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4 Shoe Shopping Tips You Need to Know About

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Shoes are an important part of every outfit. Not only do they serve the practical purpose of protecting your feet, but they can also make your look more cohesive and put together. On average, men own around 12 pairs of shoes. While this is less than the median for women (27), it’s still a significant number.

During the pandemic, it seemed impractical to get a new pair because everyone spent most of their time at home anyway. But as lockdown restrictions are lifted and people are going out more, it may be ideal to get yourself new shoes.

Whether they’ll be a practical buy or one made to match a certain look, such as in a soft boy aesthetic, getting a new pair will surely be a great treat for yourself. If you plan to go shoe shopping soon, here are some tips you can use:

Always be friendly with your local store’s staff

Being a retail worker can be difficult, especially when they have rude customers. That’s why to them, being especially friendly can have its perks. It is known that showing kindness to each other can help build a good rapport and it means you’re more likely to get help.

If you make friends with the staff at your local store, chances are, they might be able to give you discounts, tell you when sales will happen, or even reserve hard-to-get stock for you. Simple banter and jokes at the check-out counter or while you are fitting can make the world of a difference. Be sure to always be genuinely nice to these workers and they may return the favor.

Join an online community

Another way you can gain an advantage when buying shoes is to join an online shoe community. Joining a network of enthusiasts can help you get useful information like leads on where to buy rare shoes, where to get discounts, and how to tell whether something you bought is authentic or not.

This especially holds true in communities for sneakerheads that have membership benefits, as novices can ask questions while long-time members offer their help. Some exclusive groups also gain access to early releases or special offers due to their membership, making it extremely advantageous if you want to invest in a pair that continues to pay off in the future.

Choose quality over quantity

There are many relatively cheap shoe options available on the market right now. For those who want to buy a pair simply to get by, then there’s no harm in getting them. But if you are looking to wear your shoes for a while, it may be ideal to go for something you know is of high quality even if it is a bit pricier.

Good footwear is typically more expensive due to the quality of materials and the craftsmanship put into creating it. As much as possible, when buying a new pair of shoes, check what kind of work went into making it rather than looking at its price tag. Not only will this help you save in the long term, you will also have something to wear for years to come.

Keep track of your measurements

It’s no secret that the sizes between different stores and regions can vary vastly. Though it is ideal to try on the shoes you will buy, sometimes you can’t, like when you are shopping online. This is where knowing your measurements can come in handy.

You can simply check the shop’s size chart and rest easy knowing you bought something that can fit. To measure your foot size, all you need to do is trace your foot while on a flat surface and get the length of your heel to your longest toe. You can keep a note on your phone of the measurement so you can easily convert it when you are shopping online.

Final Thoughts

Remember that buying shoes should always be seen as an investment in yourself, so getting a good pair is important. If you are friendly to staff and join online communities, you might be able to save or even get your hands on something you’ve always wanted. These are just a few tips you can use the next time you want to treat yourself to a new pair of shoes.