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10 Incredible Techwear Backpacks for Everyday Use

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Techwear backpacks offer the versatility, storage, and durability that regular backpacks don’t have. Here are the best techwear backpacks for this year!

Athletes, commuters, and students all agree: a backpack is an essential piece of gear for everyday activities.

But the best techwear backpacks not only offer more storage: they also protect your back muscles and devices more effectively. Some models can even sync up with your Smartphone and charge it while you’re on the move!

Today’s list features some of the most fashionable and highly functional backpacks from the best techwear brands in the market. Here’s the best of the best:

The Resistor Charged Backpack

best techwear backpacks 12Source: The North Face
The Joey T3 Smart Pack System turns this fashionable backpack into a futuristic powerhouse.

The North Face Resistor Backpack is no doubt one of the best techwear backpacks made to date. Its integrated Joey T3 Smart-Pack system allows you to connect the bag’s app to your Smartphone and activate neat features, such as a distance alarm, phone locator, internal bag lighting, and more.

best techwear backpacks 8Source: The North Face
Your backpack’s app can synch up with your Smartphone for added functionality.

The integrated Joey T3 Smart Pack system also allows you to charge several smartphones at the same time. Just open the Resistor’s D-door that houses the system’s battery and plug them into the charging dashboard! This showcases The North Face’s true cadence with utilitarianism.

The Resistor’s internal zippered pocket system design allows you to hold (and power) even more devices than ever. It even comes with a dedicated 17″ lay-flat laptop compartment for checkpoint-friendly travel and a padded mesh back panel for next-level lumbar support.

The Nike ACG Karst

best techwear backpacks 4Source: Nike
The Kars can help you explore city streets or the vast, unknown wilderness.

The Nike ACG Karst backpack features a main compartment offering plenty of space for your outdoor gear or devices, featuring several pockets that help you organize your everyday carry. The backpack’s shoulder straps are padded for additional comfort, while its side clips can store jackets, sweatshirts, or gear.

The Karst has just about everything you’d want in your backpack: ample storage, comfort, and stylish aesthetics! The Karst is no doubt one of the best techwear backpacks available today. As part of Nike’s ACG line, the fashionable Karst is perfect for both the outdoors and urban exploration.

Women’s Borealis Backpack by The North Face

best techwear backpacks 13Source: The North Face
The North Face Borealis series are some of the finest techwear backpacks available today.

The Borealis Backpack by The North Face is a modern version of the TNF women-specific backpack is no doubt one of the best techwear backpacks for women. With easy-to-access pockets and an overhauled suspension system, this fashionable backpack offers ample storage and improved comfort.

best techwear backpacks 15Source: The North Face
With a large variety of colors and finishers, The North Face Borealis offers you a personalized backpack.

Its front compartments have an extra padded tablet sleeve and additional zippered-pockets, as well as a dedicated, highly secure 15″ exclusive laptop compartment.

Its comfortable padded top handle, removable waist belt, and extended mesh water bottle pockets are just some of the highly versatile features that make this an all-time best-seller model.

The Veilance Nomin Pack

best techwear backpacks 6Source: Veilance
Durable and functional, the Nomin is a best-selling Veilance backpack model.

The Veilance Nomin Pack is an exceptionally lightweight and highly functional luxury backpack. The backpack’s outer face is made with a waterproof fabric, while its external WaterTight zippers keep your valuables safe from downpours.

best techwear backpacks 7Source: Veilance
The Nomin minimalist look allows it to stand out from regular backpacks.

The Nomin comes with a spacious, highly compartmentalized storage space capable of holding your laptop, tablet, and additional documents using a hidden magnetic closure. The pack also comes with low-profile laminated shoulder straps that are easily adjustable, proving once again how carefully crafted all of Veilance pieces are.

The Kaban Charged Backpack by North Face

best techwear backpacks 11Source: The North Face
The Joey T3 Smart Pack comes with an integrated Touch Console.

The Kaban Charged Backpack is another futuristic backpack offered by The North Face. With a slick, minimalist look straight out of a Scott Ridley movie, the Kaban also comes with a Joey T3 Smart Pack System.

best techwear backpacks 10Source: The North Face
Share power with your friends thanks to the Joey T3 Charge timer!

The Joey T3 touch console connects to your Joey App on your smartphone via Bluetooth, while its built-in alarm system adds security to your valuables. This distance alarm feature can help you locate your lost phone (up to 150 feet), and the system’s battery can funnel up to 25 additional hours of energy to your device.

The backpack uses the same indestructible materials found on the Basecamp Duffel, making this model not only fashionable but also quite sturdy.

The North Face Recon Backpack

best techwear backpacks 18Source: The North Face
The Recon Backpack offers comfort and functionality when faced with the unknown.

The North Face’s Recon Backback illustrates how this company continues to deliver some of the most advanced and fashionable techwear backpacks for this year. The Recon Backpack has separate men and women models that feature a specialized stern strap with whistle buckle, a removable waist belt, flexible yoke, and shoulder strap webbing that ensure maximum comfort and ease of use.

best techwear backpacks 14
The Recon Backpack is perfect for explorers that break the mold.

The Recon Backpack comes with a stretch front stash pocket, a separate super spacious compartment for books, as well as an extra padded tablet sleeve. As if that wasn’t enough, the Recon techwear backpack also has a dedicated, well-protected 15″ laptop compartment capable of protecting your valuable device from falls or bumps. Easily one of the best techwear backpacks released this year.

The North Face Women’s Pivoter

best techwear backpacks 19Source: The North Face
Fashionable and comfortable, the Pivoter is a popular choice amongst students.

The  Pivoter Backpack by The North Face features a custom-made design for students. This techwear backpack features modern aesthetics and highly functional features for college life. The Pivoter features a padded laptop sleeve that protects your laptop from untimely falls, while its external stash pocket can store your jacket or any other quick-access essential.

best techwear backpacks 1Source: The North Face
The Pivoter comes in many colors and unique finishers, allowing you to choose a backpack that connects with your personality.

The Pivoter also comes with remarkable storage capacity. Its large main compartment easily holds books, binders, and notebooks needed for your daily classes.

Its updated front compartment comes with secure zippered-pockets and a tablet sleeve as well. All in all, It’s safe to say that this TNF model is one of the best techwear backpacks for students.

The Men’s Borealis Backpack

best techwear backpacks 2Source: The North Face
The Borealis is one of the very few backpacks that come with a lifetime warranty.

The North Face also released a male version of the iconic Borealis backpack, and it’s pound-for-pound, one of the best techwear backpacks today. Perfect for stashing your essentials in a hurry, the main compartment features a padded laptop sleeve with an additional front tablet pocket that keeps each electronic safely stored and organized.

best techwear backpacks 3Source: The North Face
With all sorts of duo-chromatic combinations and awesome finishers, the Borealis modern look can be customized to your liking.

Its external, fleece-lined pocket keeps your sunglasses or electronics secure, while its front elastic bungee system offers even more external storage. Stylish and highly resistant, the Borealis models come with a TNF lifetime warranty that tells you just how confident the brand is in their product’s quality.

The C.P Company Nylon B Rucksack

best techwear backpacks 21Source: C.P Company
The Nylon B Rucksack comes with the brand’s iconic lens detail.

The Nylon B Rucksack by C.P. Company features a rugged design of the now infamous material. This water-resistant, strong material can be easily dyed, giving the piece a distinct, super crisp finish that is part of the brand’s iconic style. The C.P Company has a long-standing obsession with details and functionality, and the Nylon B Lens Rucksack is another milestone in their life-long quest for perfection.

best techwear backpacks 22Source: C.P Company
The Nylon B Rucksack is one of the most fashionable gender-neutral backpacks today.

The techwear backpack comes with a zipped main compartment, secure auxiliary pockets, padded straps, and a top carry handle. This techwear rucksack also comes with a unique C.P company lens detail, granting it a unique look only the most prestigious techwear users can sport. If you’re interested in the Techwear aesthetic—the C.P Company is a brand to keep on your radar.

The Laminar Armony Backpack

best techwear backpacks 22 1Source: Herno
Herno combines Italian high-fashion and techwear functionality into every piece.

The Laminar Armony backpack is part of the new Couture Engineering label, representing Herno’s evolution in techwear. Herno combines Italian high-fashion with functionality, making each of their pieces some of the most creative and tasteful garments (and accessories) out there.

best techwear backpacks 21 1Source: Herno
The Laminar Armony is a year-long gift that comes with the brand’s seal of quality and warranty.

The Armony features 2-Layer fabric that includes a thousand colors of dyed yarn with an elegant shine finish. The transparent polyurethane technical membrane offers additional protection to this functional work of art, proving Herno is one of the best techwear brands today.


Techwear backpacks are surprisingly affordable long-time investments, especially considering many of the products we’ve listed for you come with lifetime warranties.

As technology advances and we become more reliant on modern devices, it’s only logical that our backpacks take an active role in storing, charging, and protecting our gadgets, making these super fashionable models an overall smart investment.

Our selection of the best techwear backpacks also took into account the comfort and health factor for your back, allowing you to be at your best regardless of weather conditions or lifestyle!