Best Rimless Sunglasses

The 15 Best Rimless Sunglasses for Everyday Use

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Add minimalist sophistication to your outfits with the best rimless sunglasses for this year!

The best rimless sunglasses stand at the top of the eyewear designs pyramid. They’re highly underrated accessories that project sophistication and considerable style at fantastic prices.

Instead of a traditional bulky frame, these accessories come with two temples and a nose bridge to keep your lenses locked in place. The design ensures that your natural features stand out for an overall clean and sober look.

People who use thick frames, on the other hand, often find their faces visually overwhelming. Sometimes, their naturally thick eyebrows or facial hair mess up their overall face symmetry and make them look unattractive. A pair of frameless sunglasses stands as an easy fix to this problem, allowing you to look your best at all times.

The Best Rimless Sunglasses

The best rimless sunglasses are lightweight, fashionable, and instantly make your entire ensemble look expensive. But they’re not just bold fashion statements: they’re also protective eyewear you should wear as often as you can.

The sun’s UV rays, sand, wind, dust, and even snow can cause all sorts of injuries and diseases to your eyes. Most people are unaware that regular exposure to UV rays can cause cataracts, macular degeneration, and even abnormal tissue growth around the eye! Thankfully, the best rimless sunglasses instantly prevent all of these issues. Plus, they keep your cornea scratch-free thanks to their protective lenses all at once.

Rimless sunglasses also combine minimalism, style, and practicality all at once. They dramatically cut down on glare and allow you to distinguish colors better than you usually could. Those who suffer from migraines can avoid two widespread triggers: bright lights and reflections, making frameless sunglasses an essential part of our daily outfit.

Today, we’ve rounded up the best rimless sunglasses for this year. We’ve looked for designer sunglasses that double as protective eyewear that keeps you safe from the elements and other diseases. These models are a must-have for anyone with an eye for fashion (pun intended) and stand as the ultimate gift for friends and family!

The JULI Sports Brown sunglasses

Best Rimless Sunglasses 1Source: Juli Sports
Keep harmful UV rays at bay with these modern JULI rimless shades.

The JULI Sports brown sunglasses keep your face sharp and clean with their modern and compact design. These brown sunglasses come with a TR90 elastic material on their legs and bridge that keeps them light and durable for years to come. The JULI Sports brown sunglasses also come with a UVB ray protection coating to keep your eyes protected from sunlight at all times.

These sophisticated shades are also the best rimless sunglasses to pair with tapered blue jeans, some brown suede Chelsea boots, and your favorite neutral-colored dress shirts. We also recommend wearing the JULI rimless sunglasses with wooden wristwatches of a similar tone to add some extra style points to your summer outfits.

The Hycredi Traditional Rectangle Rimless Sunglasses

Best Rimless Sunglasses 3Source: Hycredi
The Hycredi Teal and Black combo come at a bargain price, each shade including a protective microfiber bag and its own cleaning cloth!

The Hycredi Combo of traditional rectangle rimless sunglasses turns even the most casual outfits into super-fashionable attires. These stylish sunglasses expand your vision with their 2000s-era wide design and keep your eyes protected with a UV400 lens coating.

These pop-artist shades stand as one of the best rimless sunglasses to round up stylish summer outfits. We recommend pairing these traditional rectangle rimless sunglasses with relaxed white t-shirts, slim-fit cotton pants, and canvas sneakers to stay elegant and comfortable as you enjoy some fresh air at the beach.

What’s more, the Hycredi aren’t your typical cheap and flimsy shades. These rimless sunglasses are made from durable metal hinges and legs, allowing you to store them inside your car’s glove compartment for some last-minute UV ray protection and a considerable fashion boost.

The Sugar Beach Maui Jim Rimless Sunglasses

Best Rimless Sunglasses 9Source: Maui Jim
These polarized lenses boost colors sharpness and contrast to new levels!

The Sugar Beach Aviators take the top-gun look to new heights with a super resistant, lightweight design that only Maui Jim can deliver.

These rimless sunglasses are the perfect eyewear piece for oval-shaped faces, softening sharp facial features, pronounced cheeks, and square jaws with the shades rounded, timeless design.

Furthermore, these Maui Jim rimless sunglasses add modernity and style to the aviator look by eliminating an overall metallic structure around their UV protection lenses. Thanks to the light-as-a-feather, nylon polycarbonate structure of these rimless shades, you’ll enjoy a super comfortable eyewear piece that always accents your natural appeal with a trendy, less noticeable frame.

The Costa Del Mar Rimless Sunglasses For Men

Best Rimless Sunglasses 6Source: Costa del Mar
Enjoy an easy day on the coast with these bio-based, lightweight shades.

The Costa del Mar Ballast is one of the best rimless sunglasses for outdoor enthusiasts who love sturdy and aesthetic eyewear. These rimless shades feature sturdy TR90 nylon temples, bridge, and nose pad structures that keep you light and sharp on your journeys.

The shades’ thermoplastic material turns these stylish rimless sunglasses into impact-resistant, protective eyewear that you can take on hikes and fishing trips without a care in the world.

Perfect for hiking, boat & fishing trips, driving your bicycle, or clearing your mind during some much-needed jogging, the Ballast rimless sunglasses for men not only exceed everyone’s expectations in durability: they also perfectly complement any casual and sporty outfit of your liking!

The LKEYE Square Rimless Sunglasses

Best Rimless Sunglasses 2Source: LKEye
Use these LKEYE rimless shades alongside black leather pants to get that Neo-Parisian high-fashion look!

The LKEYE Special Shades are one of the coolest square rimless sunglasses you can find. The retro flat frame on these rimless shades complements eccentric urban outfits and breezy beach ensembles alike, making them a popular choice for this year.

These avant-garde rimless sunglasses come with a UV protective coating that keeps your eyes safe during long drives to the beach. The sturdy and lightweight metal arms feel surprisingly comfortable, and their visor-style design effortlessly expands your field of view.

The Sojos Vision Square Shape Sunglasses

Best Rimless Sunglasses 7Source: Sojos
The Sojos Vision match with just about any outfit, making it a popular choice for this year.

The Sojos Vision square shape sunglasses are stylish, reliable, and will quickly become part of your daily essentials. These polarized lenses come with a state-of-the-art UV protection coating and a unique polygon structure that weighs less than 0.09 pounds.

The Sojo square shape sunglasses are also notoriously versatile and effortlessly adapt to all face shapes. You can have chubby cheeks or pronounced cheekbones, and these shades will still make you look sharp and more attractive. You can match these with monochrome jackets or regular t-shirts, while ladies can combine these with white tanks, skinnies, and beige cardigans for a classy look.

The Hikima Pink Rectangle Sunglasses

Best Rimless Sunglasses 8Source: Hikima
The Sturdy Hikimas add vaporwave aesthetics to your casual outfits.

The Maui Jim Hikina stands as one of the best rimless sunglasses for outdoor workout enthusiasts that need a fashionable look. These pink rectangle sunglasses feature a special mirror coating that merges vaporwave style with the brands’ superior clarity and color enhancement lens technology.

The Hikina MAUI Sunrise pink and magenta color also makes them the best rimless sunglasses to go along with black dry-fit workout shirts and Capri joggers. Ladies can match these with a trendy black top plus a cute pink tank shirt underneath.

What’s more, the Hikina keeps your eyes protected from UVA and UVB rays, increasing depth and definition so you can see what’s coming on the road, trail, or water. Last but not least, these pink rimless sunglasses also withstand tough outdoor workouts thanks to Maui Jim’s trademark impact and scratch resistance design.

The Akau Sport Black Rimless Shades

Best Rimless Sunglasses 10Source: Maui Jim
These Maui Jim shades come with an improved nose pad design that favors better airflow and a better grip.

Thanks to a modern frameless design, the Akau Sport black rimless shades enhance natural features. These Maui Jim rimless sunglasses can make your face appear longer and thinner, adding some of that attractive symmetry that we all love.

These black rimless sunglasses give you the best of each world. It eliminates glare without dimming natural light, and it boosts color sharpness while blocking all harmful UV rays and any tech displays’ blue light.

The Akau is also one of the best rimless sunglasses to round up white sleeve shirts and beige chinos. Black polarized lenses create the perfect combination between neutral-colored outfits, as their timeless appeal for a sharp yet laid-back look that’s perfect for everyday errands, going out for lunch, or enjoying a nice weather day at your local park.

The MLC Techno Rectangle Rimless Sunglasses

Best Rimless Sunglasses 4Source: MLC
The MLC’s party sunglasses add a fash of fun and futuristic style to your spring break parties!

Party hard with the MLC Techno rectangle rimless sunglasses while keeping your sight protected with a UV 400 protection visor designed to fit your face curvature. These rimless sunglasses are the perfect gift for a friend who loves spring break boat parties, electronic music events or putting together cool-looking college party outfits.

The MLC techno rimless sunglasses are the perfect gift for a friend who loves spring break boat parties, concerts, and raves! The UV 400 protection visor adds that much-needed protection while its unique rectangle design helps you stand out from the crowd during those day-long raves under the sun.

The MLC embraces the “life of the party” style with its lightweight wraparound design. However, we still recommend adding these barely noticeable straps so you can jump, swim, dance, or do any outdoor activity without messing up your party shades!

The Coast Smoke Vintage Rimless Sunglasses

Best Rimless Sunglasses 16Source: Giant Vintage
The Monaco Prix retro fashion comes to life once more with these Coast Smoke originals!

The Coast Smoke vintage rimless sunglasses add a dash of originality and retro style to your outfits. These designer sunglasses come at an incredible bargain price and guarantees long-term protection from damaging UV rays.

Vintage aviator frames are among the safest choices from a fashion perspective since they’ve remained popular since World War 2. Flattering for all face shapes, the Coast Smoke rimless sunglasses reminisce the rugged yet sophisticated flair of 1970’s Formula 1 pilots, adding flair and glamour to dressy and casual outfits alike.

What’s more, these manly vintage rimless sunglasses have polarized, scratch-resistant lenses that cover your entire eyes. This design ensures maximum glare and sun blockage, making it an excellent choice for casual drivers that appreciate quality fashion and great prices.

The JIM HALO Rimless Mirrored Sunglasses

Best Rimless Sunglasses 12Source: Jim Halo
The JIM HALO green and pink sunglasses are must-have accessories for this year.

The JIM HALO rimless mirrored sunglasses add an undeniable fashion appeal to your outfits. They offer unique reflective color options such as platinum, forest green, and rose gold. Each presentation comes with state-of-the-art UV light protection.

Mirrored sunglasses feature lenses with a reflective coating that emulate colored two-way mirrors. This neat design conceals your eyes from the rest, and it offers strangers and onlookers that look your way nothing but their reflection.

The stylish thin metal front shielding of the JIM HALO’s makes them one of the best rimless sunglasses for sunny days, summer activities, and long trips. They’re lightweight, stylish, and incredibly discrete, keeping you comfortable and safe from nasty glares and UV rays.

The Saint Laurent 309 Rimless Designer Sunglasses

Best Rimless Sunglasses 13Source: Saint Laurent
These SL 309 Rimless sunglasses from Saint Laurent have an Aviator-style frame with a narrow double bridge.

These Saint Laurent 309 rimless designer sunglasses are high-end eyewear pieces that perfectly match professional attires. These high-quality rimless shades feature an innovative six-layer anti-reflection lens treatment that eliminates reflections and glare, maximizing contrast and providing a more vivid texture of everything in sight.

Yves Saint Laurent is a world-renowned French luxury fashion house that offers designer accessories to those bold enough to stand out from the crowd. The 309 rimless designer sunglasses are the ideal daytime luxury accessory for dressy outfits, Caribbean trips, or weekends at the coast with the in-laws.

The Frigate Brown Rimless Sunglasses

Best Rimless Sunglasses 14Source: Maui Jim
Get a brighter outlook on life with the Frigate polarized rimless sunglasses from Maui Jim!

The Maui Jim Frigates are equally sporty and manly brown rimless sunglasses that every frequent traveler should carry in their luggage. These rimless shades look exceptionally well with summer attires such as navy crew neck t-shirts and beige capri pants, keeping you stylish and elegant during hot vacation days and sunny touring activities.

The Frigate brown rimless sunglasses are built with the best quality lens technology, allowing you to see your surroundings (and colors) sharp and clear while driving or taking the boat for a spin.

The Maui Jim rimless sunglasses also come with a lightweight frame that gently rests on your face and next-level UV protection for those day-long trips down the coast.

The Flawless Elite Brown Square Sunglasses

Best Rimless Sunglasses 15Source: Flawless Eyewear
These stylish sunglasses eliminate glare and haze for better views.

The Flawless Elite brown square sunglasses are the perfect Father’s Day gift for dads who need to update their style. They also come with superb UV ray protection and a lightweight frame to keep it all together.

If you’re looking for a pair of adventure-ready sunglasses that can take a beating, look great, and won’t break the bank, go for the Flawless Elite squared aviator sunglasses. On top of offering the best bank for your buck, these rimless and brown square sunglasses provide UV400 protection against both UVA and UVB radiation.

Put on a fresh t-shirt and some slip-resistant slippers, and you’re all set for sunny family trips! Plus, the Flawless Eyewear’s online store makes it super easy for you to pick from multiple exciting lens color options to suit every summer attire.

The FONHCOO Square Rimless Glasses

Best Rimless Sunglasses 5Source: FONHCOO
Keep your eyes fatigue-free with these multipurpose rimless glasses.

The Versatile FONHCOO square rimless glasses bring the best blue light blocking technology to protect your eyes while working on your computer, enjoying your tablet, or watching your favorite shows at night! You can even tint this stylish model with a trusted third-party service and turn them into super stylish sunglasses.

These square rimless glasses come with a lightweight, frameless design that expands your field of vision and reduces eye strain during long workdays.

What’s more, you can also add a prescription formula to FONHCOO and make them your go-to eyewear for studying and gaming sessions. These rimless glasses help you make the most out of your productive hours and actively make your workdays feel shorter.


The best rimless sunglasses are one of the best gifts for this year. Many of these designer sunglasses come with fantastic price tags worth buying in pairs because they offer the gift of long-term health and style all at once. They also look expensive, so you can feel free to flaunt how generous you are without digging deep into your pockets!

Rimless sunglasses also allow your features to be in the spotlight, which is great for guys with a strong jawline or abundant facial hair. These lightweight and durable accessories are guaranteed to make a massive difference in your wardrobe and health in the long term!