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The Best Parkour Shoes for Everyday Use

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All parkour veterans agree on one thing: without the right parkour shoes, you’re risking injury and poor performance, no matter the circuit.

Parkour is an extreme sport: one that requires complete mastery over your body and your surroundings. Executing maneuvers that defy physics requires significant strength and agility, but even basic vaulting and sprinting demands technique and above-average endurance!

This challenging but incredibly rewarding sport also requires gear that matches your enthusiasm and technique. The best parkour shoes are an essential piece of your loadout that will help you reach new heights while keeping you safe from nasty injuries.

The Best Parkour Shoes

When it comes to parkour shoes, choosing models with the right soles for you is critical. The sole determine shock absorption levels, grip capacity, durability, and overall balance.

The best parkour shoes feature a one-piece sole design. Shoes that come with two soles glued together decrease shock absorption and increase the risk of injury, making them less than ideal from a performance standpoint. Shoes with more than one sole also tend to tear off during challenging landings, so they’re also subpar in terms of durability.

The thickness of your soles is another factor to consider. Each level of thickness comes with pros and cons.

Thin soles generally come with a better grip, but they lack shock absorption. They’re also flexible but tend to wear off faster than thicker models if you continuously use them. Many pros regard thin sole shoes as the best parkour shoes, but they’re also at a level of technique and strength that surpasses most people out there.

Medium-thick soles come with a superb balance between durability, shock absorption, and grip. They’re widely regarded as good parkour shoes because they adapt incredibly well to most circuits and protect traceurs from hard drops and impacts.

Shoes with thick soles are more durable and effectively shield your joints and back due to their increased shock absorption. But they also lack grip and overall flexibility, which tends to be a deal-breaker for experienced traceurs that prioritize balance and grip above all.

Today we’ve hand-picked the best parkour shoes for this year in terms of design, grip, shock-absorption, balance, price, and durability to make sure you get the best of the best!

Super Grip Adidas Parkour Shoes

best parkour shoes 1Source: Adidas
The SloraGlides ST3 is super-responsive, delivering incredible energy returns.

The Adidas Solarglide ST3 shoes combine balance, top-notch support, and a stylish modern design. The ST3 excels in precision landing thanks to their springy three-quarter-length boost midsole and their Continental rubber outsole profile, making it one of the best parkour shoes for this year. Their extra layer of firmer foam and super stylish design makes it a bestseller amongst male and female traceurs alike!

Take Fight 1.0: Tailor-Made for Parkour and Freerunning

best parkour shoes 2Source: Take Flight
The Take Flight models offer outstanding traction and flexibility.

Widely regarded as one of the best free running shoes today, the Take Flights 1.0 are also a favorite amongst parkour veterans. The iconic parkour brand decided to release a model that added streetwear flair to a performance-driven free running shoe design.

The Take Flight 1.0 feature a thin sole with a flexible mesh that moves with your foot, allowing you to grasp edges and rails much better than you would with thicker sole shoes. These parkour shoes also offer incredible traction, making them great for all-around training and casual use.

Tried and True: The Nike Internationalist Shoes

best parkour shoes 3Source: Nike
The Nike Internationalist makes any training easier thanks to their versatility.

Nike’s Internationalists are one of those wonderfully designed parkour shoes that remain popular regardless of time. Their sole’s medium thickness offers an excellent compromise between flexibility, traction, and durability. Their ergonomic-focused design provides superb shock absorption against hard drops and rough landings, ensuring your feet stay injury and pain-free at all times.

FLOW 2.0: Stylish and Effective

best parkour shoes 4Source: Jiyo
The FLOW 2.0 shoe is specially designed for parkour and freerunning.

Jiyo’s improved FLOW 2.0 parkour shoes come as a welcomed surprise for traceurs and free runners alike. The Flow 2.0 comes with a one-of-a-kind shoe arc design that shields you from injuries, loss of balance, and moisture accumulations.

The grade-A high abrasion rubber and shock-absorbing PU foam sole makes the Flow 2.0 one of those most durable and shock-absorbent parkour shoes out there as well. No doubt, one of the best parkour shoes in terms of style and protective design.

Storror Tens 2.0: Effective and Trendy

best parkour shoes 5Source: Storror
The Storror Tens 2.0 is one of the best parkour shoes today.

The Storror Tens 2.0 is, hands down, one of the best parkour shoes for impact scenarios. These parkour shoes come with a neoprene fabric wrap that keeps your feet comfortable and flexible, allowing you to nail those tough landings!

The medium-thick, one-piece rubber sole design allows you to absorb impacts without compromising balance and grip during challenging circuits. The white print accents, black laces, and black & off black layers also make the Tens 2.0 an easy-to-combine, modern footwear that you can use for casual occasions if needed.


Having good parkour shoes that adapt to your profile, preferences, and level of experience is extremely important. The right shoes will not only elevate your performance but will also actively shield you from nasty injuries that can be avoided by using the best parkour gear.

Our review team prioritized flexibility, comfort, and safety above all else. These models adapt to various skill levels and grips to ensure that parkour veterans and enthusiasts alike have the best gear available. We hope our selection helps you smash your goals for this year!