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7 Luxurious Men’s Sheepskin Jackets that You’ll Wear Everywhere

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Sheepskin jackets for men are timeless, iconic, and built to last. Make an impression with these best-selling pieces!

The best sheepskin jacket for men has a way of making anyone look effortlessly cool. It’s the main reason why this icon of military clothing has found itself featured on the cover of the best men’s clothing websites every year.

They add an unmistakable aura of confidence and flyboy cool that everyone likes, plus it’s also one of those high-fashion garments that lets everyone know you have a taste for refined things in life.

Sheepskin Jackets for Men

Sheepskin jackets for men are long-term investments that its lucky wearers cherish and regularly use as seasons come and go. These luxurious pieces of clothing are an ideal winter companion that keeps you warm and cozy even during the coldest of days. But they’re also incredibly versatile and easy-to-combine garments you can comfortably wear during fall.

All it takes is a pair of black or navy blue jeans, plus an assort of lightweight monochromatic or flannel shirts you can get from the best online stores for men, and you’re all set to go.

This list of luxurious and high-quality sheepskin jackets comes with attitude, style, and affordable prices that fit most budgets. Without further ado, here’s the best of the best for you!

The Overland Men’s Sheepskin Bomber Jacket

sheepskin jacket for men 1Source: Overland
The Overland Sheepskin Bomber jacket is a rugged and stylish addition to any man’s wardrobe.

The Overland Sheepskin Bomber Jacket is one of the best men’s sheepskin jackets due to its polished aesthetic and high-performance materials. This sheepskin jacket pays homage to the army-issued shearling jackets that saved WWII airmen from high altitude frostbite.

The Overland design team understands that the key to cold-weather outfits is layering, so they manufacture this stunning jacket with an insulation layer made from soft, genuine sheepskin. This naturally hypoallergenic fabric wicks away any moisture from your body, keeping you warm and comfortable during subzero temperatures.

Furthermore, the Overland Sheepskin Bomber Jacket features a sturdy water-resistant Nappa finish that breaks wind currents in any outdoor outing. This aviator sheepskin jacket also comes with a detachable hood that offers additional protection against severe cold weather, delivering unbeatable function and enduring style to your wardrobe.

The Airin G-1 Leather Sheepskin Jacket

sheepskin jacket for men 2Source: The Jacket Maker
The Airin G-1 can be custom ordered to your size at a great price.

The Airin G-1 Leather Bomber Jacket by The Jacket Maker is also considered one of the top men’s sheepskin jackets for this year. If you’re looking for a classic piece of clothing, this leather sheepskin jacket brings you a vintage Hollywood aesthetic that reminisces James Dean’s biker days.

The Airin G-1 is crafted from premium sheepskin to withstand freezing temperatures as well as milder weather, allowing frequent usage beyond the winter season. This year-long addition to your wardrobe will always feel warm and comfortable thanks to its soft organic fabric and incredible sweat-wicking capabilities.

This sheepskin jacket for men comes with a genuine leather shell that works as an outer protective layer that serves as the first line of defense against cold winds. The soft sheep fur then acts as a breathable fabric layer that passively dissipates moisture and trapped air.

Last but not least, this men’s leather sheepskin jacket features aged brass hardware, a sturdy zip-front closure, two hand-warming pockets, an interior zip pocket, and adjustable buckled side tabs that work together for maximum convenience.

The Polo Ralph Lauren Sheepskin Jacket for Men

sheepskin jacket for men 3Source: Ralph Lauren
Polo Ralph Lauren is a brand lauded by its high-quality, fashionable clothing collections.

The Polo Ralph Lauren Shearling Bomber Jacket is one of the best sheepskin jackets for men for this year. Few pieces of outerwear are quite as comfortable and handsome as this Ralph Lauren jacket.

This timeless heavyweight is modeled after the original WWII shearling jackets that kept allied bomber crews warm in unpressurized cabins at more than 30,000 feet above sea level. However, it distinguishes itself from other aviator sheepskin jackets by featuring a light brown finish that mimics wore-down leather, beautifully matching any neutral-colored casual outfit.

Lastly, it’s worth mentioning that its high neck design works as a built-in neck warmer, extending its protection up to your face line against glacial winter winds.

The Francis B-3 Sheepskin Jacket

sheepskin jacket for men 4Source: The Jacket Maker
The Francis B-3 features an iconic design that takes inspiration from Marlon Brando’s midcentury style.

The Francis B-3 is another beautiful handmade product from The Jacket Maker, and it’s one of the sheepskin jackets for men of all ages. The Francis B-3 is a protective garment that showcases obsessive attention to detail.

The Jacket Maker uses exclusive materials on all of its clothing pieces, and the Francis B-3 is no exception to the rule. This model displays full-grain natural leather, YKK Zippers, polyester lining, and organic sheepskin in its inner layer to maximize the leather sheepskin jacket durability and insulation performance for many years.

You can also supply the brand’s customer service department with your measures to guarantee you get a high-quality product that perfectly fits your body. This level of care and detail makes the Francis B-3 one of the best sheepskin jackets for men.

The 7 For All Mankind Aviator Sheepskin Jacket

sheepskin jacket for men 5Source: 7 for All Mankind
Nail the airman aesthetic without spending a fortune with this army-inspired sheepskin jacket.

The Military Sheepskin Jacket is an aviator sheepskin jacket that adds a manly and casual aesthetic to your wardrobe. This army-inspired jacket features a classic design with a zippered arm pocket for comfort, convenience, and plenty of style.

Its 96% Polyester and 4% Spandex outer layer make it lightweight and sturdy enough extended use. 7 For All Mankind focused on creating a quality and comfortable shearling collar jacket that changes the classic shearling bomber design for a lightweight adjusted fit that warms the body.

This men’s sheepskin bomber jacket is functional and stylish enough to combine with your favorite sneakers and jeans for a smart-casual look, making it a perfect addition to your streetwear wardrobe and everyday outfits alike.

The Sandro Paris Sheepskin Bomber Jacket

sheepskin jacket for men 6Source: Farfetch
The Sandro Paris Bomber Jacket features an elegant compact sheepskin black collar and a convenient fastening system.

The Sandro Paris Sheepskin Bomber Jacket is one of the best sheepskin jackets for men due to its sleek, elegant design and classy black sheepskin collar. With a slimmer design version than classic sheepskin jackets, it replaces the natural fur with 100% cotton as their inner insulation layer.

This insulating garment is perfect for cold days and evenings, as it’s lightweight and comfortable enough to go with regular cotton dress shirts. This men’s sheepskin jacket goes well with turned-up jeans, plain tees, and your favorite trainers, allowing you to create almost endless outfit combinations for a night downtown.

The Mango Suede Sheepskin Bomber Jacket

sheepskin jacket for men 7Source: Mango
This Mango Bomber Jacket has a refined feel that makes it perfect for upscale events and parties.

The Mango Suede Sheepskin Bomber Jacket is part of our best sheepskin jacket for men review. The top-notch fabric blend simultaneously offers unrivaled mobility and next-level protection from cold weather.

The Mango bomber jacket has a classic sheepskin-inspired design that makes it a stylish and practical winter coat. The faux shearling collar and 100% suede leather design project a luxurious aesthetic that adds elegance and warmth to any outfit combination.

On top of its stylish aesthetic, the Mango Sheepskin Bomber Jacket is naturally water-resistant, making it a great clothing piece to protect yourself during rainy weather. Due to its many pros, this modern take of a classic sheepskin jacket is one of the best sheepskin jackets for men to complement their wardrobe.


Men’s sheepskin jackets embody luxury, versatility, and comfort. Whether it’s an aviator or a bomber sheepskin jacket, these pieces have a way of remaining fashionable year after year.

The design is sophisticated yet manly, luxurious yet durable, and it perfectly represents what it is to have good taste and the attitude to wear it.