best shower shoes for college

The 5 Best Shower Shoes to Keep Bacteria Away from your Feet

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Are you worried about catching nasty plantar warts in public spaces? Check out the best shower shoes for college this year!

Packing the best shower shoes for college is always a good idea. Public showers, dorms, and other communal areas are frequented by people who may have contagious fungal or bacterial infections in their feet.

Thankfully, you can avoid all of these painful and nasty-looking ailments by wearing antimicrobial protective footwear!

The Best Shower Shoes for College

The best shower shoes for college need to protect you from nasty plantar warts and painful slips. But they also need to be stylish enough to wear down at the beach, pools, gyms, and even during camping trips.

We’ve taken a look at hundreds of the best shower shoes out there and narrowed it down to the five best college shower shoes for this year. Here’s what we looked for:

Antimicrobial material:  the best shower shoes for dorms serve as a protective barrier between your feet and the breeding ground for bacteria and fungi that communal showers are. We decided to include models with synthetic material that repels these pathogens to keep your feet safe and fresh.

Slip-resistant soles: while fungal infections can be scary, an untimely fall can crack bones or cause serious injuries as well. The best shower shoes for college on our list offer superior traction on slippery surfaces and will prove themselves valuable in any near-water scenario.

Quick-drying models: nobody likes dragging soggy shoes around the dorm. The best college shower shoes come with quick-drying materials and neat design features that passively dry themselves off.

Affordable: the best college shower shoes must fit the traditionally tight college student’s budget. We want quality footwear that will last us for the next four to five years and more!

Without further ado, here are the best college shower shoes for this year!

Vertico Footcare Shower Shoes

best shower shoes for college 1Source: Vertico
The comfy and sterile Vertico shower shoes are your feet’ greatest ally against infections.

The Vertico Footcare Shower Shoes are one of the best shower shoes for college ever released by this brand. Shower shoes should be completely water-resistant, use materials that dry off quickly and be comfy enough for everyday use. Such is the case with the Vertico footcare slippers.

This model features a sterile EVA sole (ethylene-vinyl acetate) that protects your feet from harmful bacteria and fungi. The Vertico showcases a piece-molded design that makes the most out of the EVA soles’ shock-absorbing properties. It also keeps your feet fresh and cool as you walk along the beach strip and the sun-heated pool area flooring.

Last but not least, these Vertico Footcare shower shoes are lightweight and easy to transport. Fit one shoe inside the other when you pack, and you’ll find they’re excellent travel and gym companions.

Adidas Shower Shoes

best shower shoes for college 2Source: Adidas
The Adissage provides comfort, convenience, and an excellent buffer zone against floor bacteria.

The Adidas Adissage slides are one of the best shower shoes for the gym due to their slip-on design and ergonomic soles. These slides are designed for post-workout rest, proving exceptionally comfortable when walking from your campus gym to the dorms.

Their EVA material sits beneath a convenient hook-and-loop adjustable upper that keeps your feet blister-free. This model comes with a nubby footbed that massages your feet during lengthy walks, making it a favorite amongst surfers and beach regulars.

These shower shoes also combine a Cloudfoam midsole and outsole slightly bigger than your regular shoes for additional body-weight support. The latter also enhances your footing, providing enough grip and flexibility for slippery surfaces. Plus, their girthy Cloudfoam platform serves as an excellent buffer zone between your feet and any bacteria-infested shower.

Vifuur Shower Shoes

best shower shoes for college 3Source: Vifuur
These shower shoes protect your feet from knacks, blisters, and fungi thanks to their comfy closed design.

The Vifuur Water Shoes are one of the best shower shoes for college you can get your hands on. The Vifuur water shoes enclose your feet in protective lycra fabric to keep them extra-safe from lurking pathogens.

Shower shoes that feature a closed design provide 360° protection from even the sneakiest bacteria and fungi in public places. The Vifuur also comes with a smooth and flexible material that prevents blisters from forming up no matter how much you wear them.

One of the best features of these Vifuur shower shoes is their anti-collision design. A toe cap shield protects you from doorway edges and any other furniture in packed dorm rooms. Furthermore, the Vifuur Water shoe soles are made of rubber materials with excellent air permeability and non-slip resistance, keeping your feet fresh and secure on slippery surfaces.

Crocs Shower Shoes for Women

best shower shoes for college 4Source: Crocs
These comfortable and beautiful shower shoes can serve as casual sandals for summer outfit combinations.

Are you looking for a thoughtful, budget-friendly gift for your lady? Look no further! The Swiftwater Sandal by Crocs is, hands down, one of the best shower shoes for women in the market. These versatile shower shoes showcase an elegant design in which flexible straps stylishly wrap around her feet.

Crocs created these beautiful water sandals with their Croslite foam, offering great comfort and support no matter how much you wear them. Plus, their highly flexible outsoles provide better traction and wart protection in showers and other near-water scenarios.

Birkenstocks Shower Shoes

best shower shoes for college 5Source: Birkenstock
The Arizona Essential keeps your feet safe from bacteria while guarding you against slips and falls.

The Arizona Essential Shower Shoes by Birkenstock are also one of the best shower shoes you can find. Have you ever had a flip-flop break in the shower? Not many things are as uncomfortable as finding your feet unprotected while taking a bath in a moist environment likely infested with fungi and bacteria.

The Arizona Essential Birkenstocks safeguard you from such a nasty scenario by keeping your feet protected with their legendary two-strap design and ultralightweight EVA material.

Birkenstocks are arguably the best-designed sandals in the world. These shower shoes showcase shock-absorbing properties, superb flexibility, and grip that prevent slips and falls.


Adding the best shower shoes for college to your bag is, by far, one of the wisest investments you’ll make. Many insurances don’t cover podiatry-related ailments, and they’re sadly all too common to catch in communal areas. We’re not just talking about the public showers at campus either: we’re talking locker rooms, swimming pools, and even the gym!

We made an effort to pick the best shower shoes for college from the best online clothing stores for men and other top-notch manufacturers to guarantee you get the cost-effective deals you deserve. Just remember to keep them at arm’s reach to avoid those unsightly warts that drive the ladies away!