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The 9 Best Shoes for Everyday Use

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Here are the best shoes offered by top brands this year!

The best shoes offer a perfect mix of comfort, convenience, and style. While comfort is self-explanatory, what do convenience and style mean exactly?

Life is complicated enough as it is in today’s strange world. The best shoes need to add convenience to your life, meaning they should be easy to combine, durable enough for everyday use, and affordable. These are simple parameters that the best clothing brands for men understand and follow.

But what about style?

The Best Shoes

The best shoes must also be a stylish go-to piece that you’ll look forward to wearing. Some believe that classic sneakers for men are a safe choice, while others go for cool shoes with trendy colorways and techy aesthetics. There’s no one all-encompassing answer to this point since it all comes down to finding a pair of sneakers that resonate with your style and wardrobe.

Today, we’ve decided to put together a list of our favorite shoes for this year. These models are designed to excel at a specific activity or style choice but can efficiently serve as everyday shoes you can take to almost any occasion.

Without further ado, it’s time you meet your next favorite pair of sneakers!

The Best Ultraboost Colorways

Best Shoes ultraboost colorways 4 DNASource: Adidas
The Ultra Boost 4.0 offers comfort, style, and versatility.

One thing is for sure: Pro athletes, amateur runners, and anyone that likes easy-to-combine sneakers universally love the iconic design of the Adidas Ultraboost Colorways. These sneakers combine cutting-edge technology with super-comfy features to surprise even the most experienced runners.

The Ultra Boost 4.0 comes with some of the best Ultraboost colorways we’ve ever seen. The sneakers’ design is, without question, one of the most comfortable in the entire collection, thanks to its OrthoLite sock liner. The Boost midsole and Stretchweb outsole combination comfortably wraps your feet and allows you to take your gym workouts, walks, or casual runs to a new level.

This all-white model is perfect for casual soft boy outfits or athletic ensembles, making it a must-have for anyone with a keen eye for fashion.

The Best Black Sneakers for Men

Best Shoes Black SneakersSource: Lacoste
The Lerond stands out as one of the most fashionable and durable black sneakers made by Lacoste.

The best black sneakers for men are a great addition to any man’s wardrobe (no matter his age). You can wear a nice pair of black kicks throughout the year for almost any occasion, as they are easy to combine and maintain.

Take, for instance, the Lacoste Lerond black sneakers. These kicks introduce a casual, social-club aesthetic to your wardrobe that adds elegance to your everyday outfits. You can dust off your navy blue tight-fit jeans and pair them up with an emerald green button-up shirt for a tidy casual look that effortlessly stands out.

The Best Kobe Shoes

Best Shoes KobeSource: Nike
The Nike Kobe 1 is one of the most iconic and highly-rated models in the Kobe line.

The best Kobe shoes are quickly becoming relics known for their unmatched comfort, responsiveness, and iconic style that has marked an era in both the NBA courts and fashion.

One of the most sought-after shoes from this off-the-hook Nike series is the Kobe 1: A pair of kicks that pays homage to Kobe Bryant’s 81-point game against the Toronto Raptors back in 2006. These beautiful basketball shoes combine the revolutionary Nike Zoom Air technology with carbon fiber springs for additional cushion.

The Mamba himself was intimately involved in the design and aesthetic of his signature Nike shoe. Kobe was known for his excellent taste for fashion and complex footwork, and these shoes certainly live up to his high standards and legacy.

The Best Adidas Mens Basketball Shoes

Best Shoes Adidas BasketballSource: Adidas
These Adidas men’s basketball shoes offer the support and traction you need to edge out your competitors.

There’s no question that the best Adidas basketball shoes have always offered NBA players superior cushion, traction, and comfort through cutting-edge features and durable materials.

The Harden 4 continues to deliver the best Adidas has to offer with its fantastic grip and comfortable design. For starters, the Harden 4 comes with Lightstrike, a patented, lightweight cushioning system that provides comfort and responsiveness. On the other hand, the strategical midfoot band adds the next-level stability you’ll need to transition from offense to defense seamlessly.

Furthermore, these Adidas men’s basketball shoes also come with an upgraded traction pattern to deliver a fantastic grip, allowing you to switch gears and speed up your plays as needed.

The Best Nike Golf Shoes

Best Shoes Air Zoom InfinitySource: Nike
The Nike Air Zoom Infinity Tour golf shoes deliver unrivaled comfort on the course.

Every time you step into the course, you’re in for an endurance and concentration battle that only fellow golfers understand. Only the best Nike golf shoes can help you lower your handicap with their optimal arch support, cushioning, and next-level comfort.

The Air Zoom Infinity is counted amongst the most fashionable of all the Nike Infinity golf shoes footwear lines. These lightweight kicks allow you to ground your feet and instantly improve your stability and balance throughout your swings, resulting in better accuracy and distance in each shot.

These Nike golf shoes also come with a modern design that features numerous colorways you can choose from. In terms of style, these incredible shoes check all the boxes: they pass even the most strict golf club dress codes and conveniently match your favorite golf outfit all at the same time.

The Best Traction Basketball Shoes

Best Shoes TractionSource: Nike
The Nike Kobe 6 are lightweight, extra grippy basketball shoes.

Traction is a big deal in basketball. Switching your rhythm, pulling quick stops, and breaking ankles require you to stay grounded as you execute these intense moves. It’s precisely why you need to bring the best traction basketball shoes to the court, even if it’s just a friendly pickup game.

The Nike Kobe 6 can help you master the complex footwork, quick stops, and jumps that the game demands from any competitive player, making them one of the best traction basketball shoes ever made. These kicks aren’t just of the best traction basketball shoes ever made: their next-level traction and soft cushioning are only matched by their stylish aesthetic, making them an all-time favorite that Kobe himself regularly wore.

The Best Low Top Basketball Shoes

Best Shoes Low TopSource: Nike
The Cosmic Unity strikes a perfect balance between bounce, court feel, and shock absorption.

The best low cut basketball shoes are a popular choice amongst pro-NBA players with good reason. Their lightweight and stylish models offer that much-needed freedom of movement at ankle level that technical players during a game.

The Nike Cosmic Unity is considered one of the best low-top basketball shoes for outdoor and indoor use due to its performance-centered, sustainable design. These Nike low-cut basketball shoes are made with at least 25 percent recycled content, making them lightweight and sturdy by incorporating recycled polyester and polyurethane in key areas such as their sock liner and foxing. The herringbone-patterned outsole is the icing on the cake, as it provides top-tier traction on outdoor and indoor courts alike.

The Best Dad Shoes

Best Shoes Dad ShoesSource: Nike
Dad shoes are known for their support, durability, and versatility.

The Monarch IV adds some of that nostalgic 90s drip to any outfit and helps you look effortlessly cool. Their chunky soles are also perfect for everyday activities and Sunday cookouts, making them one of the best dad shoes for this year.

The ultra-cushioned all-white build also comes with all the support and comfort you need for everyday activities. You can wear these for your daily walks, light workouts or weekend grocery runs down at the market. The Monarch IV is, after all, incredibly durable shoes that are built for regular use.

The minimalist style and chunky build are also super fashionable and easy to combine. Celebrities such as Chris Evans, Kendall Jenner, and Chance the Rapper are regularly spotted wearing their own set of dad shoes, proving that these bulky, super snug kicks are trending once more!

The Best Vans Simpsons Shoes

Best Simpson Shoes Mr PlowSource: Vans
Brave the elements (just like Homer did back in the day) with Vans snowboard boot technology and experience.

To celebrate the longest-running animated sitcom in history, Vans released a special edition The Simpsons Vans collection, reminiscing some of the show’s most iconic characters and moments.

The Vans Simpsons Shoes Mr. Plow Edition pays homage to Season 4 Episode 9 when Homer decided to start his own snowplowing business. These unique Vans Simpsons Shoes reinvent the Sk8-Hi MTE and add a fashionable twist and sharp contrasts to its iconic silhouette.

The Mr. Plow Sk8-Hi showcases a cushioned, super comfortable shoe structure that keeps your feet warm and dry during cold weather. Vans also included a heat retention layer placed in between the sole and the footbed to preserve your feet’ natural heat and keep it snug at all times. Plus, these Simpson Vans shoes come with an outsole that’s specially vulcanized for better traction and tread on snowy and wet surfaces.


Whether it’s time to replace your worn-out sneakers, or you’re itching to grab a new pair of stylish kicks, our list of the best shoes has something for you. From classic sneakers for men to cool shoes to energize your outfits, our list offers durable, affordable, and fashionable options that will help you navigate this year with confidence and swag!

Many of these models have been featured in the best fashion websites for men, making them ideal options for anyone that wishes to dress up to impress their date or for college students in need of a pair of sneakers they can wear every day.