best strip clubs in the world

6 Legendary Strip Clubs That You Should Visit

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Are you ready to have the night of your life? Check out the best strip clubs in the world!

Spending a night in one of the best strip clubs in the world should be part of any man’s bucket list. These elite gentlemen clubs offer more than top-notch performances and beautiful women: they sell one-of-a-kind experiences that you’ll treasure for a lifetime!

The gentleman’s club experience goes well beyond its beautiful performers and private dances. These high-end venues offer entertainment, amenities, and luxurious delights that make them must-have visits for anyone visiting their city.

The Best Strip Clubs in the World

Today, we’ll take a tour around the globe and list the best strip clubs in the world. These gentlemen clubs offer a spectacle of excess and erotic luxury that you can enjoy with your friends and maybe even your girlfriend if she finds pole dancing as cool as we do!

Whether you’re celebrating an all-out bachelor party or wish to treat yourself at the end of the week, these gentlemans clubs have everything you could dream of and more!

Best Strip Club in the US

best strip clubs in the world 1Source: Sapphire
The Sapphire is the best strip club in the US.

The Sapphire gentleman’s club is, for many reasons, one of the best strip clubs in the US. This legendary strip club is located in the heart of Sin City, globally known as the city of excess, enjoyment, and luxury.

The Sapphire recently won the 2019 ED Awards Show and is best known for its luxurious accommodations, next-level pool parties, and various events hosted throughout the year. VH1, Good Morning America, and Playboy TV have covered their blowouts and put them at the forefront of adult entertainment.

Celebrities such as 50 cent, Rihanna, Dj Tiesto, and even Criss Angel are regulars at the Sapphire as well, making it a popular spot for the rich and the famous to hang out and have a good time.

When it comes to gentlemen clubs, the Sapphire boasts one of the largest venues, with over 70,000 square feet of premium entertainment. You can watch the Super Bowl on the floor level or the world-renowned Sapphire Skyboxes if you’re looking for some intimacy and luxurious accommodations worthy of a 5-star hotel.

E11even Miami

best strip clubs in the world 2Source: E11even
The E11even in Miami is one of the most exclusive gentlemen clubs out there.

The E11even is, hands down, one of the best strip clubs in the world. Located in the heart of downtown Miami, this one-of-a-kind 24-hour gentlemans club offers the complete luxury experience: outstanding food and drinks, top DJ performances, and gorgeous women.

This elite venue regularly hosts some of the biggest stars, such as Drake, Nicki Minaj, Juicy J, and many others. Diplo recently hosted his Halloween Hexed event in the exclusive club and treated the audience to a high-octane experience that they’ll treasure for years to come.

The place is as sexy as it is sophisticated, to put it mildly. The clientele is exclusive, security is top-notch, and the performers remind you why many guys move to Miami for their college years!

Best Strip Club in Los Angeles

best strip clubs in the world 3Source: 4Play
The 4 Play gentlemans club is nothing short of legendary.

4 Play is the best strip club in Los Angeles, mainly because it offers the complete rockstar experience. You can order a limo service to pick you up and take you to the prestigious LA westside, where Beverly Hills meets Santa Monica.

Once you arrive, you’re treated to a luxurious experience from start to finish: you’re taken to your comfortable seats near the center stage where playmates, models, and some of the most beautiful women on earth perform just for you.

4 Play is also one of the best strip clubs in LA because of its deep connections within Hollywood, the modeling industry, and other private agencies that constantly recommend gorgeous performers to fill their exclusive ranks.

Celebrities are regulars at the club, and even Hugh Hefner would visit 4 Play to have the time of his life. Imagine the kind of entertainment, food, and performances the best strip club in Los Angeles can offer if Mr. Playboy himself found it worthy of his time and attention!

The Metropolis in London

best strip clubs in the world 4Source: Metropolis
The Metropolis is a high-end nude strip club known for its five-story venue.

The Metropolis is one of the best strip clubs globally because of its luxurious atmosphere, top-tier performers, and naked strip club table service.

When it comes to gentlemen clubs, few offer such variety and intensity as the Metropolis does. You can catch live gigs, TV shoots, bachelor parties, and even corporate events on any floor since it has an impressive 650+ strong capacity.

The Metropolis offers its clientele magical nights they’ll remember. From showers to car-wash shows, their drop-dead gorgeous performers will do anything to earn a spot in your memories, making the Metropolis one of the best strip clubs in the world.

Goldfingers in Prague

best strip clubs in the world 5Source: Goldfingers
Goldfingers is a high-end nude strip club known for its variety of shows and stunning performers.

The Czech Republic is known for its stunning women, and Prague also happens to be the party capital of central Europe. Golfingers takes this powerful combination and adds professionally choreographed shows and unique events to the mix, making it one of the best strip clubs in the world.

Located under the 5-star Ambassador Hotel, Goldfingers is widely-regarded as an obligatory stop for tourists that visit Prague. This naked strip club offers everything from regular pole dancing to acrobatic shows, jelly wrestling, and special stag parties for those lucky enough to book them throughout the week. It’s a notorious high-end establishment that hosts people in business and anyone else with a taste for the finer things in life.

Best Moscow Strip Club

best strip clubs in the world 6Source: Virgins
Virgins overtake Golden Girls as the best Moscow Strip Club this year.

The Moscow strip club scene is unlike any other in Europe. Virgins is one of those rare gentlemen clubs that somehow offers a laidback, almost pre-party atmosphere you can enjoy with your friends as you make casual talk with some of the most beautiful girls on the planet.

Virgins operate with a tiered system represented by six different bracelet colors. Each girl wears one, according to their ranking inside the club and personality.

  • Girls with a white bracelet are new to the club and the strip scene.
  • Red bracelets are worn by strippers that are also new to the strip scene but are familiar with Moscow’s nightlife.
  • Experienced strippers use blue bracelets.
  • Personal concierges exclusively wear yellow bracelets.
  • The Green bracelet is for the hostess.
  • Black bracelets are for the most elite and exclusive girls in the club.

As with any other nude night club, the higher you go in the hierarchy, the more expensive the service and private dances are.

When it comes to gentlemen’s clubs, Virgins is one of a kind. There’s luxury and glamour, but also a sense of familiarity that keeps its clientele coming back day after day, making it one of the best strip clubs in the world.


Hollywood has given strip clubs a bad rap. When someone suggests going to a strip club, many can’t help but picture a shady-looking, boozed-up dude staring at the girls in a dimly-lit corner. But in reality, the best strip clubs in the world offer a completely different experience, vibe, and atmosphere.

The best strip clubs in the world are places where you can have an incredible night out with the boys. You could celebrate a bachelor party in a way you’ve never had while getting a chance to disconnect from the often disappointing real world and its worries. The carefully choreographed shows and production value they add to every performance make the world’s best strip clubs a unique experience everyone can appreciate that treasure.