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10 Techwear Jackets to Modernize your Wardrobe

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Need a durable, comfort techwear jacket for extreme urban exploration and everyday use? Check out our selection of best techwear jackets for this year!

Deciding what’s the best techwear jacket for you can be challenging. Finding the right mix of versatility, high-performance fabrics, and comfort in a fashionable design would require hours of consideration. Luckily our team has gone over entire lines of the best techwear brands today and selected the best they have to offer you!

Here’s what we’ve found:

The Herno Laminar Techwear Windstopper Jacket

best techwear jackets 11Source: Herno
Herno’s iconic Italian craftsmanship allows them to create modern jackets for men and women.

Part of the new Herno Laminar line, the Windstopper Oversized Jacket is quite simply stunning. Made with premium GORE-TEX INFINIUM™ WINDSTOPPER® fabric, this techwear jacket unites Italian high-fashion with ultimate comfort.

best techwear jackets 12Source: Herno
Water repellent, fully windproof, extremely breathable, and super stylish!

Featuring a detachable hood, stretch inner cuffs with thumb-holes, and out pockets with a polyurethane-coated zip, this comfortable jacket will keep you and your essentials protected from wind and water at all times. Perfect for everyday city use, this stylish jacket is one of the best techwear jackets for women today.

The C.P Company Urban Techwear Jacket

best techwear jackets 13Source: C.P Company
The C.P Company Urban Protection line features some of the best techwear garments today.

The C.P Company Shell Urban Protection Series Jacket offers unmatched defense from the elements as well as stunning style and comfort. This highly-functional, adaptable outerwear is perfect for everyday use in urban environments, even in adverse conditions.

best techwear jackets 14Source: C.P Company
Featuring zipped chest pockets and additional lens sleeve pockets, this jacket secures your devices and other essentials seamlessly.

Featuring one of the Italian’s brand interpretation of a classic jacket, this water-resistant garment also comes with the unique style inherent to Italian high-fashion and craftsmanship. Adaptable to all seasons, this is perhaps one of the most coveted techwear pieces today.

The North Face Techwear Light Jacket

best techwear jackets 15Source: The North Face
Reimagined for urban exploration, The North Face Black Series line is perfect for urban exploration.

The North Face Spacer Knit Mountain Light Jacket represents the brand’s Black Series line. Highly regarded for their outdoor exploration gear, The North Face presents techwear users with the urban-equivalent of an extreme explorer’s apparel. Reimagined for urban exploration, this light jacket comes with a two-piece, fold-down hood (with peripheral adjustment) and elastic-cord adjustments at the waist and bottom hem to maximize mobility.

The Nike ACG Misery Ridge Techwear Jacket

best techwear jackets 19Source: Nike
Perfect for wet weather, the Misery Ridge keeps you insulated from tough conditions that would otherwise slow you down.

Named after the centerpiece of the Smith Rock State Park, the Misery Ridge stands as one of the best techwear jackets in the Nike ACG line. Made with recycled fibers and a GORE-TEX membrane, this jacket is excellent for urban and outdoor exploration thanks to its waterproof design.

best techwear jackets 18Source: Nike
This Techwear jacket’s Underarm zippers let you control your airflow.

The jacket extends from the bottom hem to the top of its collar, allowing you to thermoregulate on-demand, as well as a hood that protects you from cold winds. The Misery Ridge also comes with multiple zippered pockets to store your gear and other essentials through hikes.

The Adidas Y-3 Techwear Track Jacket

best techwear jackets 1Source: Adidas
The Adidas Y-3 track jacket is one of the best techwear jackets this year.

The Y-3 Techwear Track Jacket unites high-level sportswear and stylish street fashion in one piece. Designed to maximize your mobility, the Adidas Y-3 Track Jacket also comes with side welt pockets, a streamlined micro zipper-pull, and a smooth sleeve that gently hugs the skin.

best techwear jackets 2Source: Adidas
The Adidas Y-3 logo seen from the back.

Its elegant top-stitching, ribbed cuffs, and Y-3 logo represent Adidas’ collaboration with Yoji Yamamoto and his cutting-edge modern style, making this an iconic must-have techwear piece.

The Stone Island 40214 Techwear Jacket

best techwear jackets 3Source: Stone Island
The Stone Island 402I4 includes removable shoulder straps.

Built with three-layer performance fabric, this Stone Island hooded jacket has become one of the brand’s best techwear piece. Featuring an outer face in cotton corduroy 1000, stretchable nylon, and a two-way performance membrane, this highly breathable and water-resistant garment keeps you protected in adverse conditions.

best techwear jackets 4
The Stone Island 402I4 jacket comes with an indigo-dyed and corrosion-printed cotton finish.

Its slick indigo dyed and corrosion-printed cotton surface also makes this jacket one of the most fashionable techwear pieces released by Stone Island. Its futuristic camo appearance makes it a favorite amongst urban explorers and high-performance clothing connoisseurs alike.

The Nike ACG Women Techwear Jacket

best techwear jackets 5Source: Nike
The Nike ACG line also features stylish, super comfortable Techwear jackets for women.

The Nike ACG Rope de Dope jacket is a water-repellent super trendy jacket. With PrimaLoft insulation and smooth-to-touch woven fabrics, this fashionable jacket protects you from the cold and keeps you dry at all times.

best techwear jackets 6Source: Nike
The Nike ACG “Rope de Dope” for women allows you to regulate airflow easily.

Additionally, this techwear jacket can either seal in warmth or regulate airflow on demand thanks to its elastic cuffs, hood, and full-zip design. The jacket’s design allows you to regulate temperature and enjoy its casual, roomy feel, or sporty look depending on the occasion.

The ACRONYM Evolution Techwear Jacket

best techwear jackets 7Source: ACRONYM
The ACRONYM Evolution techwear jacket combines high-fashion and improved mobility.

The fourth generation of the Evolution jacket maximizes performance in high-level outdoor activities thanks to its innovative design. Made with a breathable 3L GORE-TEX PRO fabric, this jacket has the perfect mix of improved range of motion and airflow needed to go the extra mile.

best techwear jackets 8Source: ACRONYM
Featuring three pockets (two external, one internal), the Evolution jacket keeps your valuables safe from the elements.

The jacket’s stylish design represents ACRONYM, one of the best techwear brands today, and is no doubt a status symbol in terms of fashion and performance.

Veilance Rhomb Techwear Jacket

best techwear jackets 9Source: Veilance
The Rhomb jacket’s GORE-TEX with SHAKEDRY technology keeps it light and breathable.

This waterproof jacket made from GORE-TEX SHAKEDRY fabric is one of Veilance finest techwear pieces to date. Built with Veilance’s commitment to versatility, this fully windproof and waterproof jacket allows you to transition between high output activity and everyday use seamlessly.

best techwear jackets 10Source: Veilance
Need to take off your jacket? No problem! Pack your techwear jacket for an easier carry.

Its lightweight, breathable materials allows it to pack down into its own pouch for travel purposes when needed. Its fashionable design and reflective details make this ultra-lightweight jacket one of the best techwear jackets today.


The ACRONYM J81-WS Techwear Jacket

best techwear jackets 16Source: ACRONYM
Featuring two external and two internal pockets, the J81-WS offers all the storage capacity you could need.

The feather weighted J81-WS jacket remains one of the best techwear jackets ACRONYM has released to date. The 2L Gore-Tex Infinium™ Windstopper® unlined shell design makes this jacket completely windproof, water repellent, and yet extremely breathable, making this an all-season techwear piece.

best techwear jackets 17Source: ACRONYM
The J81 packs into its own stow pocket and can be slung if needed.

The J81-WS features bi-lateral detached entry pockets, allowing you to safely carry your devices and other daily essentials. The fact that this versatile techwear piece also looks great makes it a must-have for techwear users to value performance and looks.


Each techwear manufacturer has its own vision on what their garments can do for you. Some prioritize the use of extremely durable fabrics capable of protecting you from adverse conditions. Others believe that mobility is everything and design their clothes to maximize your movement range. Some believe it all boils down to fashion.

Our selection offers all of the above: high-performance techwear capable of protecting you from the elements, with a distinct touch of style that elevates your apparel to a symbol of status and good taste. We hope you’ve enjoyed our selection of the best techwear jackets for the year!