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Best Techwear Brands [Full Review]

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Techwear combines high-fashion and cutting-edge fabrics to create highly functional urban apparel. The style’s unique aesthetics have captured the fashion world and many top brands contend for the best techwear brand title every year.

Today’s best techwear brands are known for providing performance, comfort, and looks in the most innovative way possible. These brands strive to create high-quality, durable garments that grant the wearer superior mobility, convenience, weather protection, and elegance.

Techwear: Combining Modern Style + Utility

Fundamentally, performance is measured by collecting and analyzing information that shows how efficiently an object fulfills its purpose. In the context of techwear, its fashion design addresses functionality, appeal, and protection similarly to how a sportscar approaches acceleration, weight, and horsepower.

Techwear seeks to create garments that enhance mobility to better adapt to its audience dynamic, fast-paced lifestyle. We are excited to share with you some of the best techwear brands, and their wide range of techwear lines and collections!

Nike All Condition Gear

best techwear brandsSource: Nike
Style and Performance clothing to enjoy life to its fullest.


Nike is, unsurprisingly, one of the world’s best techwear brands today. Despite the brand’s popularity, most don’t know that ever since the 80’s the company has equally valued form and function for their all-condition gear.

Nike ACG origins trace back to their late 70’s hiking collections that sought to provide comfortable outfits capable of insulating the user from the elements. Precursors of what is now known as techwear, Nike ACG is all about providing you with highly functional wardrobe pieces with a modern and slick twist. NikeLab All Condition Gear (ACG) collection weighs heavily on the practical side of the scale, providing premium garments for users that seek to enjoy life to the fullest.

Adidas Y-3

best techwear brands 1Source: Adidas
Yohji Yamamoto brings exquisite fashion to high-performance techwear.


Adidas started their Y-3 product line back in 2002, and it quickly climbed to the podium of the best techwear brands. Y stands for Yohji Yamamoto and 3 represents Adidas’ three signature stripes, the signature of a collaboration label between the German clothing giant and the recognized Japanese designer.

By being unique and creatively rich, Y-3 provides you with collections that emphasize form and movement with a futuristic take on traditional Japanese tailoring. Adidas’ expertise and Yohji’s creativity have, without question, solidified Adidas as one of the best techwear brands today.

The North Face

best techwear brands 4Source: The North Face
Experts in extreme exploration gear, The North Face released the Black Series line to enter the techwear world.


With over 50 years of experience, The North Face has reimagined their outdoors extreme exploration gear for the city. Inspired by extreme sports athletes such as Margo Hayes and Matty Hong, the brand thrives on repurposing the most technologically advanced materials and construction methods for urban exploration and performance techwear.

By combining the same technology and materials experienced climbers in the Himalaya wear and the fashionable look that many celebrities have popularized over the year, The North Face offers gear that excels in protection and style.


best techwear brands 6Source: Herno
The Herno Laminar line combines iconic designs and premium fabrics to create top-notch techwear pieces.


Tailor-made to the highest of specifications, Herno pieces offer style at the service of functionality. With over 40 years of experience, these experienced Italian craftsmen create highly efficient and downright elegant Techwear.

Their collections are the product of obsessive attention to detail and mastery behind every facet of fashion. Herno has weaved technology, craftsmanship, and luxury to successfully introduce high-end Italian tailoring to the expanding world of Techwear.


best techwear brands 7Source: Veilance
Luxury techwear pieces for status.


Veilance is, without question, one of the most innovative Techwear brands in the industry. With their state of the art Ergonomic 3-Dimensional Patterning system, premium material usage (such as GORE-TEX), and Re System exchange program, Veilance stays on top of their game after a decade of success.

While Techwear continues to trend this year, few companies have accumulated years of experience in the industry as Valiance has. Their E3D system enhances speed, efficiency, and accuracy in each of their designs translates into extremely durable clothing, designed for superior performance and fashion.


best techwear brands 2Source: ACRONYM
The Brand That Started Techwear Subculture


Founded in 1994 as an independent design agency in Munich, Errolson Hugh and Michaela Sachenbacher lead ACRONYM in reimagining sports and utility garments with a futuristic aesthetic. As the most representative brand of techwear culture, their vision connects them with fans of dystopian futures interested in dressing modernly and elegantly. For ACRONYM, garments are only viable if they can noticeably aid its users in everyday tasks. Given this need for high functionality, their clothing line provides top-notch quality garments ready to tackle any adverse circumstance.

Stone Island’s Shadow Project

best techwear brands 3Source: Stone Island
Rocking out Techwear through Fashion Engineering


Stone Island is one of the world’s best techwear brands thanks to the avant-garde philosophy of its owner Carlo Rivetti. Experimentation with fabric, dyeing, and construction is in the company’s DNA, as their design team has always aimed towards building the future of performance menswear. For Errelson and his Shadow Project team, techwear fundamentally addresses functionality, fashion, and protection the way a sportscar addresses acceleration, weight, horsepower, and displacement.

C.P. Company

best techwear brands 5Source: C.P Company
C.P Company is an Italian techwear company with a long-standing history of innovation.


Have you ever had to decide between comfort, fashion, and utility when choosing your clothes? C.P Company believes you shouldn’t, and their techwear line is here to show you. Since 1971, C.P. Company offers the male public a wide variety of techwear clothing. Featuring jackets, blazers, shirts, and even highly functional shorts.

Their wide range of accessories such as backpacks, face masks, balaclavas, and scarves perfectly match their pieces to create unique techwear outfits as well. The brand’s magnificent designs bring about a nostalgic trip to iconic designs that (thankfully!) make a grand return better. By continuously innovating, C.P Company remains, without a doubt, as one of the best techwear brands or our time.

Techwear FAQ

The brands listed here are among the best techwear brands in the world. We recommend keeping an eye out for seasonal deals and purchasing their quality items from trusted retailers. Even still, we’ve encountered several common questions related to techwear that we hope to address for anyone interested in the style.

Do you have a one-stop guide for Techwear?

While there are many websites that cover techwear and its history, we took the time to create a very thorough Techwear Guide that can brief you on everything you need to know about the techwear culture!

Where can I buy complete techwear outfits?

Techwear is still an emergin trend that doesn’t have huge mainstream demand. As such, there aren’t many “complete sets” out there. This means finding a brand that you like and trying to match as many options as they can provide. Of course, this isn’t always possible. For example, not all the brands listed here carry backpacks, face masks, or techwear shoes. This means it’s up to you to choose which items work best together!


Through highly reliable and conceptually ambitious collections, these techwear brands always aim to surprise their audience season after season. Whether they introduce new styles or repurpose iconic designs to enhance their functionality, these industry leaders always reach new heights with every collection they release.

Now that you have an idea of which techwear brands dominate the scene, be sure to check out our brand-specific articles to find out which techwear collection you most identify with!