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10 Best Smart Watches for the Modern Man

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Wearable technologies are some of the most popular accessories on the market. Their modern appeal makes them a popular choice for people of all backgrounds. In fact, around 21% of US adults say they use a smart watch or another type of wearable fitness tracker. These gadgets are useful for monitoring the user’s lifestyle data and offering insights into their daily habits.

Modern Smart Watches

For the modern man, the best smart watches are a marriage of style and substance. Apart from looking fashionable, the many different types of smart watches come with a variety of features, from FitBits that track your heart rate to GPS watches by adventure companies like Garmin. Plus, with multiple brands offering their collection of smart watches, you’ll be spoiled for choice. You have big names, like Apple, Samsung, and FitBit, but also more niche options, like Polar and Mobvoi.

If you’re on the hunt for the right smart watch to match your style, then look no further. Here are some of the best options for the modern man. Each of these watches features a sleek design and an array of useful features, so you can pick the one that best suits your taste!

Apple Watch 6


Apple is known as a company of innovation and their smart watch line is no exception. The Apple Watch 6’s clean design and well-rounded features make it an excellent choice for any man on the go. It can track different exercises, such as walking, swimming, weight lifting, and rowing. It can also record your heart rate and sleep data. Plus, with Siri built into its processor, this smart watch can send and receive messages and even be used to access Apple Pay.

AmazFit Bip


AmazFit’s Bip smart watch has a simple, clean design with basic features. What sets it apart is its battery life. This gadget can last for 45 days, making it one of the longest-lasting options. Its fitness features include a heart rate monitor and a step tracker. You can also use it to answer calls, set alarms, and receive application alerts.

Fitbit Inspire 2


Fitbit’s Inspire 2 is one of the most affordable smart watches on the market. With a fairly strong battery that can last for 10 days, this gadget can deliver your workouts, provide insights on your sleep patterns, and track your daily activities. Plus, its thin design makes it easy to carry around and discreet when in use. And apart from the usual features, such as an activity tracker and heart rate monitor, it also has a GPS tracker.

Fossil Gen 5


Fossil continues to be a favorite among smart watch users and for good reason. For one, its products feature a classic design with an easy-to-navigate interface. Their Gen 5 smart watch offered a new customizable battery mode feature that lets users optimize power usage and performance.

Garmin Vivoactive 4


Garmin’s Vivoactive 4 smart watch features a sleek design that draws inspiration from traditional watches. It’s also an excellent option for exercise buffs who love following video workouts, as it has built-in animations and over 20 pre-loaded sports applications. As a bonus, it also has built-in workout playlists to help you push through your exercise routines.

Mobvoi TicWatch Pro


One of the bulkier smart watches on this list, the Mobvoi TicWatch Pro has both fitness and everyday features. This includes heart rate monitoring and fitness tracking. It also lets the user manage phone calls, NFC payments, and music streaming

Polar Unite


The Polar Unite is an entry-level smart watch with a simple design and an easy-to-navigate interface. It offers a range of workouts with built-in simulations and can also track your heart rate. It’s a great option for those who aren’t looking for anything too fancy.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2


Samsung’s Active 2 has a neat design that’s easy to put on and use. It’s an excellent option for exercise buffs who benefit from coaching because it has a built-in pace coaching system. This gadget can alert its user if they’re going through their workout too fast or slow, drawing data from sensors that monitor your current heart rate.

Skagen Falster 3


The Skagen Falster 3 looks a bit different from the other options on this list. Its steel mesh strap is a bold and stylish statement. It has the usual fitness features, like heart rate monitoring and fitness tracking, but can also be used for NFC payments.

Suunto 7


Another bulkier option, the Suunto 7 is one of the most versatile options in the market. It has one of the most accurate fitness tracking systems and has more than 70 sports modes. It also has GPS tracking and heart rate monitoring features. You can even use it to share your stats on social media.


Smartwatches are undoubtedly stylish — perfect for a man of the 21st century. But these gadgets also boast a myriad of useful benefits, from simple convenience to health tracking features. But if you’re looking for even more discreet wearable technology, you can check out the wide selection of smart rings.

These mini health trackers are becoming more popular in the mainstream, especially after being used by the NBA. But that’s a guide for another time. For those looking for non-smartwatch ideas, checkout out our recent review of stylish wooden watches for that extra splash of intrigue for your wardrobe!