for comfortable and fashionable pants for your urban and hiking outfits? Check out our team’s review for this year’s selection of best techwear pants

When it comes to techwear pants, everyone agrees: durability, comfort, and style are non-negotiable. Ideally, you’d want to pick techwear pants that can match your hiking and everyday outfits seamlessly while keeping you protected from adverse weather conditions. And while “good taste” is subjective, we’ve gone ahead and also listed some of the most fashionable (and easy to combine!) pants from the best techwear brands today and came up with this:

The Nike ACG Cargo Techwear Pants

best techwear pants 9Source: Nike
The Woven Cargo Pants soft cotton-blend fabric is stretchy, allowing you to move freely at all times.

Nike ACG has remained one of the best techwear brands for quite some time now, and their Woven Cargo Pants prove why. Built for everyday use or backwoods trail explorations, these pants articulated knee design instantly enhances your range of motion.

Built from durable materials that protect you from the elements, these all-season pants also offer four pockets that keep your valuables safe at hand. With these stylish and highly functional pants, you’re as ready as you can be to conquer the urban landscape or the toughest of wilderness.

Stone Island 301I1 Techwear Pants

best techwear pants 1Source: Stone Island
The Stone Island Convert Cargo Pants is dyed in a special indigo bath.

Stone Island makes some of the best techwear outfits in the fashion industry, and their 301l1 techwear pants are certainly not the exception. Made with premium cotton and a Japanese nylon blend, these techwear pants are tough on the elements and smooth on your skin.

Dyed in a special indigo bath and retouched with an anti-drop formula, these water repellent pants also come with slanted hand pockets with hidden-zipper fastening to secure your devices and everyday carry.

Adidas Y-3 Techwear Track Pants

best techwear pants 2Source: Adidas
Featuring a stylish cut and premium materials, these Adidas track pants are a must-have!

The Adidas Y-3 CL Track Pants are, without question, one of the safest fashion investments you can make. Adidas takes a simple design and elevates it to perfection, introducing ultra-smooth fabric and intricate stitching to enhance your comfort and mobility. Track pants are notorious for their versatility, comfort, and high-performance properties, and Adidas decided to add zippered pockets to improve this best-selling classic.

The Nike ACG Solid Tights

best techwear pants 3Source: Nike
Comfortable and fashionable, the Nice ACG solid tights will actively shape your body.

The Nike All Condition Gear line also features super comfortable and highly breathable tights perfect for hikes and the gym. These tights are powered by a sweat-wicking technology that works with an extra-breathable mesh located in the back of your knee section, keeping you dry and comfortable at all times.

These tights not only avoid awkward sweat buildups that come from intense physical activity, but they also feature a high, wide-waisted band that provides a secure fit that keeps your tummy tucked.

The ACRONYM P37-DS Techwear Pants

best techwear pants 4Source: ACRONYM
Featuring eight external pockets and an additional six internal pockets, these stylish pants will secure all your essentials – and more!

ACRONYM is all about combining efficiency, cutting-edge technology, and fashionable designs into each piece, and their P37-DS live up to their reputation. This ergonomically oriented garment dynamically adapts to your leg’s curvature to increase mobility.

Made with schoeller® 3XDRY® Dryskin, these pants are abrasion resistant and water repellent, making them truly all-season garments. With a total of 14 pockets, it’s safe to say the P37-DS were designed for next-level carry capacity, turning these fashionable pants into a technician’s or extreme explorer’s must-have.

Nike ACG Techwear Pants for Women

best techwear pants 5Source: Nike
With a standard fit, these comfy techwear pants are excellent for a quick run to the store or hikes.

When it comes to women’s techwear pants, the Nike ACG woven pants have just about everything you’d need. With a relaxed fit, these stretchy pants follow the natural lines of your body allowing you to move with ease during hikes or a casual stroll downtown.

Featuring super smooth to the touch woven fabric, these stylish pants also come with lateral zippered hand pockets, plus an additional back pocket for your essentials. Fashionable, comfortable, and highly-functional, these pants are great for all occasions and are pretty much a must-have in your wardrobe!

The C.P Company Stretch Sateen Techwear Pants

best techwear pants 6Source: C.P Company
C.P Company can custom dye most of its techwear pieces.

C.P Company is well-known for introducing superior Italian tailoring and fashion into the techwear world. Their Stretch Sateen Logo Badge Pants are made of lightweight cotton sateen for a comfortable, functional ergonomic fit.

Engineered with secure side pockets and cargo compartments, these fashionable and super comfortable pants fit true to size and can be custom-dyed to specifications.

The Veilance Dyadic Comp Pant

best techwear pants 7Source: Veilance
Veilance pieces are seen as luxury garments in the techwear subculture.

Veilance has a reputation for creating luxury techwear, specifically designed for performance and status. This makes their Dyadic Comp Pants an iconic piece for the brand featured in the brand’s latest anniversary. These cropped pants are built using wind and water-resistant fabrics for additional protection, topped off with a smooth wool interior for your skin. Their hand pockets come with fold back catch for added security, while their rear pockets feature discreet laminated zippers to protect your essentials.

The North Face Black Series Techwear Pants

best techwear pants 8Source: The North Face
Built for urban exploration, these techwear pants feature a unique Velcro waist adjustment.

The North Face Black Series line reimagined extreme outdoor exploration gear for urban environments, and the collection’s pants are nothing short of incredible. These slim-fit poly/wool ripstop pants are not only fashionable, but they’re also remarkably comfortable thanks to its Velcro waist adjustment. The fact that they also feature two-way zipped hand and back pockets is just icing on the cake.

The Adidas Y-Cut Techwear Leggings

best techwear pants 10Source: Adidas
Crafted from extra-smooth stretchy nylon, these comfortable Y-Cut leggings encase Adidas’ years of expertise in sportswear.

Adidas has overhauled their classic Swim Y-Cut Leggings to introduce smooth, stretchy nylon fabrics that increase range in motion and mobility. The legging’s elastic waistband and slim-cut also shape your body and tucks your tummy, providing you with a fashionable body shaper you can wear for any occasion.


When our team shops for clothing, we stand by this quote: “Quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten”. Pants that actively protect you from even the mildest of annoyances allow you to perform and live life to its fullest, and if you’ve ever been to a hike with a hopelessly itchy pant, then you’ll know that even the best moments can be ruined. And while our selection includes budget-friendly options, it mainly focuses on featuring the quality clothing that you deserve.