Best Tapered Jeans

7 Tapered Jeans for Men That Instantly Make You Look Better

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Look your best on your next date or business meeting with the best tapered jeans for men!

The best tapered jeans for men are an equally modern and stylish everyday staple.

Men’s tapered jeans are quickly becoming a must-have for men that appreciate a tailored look to their ensembles. They’re the perfect jeans for men with big thighs and effortlessly elevate casual and professional outfits.

It’s fair to say that no matter your fashion style or budget, there’s a pair of tapered jeans that is guaranteed to become your new favorite piece for this year.

The Best Tapered Jeans for Men

Essentially, tapered jeans are jeans that get narrower from the knee to the ankle (think of a V shape). The wider top portion comfortably rests at waist level while the pants’ leg section tightens around your ankle for that clean tailored look that we all love.

The best tapered jeans for men come with a unique cut that makes you look slim and taller. In fact, we highly recommend you combine these with a pair of stylish elevator shoes to take your figure and posture to the next level.

Men’s tapered jeans also look great on all body types. They’re the best pants for men with big thighs since they feel snug and easily combine with loose or fitted clothing.

Today, we’ve rounded up the best tapered jeans for men, straight from the best clothing brands catalog. Whether you’re going for a casual spring, summer, or winter look, we guarantee you’ll find that wardrobe essential you never knew you needed!

The Levi 502 Tapered Jeans

Best Tapered Jeans 1Source: Levi's
The 502’s are a modern alternative to straight jeans.

The Levi 502 are one of the best high-quality jeans for men with big thighs, thanks to their comfortable taped design and smooth-to-the-touch inner fabric.

Men’s tapered jeans look great on people with many different body types, and the 502 are the best example of this. These Levi men’s stretch jeans have a forgiving waist and hip area and make your legs look shapely where they pinch in at the ankles.

Despite sitting below waist level, these comfy tapered jeans offer more space around your thighs. This comfort-first design offers roomy pockets and is ideal for your daily commute and drawn-out errands.

What’s more, the Levis 502 tapered jeans are also perfect for casual and semi-formal occasions alike: Wear them with a pair of dark brown nubuck comfortable boots, a plaid button-up shirt, a dark wooden wristwatch, and your favorite rimless sunglasses to look like a million bucks when going on a date or going to a friend’s barbeque.

The Goodthreads Slim Tapered Jeans

Best Tapered Jeans 2Source: Goodthreads
This classic five-pocket jean features selvedge denim for a tighter, denser weave and a stylish look.

The Goodthreads Slim-fit tapered jeans give you the best bang for your buck in terms of durability and comfort. The brand is well known for merging high-quality cotton fabrics with an elastane construction that produces a more form-fitting seat and thigh area than most tapered jeans. Think of these slim tapered jeans as a stretchier “sweatpants” version of stylish straight-cut jeans.

Moreover, the Goodthreads men’s tapered jeans are the ideal complement for slim-fit shirts and white t-shirts and bomber jackets combos thanks to its versatile rinsed blue hue. We recommend wearing them alongside black suede shirt jackets, a pair of black leather sneakers, and your favorite t-shirts as you would in a college party outfit ensemble to get the most out of its modern appeal.

The Lake Merrit 541 Athletic Fit Jeans

Best Tapered Jeans 3Source: Levi's
The Lake Merrit jean stylishly contour your legs and shows off your hard-earned gains!

The Lake Merrit Levis 541 men’s tapered jeans are designed for those who’ve worked hard over the years at the gym towards larger thighs and more developed buttocks. These athletic-fit jeans offer more stretch around your waist and thigh area, making them easier to break into after just a couple of uses.

The Levis 541 add a tapered cut to classic athletic fit jeans, offering the best of both worlds. The tailored look allows you to combine these with shirts and sport coats in a jiff, making them a staple for guys that like easy-to-match pieces in their wardrobes.

The Levi 531 Men’s Tapered Jeans

Best Tapered Jeans 4Source: Levi's
The 531 comes with plenty of room in its thigh area and a modern slim ankle cut.

The Levi 531 men’s tapered jeans are among the most comfortable athletic fit jeans out there. The Levis 531 gently sit at waist level and gradually tighten around your ankles, allowing you to show off your favorite pair of sneakers. If you’re looking for an equally stylish and casual ensemble, we recommend you pick one of its darker shades and add contrast with the best Adidas Ultraboost colorways.

These American-style jeans are also ideal for doing errands, going to barbeques, or visiting a friend on a Friday night. During the colder months of the year, you can wear these with a brown suede bomber jacket and a pair of dark brown Chelsea boots to stay cozy and sharp at all times. These men’s tapered jeans are sturdy, stylish, and easy to combine, making them a must-have for men with big thighs.

The Lee Brushed Mens Straight Legged Jeans

Best Tapered Jeans 5Source: Lee
The Lee Brushed Jean combines a durable denim exterior and a soft brushed interior.

The Lee Brushed men’s tapered jeans keep you cozy, casual, and effortlessly fashionable during winter. The cotton, polyester, and spandex fabric blend come with the much-needed stretch that traditional jeans fail to deliver.

These men’s straight legged jeans are great for commuting or downtown errands, as their soft brushed interior maximizes range in motion and overall comfort. The Lee Brushed also maintains its rugged appeal by keeping a straight cut until the mid-thigh area, relieving you from any uncomfortable pressure below the waistline.

What’s more, these tapered jeans start to shape above knee level with a sharper angle cut that progressively pinches down towards your ankle. These tapered jeans look great with plaid flannel shirts over hoodies for a casual smart look that keeps you warm and snug in chilly weather.

The Lee Slim Straight Jeans

Best Tapered Jeans 6Source: Lee
The Lee Slim Straight Jeans proves that slim straight jeans can be super comfortable!

The Lee Extreme Motion slim straight jeans merge a classic appeal with a comfort-first design. These tapered jeans are very popular among guys with bigger builds due to their spacious thigh area and a classic straight fit on their seat area.

These slim straight jeans also offer a nice stretchy feeling on your midriff area, thanks to the brand’s Extreme Flex waistband. This stretchy waistband offers a sweatpants-like fit that softly hugs your skin, while its triple-stitched central seam and reinforced back pockets keep your jeans durable throughout the years.

If you’d like to wear them for semiformal occasions, we recommend pairing them with a light blue dress shirt below a brown wool blazer and some comfortable brown boots for a professional, well-groomed look.

The Wrangler High Waisted Jeans

Best Tapered Jeans 7Source: Wrangler
Wrangler jeans always use 100% cotton denim for increased durability.

The Wrangler updated high waisted jeans are the best-priced, high-quality work pants for men with large thighs. It’s no secret that finding long jeans you can wear to work is incredibly difficult: you either end up sewing its ankles (which looks terrible) or you’re forced to use a very tight buckle (which is very uncomfortable).

With these men’s straight-legged jeans, that won’t ever be the issue: not only are these Wranglersered jeans, but also long enough, big enough, and roomy enough to feel comfortable without looking baggy.

The rugged, stonewashed aesthetic of these pants also makes them perfect for working outdoor, operating machinery, or doing some work on your garage, handling just about anything the day throws at you without having to worry about unexpected tears along the way.


The best tapered jeans for men come with all sorts of unique cuts to add shape and style to your outfits. Whether you’re looking for an athletic fit jeans cut to show off your hard-earned gains at the gym or need slim straight jeans to looksmax your way to your next date, you’ll find that a tapered cut is exactly what you need.

Keep in mind that there are several variations to the tapered cut: the slim tapered jeans, tapered loose fit jeans, and the tried-and-true classic tapered jeans for men. While each comes with its own sets of benefits, it all comes down to how tight you’d like the fit around your waist to be.

A classical cut will rest at waist level, while slimmer versions will accentuate your waist and buttocks region more effectively, giving it an athletic look that slim guys will like. Regardless of your fashion choice, you’re guaranteed to add an equally durable and fashionable piece you can wear throughout the year!