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The Best Techwear Masks in The Market

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Need additional face protection? Take your techwear outfit style to the next level with the best techwear masks!

Techwear outfits have undeniable roots in outdoor and extreme exploration gear, but techwear has developed into a style thanks to the latest advancements in materials and fabrics. Many accessories or features are now integral outfit components in techwear fashion too!

Masks, however, have a special place within techwear as this fashion concept is directly linked to cyberpunk and techno-orientalism. Techwear masks also provide protection and comfort in adverse environments, which is why we’ve put together a list of the best techwear masks available to you online!

The North Face Pull-Over WindWall™ Neck Warmer

best techwear masks 4Source: The North Face
One of the handiest and elegant techwear pull-over masks

The third item on this selection of best techwear masks in the market is the WindWall™ Neck Warmer from The North Face. Featuring a neck and face warmer, this pull-over mask provides you with a futuristic look perfect for casual city strolls or bicycle night rides. Available in many different materials (such as polyester, neoprene, and cotton), The North Face produced a mask that can work with any techwear outfit or high-intensity outdoor activities.

The Sleek Nike ACG Balaclava

best techwear masks 2Source: Nike
A multipurpose, fashionable full-face mask.

The first item on this selection of the best techwear masks in the market is the Nike ACG Balaclava. This stand-alone, all-conditions piece was designed for harsh weather conditions, providing sweat-wicking technology to keep your face dry and comfortable. Fashion-wise, few masks are on its level: when combined with a dark techwear outfit, you’ll instantly rock that slick dystopian look that only Nike ACG top-notch techwear can deliver.

Adidas Collaborated Mask Jumper Y-3

best techwear masks 3Source: Adidas
The perfect addition to any techwear outfit!

The second item on this selection of best techwear masks in the market is the Mask Jumper Y-3. A collaboration between Adidas, Nike, and designer Yohji Yamamoto, this mask jumper is part of a sporty merino wool hooded top (following techno-orientalism fashion trends). The Y-3 Mark Jumper is also easily integrated into vests, jackets, and sweaters depending on the occasion.

Nike ACG Ultra Rock Pull-over Mask

best techwear masks 5Source: Nike
Hand Washable, flexible, stretchy, and reliable in different weather conditions.

The fifth item on this selection of Best Techwear Masks is Nike’s ACG “Ultra Rock” pullover mask. This techwear mask can keep you covered in UV intensive environments as well as dusty or polluted urban surroundings. Nike has always aimed for maximum performance in its techwear designs, which is why they’ve integrated their Dri-FIT technology into this accessory. Dri-FIT actively moves sweat away from your skin for quicker evaporation, allowing you to stay dry and comfortable at all times.

The Stone Island N01A3 Fusion Neck Gaiter

best techwear masks 6Source: Stone Island
A cleverly versatile (and fashionable!) techwear design.

The sixth item on this selection of Best Techwear Masks is the Stone Island N01A3 Fusion Neck Gaiter. Functioning both as a beanie and a pull-over mask, its versatile neck gaiter can be zip fastened or unfastened depending on your needs. Thanks to its ribbed winter cotton configuration, this mark is perfect for cold nights and long outdoor activities during the fall and winter season.

ACRONYM NG5 Cashllama Pull-over Mask

best techwear masks 7Source: ACRONYM
The NG5-AK embodies minimalist elegance.

The seventh item on this selection of Best Techwear Masks in the market is ACRONYM’s NG5-AK Cashllama Neck Gaiter. The NG5-AK is a minimalist yet luxurious pull-over mask designed for winter comfort. This fashionable mask combines comfort and elegance thanks to its Cashllama wool and knits semi-mesh construction. The ACRONYM NG5-AK is, no doubt, a highly-functional and stylish upgrade to scarfs and itchy neck-warmers!

Stone Island Wool Parka’s Integrated Pull-Over Mask

best techwear masks 8Source: Stone Island
Multi-functional, on-demand integrated garments are the trademark of Stone Island Shadow Project

The eight-item on this selection of Best Techwear Masks in the market is Stone Island Shadow Project Wool Parka’s Integrated Pull-Over Mask. Stone Islands Shadow Project is all about exploring new boundaries in knitwear for the top of line techwear clothing pieces. In full urban fashion, they created this integrated garment that repels water and dirt while keeping your face protected below your eye-line.

The pull-over mask can be deployed on command effortlessly, not to mention that its wool and polyester blend makes it perfect for any casual or exceptionally cold-weather activity. By the way, you can further expand its area of protection by extending its detachable hood!

C.P Company Dryarn® Face Mask

best techwear masks 9Source: C.P Company
A stylish, washable face mask that matches any techwear outfit.

The ninth item on this selection of Best Techwear Masks in the market is C.P Company’s Dryarn® Face Mask. Gaining even more value amid the recent health crisis, C.P Company created a cut-price, stylish face accessory to keep you safe.

best techwear masks 11Source: C.P Company
Made out of bacteriostatic fabric, this mask actively protects you from airborne pathogens.

It’s important to point out that face masks have always been popular in Asian cities and can turn into fashionable additions to your wardrobe. Think of it as a light, a breathable mask made out of and bacteriostatic fabric ready to be sue whenever any garden-variety flu strikes in cold seasons!

C.P Company Merino Wool Jacquard Balaclava

best techwear masks 10Source: C.P Company
A C.P Company sportswear classic.

Finally, the last item on this selection of best techwear masks in the market is another C.P Company item: The Merino Wool Jacquard Balaclava. Softer than regular wool, this warm yet highly breathable full-face mask features a compact jacquard knit and adjustable visor opening. It’s a fashionable, lightweight insulation garment that matches any techwear outfit.


These accessories can serve as a barrier device capable of comfortably protecting you from infections and other airborne pathogens. With a wide range of designs, these techwear masks can also protect you from the dusty outdoors, or the polluted urban jungles, making them a highly recommended addition to your techwear apparel.

As always, all of these items come from the best techwear brands to ensure you get the quality clothing and accessories you deserve.