The Best North Face Jackets

12 North Face Winter Jackets to Keep you Warm and Stylish

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Need a high-performance jacket you can take anywhere you go? The best North Face winter jackets offer style and next-level insulation all at once!

The best North Face winter jackets combine cutting-edge technology with iconic designs that even celebrities adore.

The brand has exploded in popularity over the last few years, and it’s partially because of its team’s innovative approach towards outdoor wear. But the design department at The North Face has also adapted this state-of-the-art technology into pieces that took the fashion world by surprise.

The Best North Face Jackets

The North Face has a straightforward process behind each of its creations. They work closely with renowned athletes (such as Coree Woltering, Ashima Shiraishi, and Fernanda Maciel), take their feedback, and create revolutionary outdoor gear designed to protect and elevate their performance to new heights.

Then, their design team modifies these creations to create fashionable and iconic designs that take streetwear apparel to a whole new level. The Best North Face Jackets today are status clothing that their owners proudly wear to any occasion.

The North Face Puffy Jacket

The Best North Face Jackets 1Source: The North Face
The 1996 Retry Nuptse proves you don’t need a hoodie to stay warm during winter.

The 1996 Retro Nuptse is the North Face Puffy Jacket that’ll help you weather the coldest winter thanks to its Goose Down fill and stowable hood.

This jacket serves outdoor enthusiasts with The North Face 700 Fill down superb layering technology, featuring a high warmth-to-weight ratio that keeps you perfectly insulated from the cold. Furthermore, this North Face Puffy Jacket is also a lightweight, wind and water-resistant garment that keeps you comfortable during snowy or rainy days.

The Best North Face Jackets 2Source: The North Face
This puffy jacket is surprisingly easy to pack, saving you lots of space in your luggage.

Despite its puffy design, The North Face engineered the Retro Nupset so you could pack it into one of its pockets, making it the ideal space-saving companion for travel and road trips.

Puffy jackets with oversized sleeves are trending this year, making appearances on runways and fashion collections in Europe and the U.S. Hence the 1996 Retro Nupset can be a high-quality, stylish addition to your wardrobe.

The Gray North Face Jacket

The Best North Face Jackets 5Source: The North Face
This modern North Face jacket will keep you warm and cozy in any scenario.

The upgraded Men’s Denali 2 is the gray North Face jacket to go for this winter due to its cozy polyester fleece and dressy streetwear aesthetic. This relaxed-fit jacket stacks several lofted fiber sheets to create additional thermal air pockets.

The North Face Polyester fleece is a highly breathable fabric that allows you to stay dry and comfortable in outdoor and indoor scenarios. If you’re in college, this gray North Face jacket will make you feel as cozy as home as you hit the books, and if you plan on going to the beach during class breaks, this Gray North Face Jacket is the perfect, stylish garment to enjoy the coast.

The Delani 2 also features underarm vents that passively dissipate body heat during jogs, as well as two spacious chest pockets that keep your essentials secure. Besides, whenever you want discreetly listen to some music, its left-hand pocket has an earbud exit slot (with a loop to tuck them through on the collar!), so you can comfortably zone out to your favorite tunes.

The Best North Face Winter Jacket

The Best North Face Jackets 6Source: The North Face
The Eco-Snow Triclimate showcases quality materials and superior craftsmanship.

The ThermoBall Eco-Snow Triclimate is hands down the best North Face winter jacket at the moment. This versatile jacket features an all-encompassing modern design that not only addresses the needs of skiers and snowboarders but is also fashionable enough for everyday use.

As its name states, the jacket uses The North Face PrimaLoft synthetic fiber as its inner insulation layer, which arranges the textile filaments in clusters that trap heat within small air pockets, keeping you warm, dry, and comfortable in any scenario.

The ThermoBall Eco-Snow Triclimate showcases a helmet-compatible fixed hood and an inner goggle pocket for some epic days at the mountaintop. Coupled with its wind-breaking design and waterproof zips, it’s no wonder this model is considered the best North Face Winter Jacket ever made.

Its Three in one design also includes underarm vents that use North Face Dry-vent 2L technology, keeping you free of moisture during intense physical activity. Furthermore, the Eco-Snow comes with the North Face classic powder skirt that prevents snow from seeping above your waistline when hit the slopes.

On top of everything else, the Eco-Snow Triclimate also happens to be one of the most stylish pieces in the North Face catalog. The Eco can also be used as a do-it-all, stylish performance jacket that takes any streetwear outfit to the next level, making it a must-have model for this year.

The North Face Snow Jacket

The Best North Face Jackets 4Source: The North Face
Live your life to the fullest with the Superlu and its many alpine-ready features.

The Superlu is one of those gorgeous The North Face Snow Jackets that snowboarders, skiers, and techwear fans love.

When it comes to features, utility is the name of the game. Few other jackets fulfill their wearer’s needs as much as this North Face Snow Jacket. The Superlu is carefully engineered with a waterproof and breathable DryVent™ 2L shell, keeping you dry and protected in cold weather environments with lots of snow and dense ice fogs.

Besides its superb insulation, this alpine-ready jacket features two underarm vents that prevent sweat from building up. The strategically-placed powder skirt also keeps snow from creeping up your back while snowboarding or skiing. Furthermore, its hook-and-loop cuff tabs allow for a tight fit around your wrist for that next-level insulation that you need.

Lastly, it’s also worth mentioning that the Superlu showcases a secure-zip chest pocket with a media port that lets you enjoy some music as you live your life to the fullest.

The Red North Face Jacket

The Best North Face Jackets 7Source: The North Face
If you’re looking for a reliable jacket you can take for grocery runs as well as hikes, look no further than the eye-catchy Retro Mountain Futurelight.

The Retro Mountain Futurelight is the perfect red North Face Jacket for mild outdoor and vacation outings alike. This eye-catching and functional clothing piece introduces vibrant colors to your streetwear outfits and some much-needed weather protection.

The jacket’s slim cut and retro style come with an abrasion-resistant and water repellent 3L Nylon fabric that keeps up with an adventurous lifestyle. You’ll feel as snug as if you’re in a sleeping bag as this Red North Face jacket breaks blustering winds thanks to its outer insulation layer and waterproof fabric.

The Retro Mountain Futurelight jacket showcases an adaptable hoodie and an adjustable bungee waist that contours to your figure. Additionally, its three-pocket zip system provides protection and ample storage for your everyday essentials.

The Yellow North Face Jacket

The Best North Face Jackets 8Source: The North Face
The TKA Kataka Jacket is the perfect lightweight spring pullover.

The TKA Kataka Jacket is a highly breathable, lightweight fleece that is easy to layer over. The jacket cut is athletic and accommodating to wide-set shoulders. It also offers a superior range of motion for unrestricted overhead movements, making it an ideal choice for climbers, hikers, or skiers.

This fleece jacket’s lightweight and breathable design makes it great for workouts and athletic activities during windy days and chilly nights. This model is perfect for athletes that need insulation from the elements and unmatched flexibility.

The Best North Face Jackets 9Source: The North Face
The North Face warm color dyes add vibrance and personality to any outfit.

This yellow North Face jacket is also available in Arrowood Yellow and five other colors: Balsam Green, Tradewinds Grey, Black, and Tin Grey. All in all, this is a high-quality fleece that you can combine with the best athletic shorts for stylish workout apparel.

The Black North Face Jacket

The Best North Face Jackets 3Source: The North Face
This Stretch Down Jacket will keep you sheltered and comfy in any outdoor adventure.

The Women Stretch Down Jacket is one of the best Black North Face Jackets you can find for outdoor adventures. This slim-fit jacket is a highly convenient clothing piece that will keep you warm and protected during chilly hikes.

Featuring North Face trademark 700 Goose Down Fill, the lofty Stretch Down jacket repels water droplets and ice fog, keeping your upper body sheltered against adverse weather conditions. Additionally, this reliable coat comes with Internal elastic-bound cuffs and a hem cinch-cord for a tight fit at wrist and waist levels.

Nocturnal hikers will be pleased to know that this piece is also available in a vibrant Maui Blue finish. Depending on your hiking habits and lifestyle, some reflective gear could come in handy. It’s safe to say that this North Face Black Jacket is an excellent gift for that special lady in your life!

The Navy Blue North Face Jacket

The Best North Face Jackets 10Source: The North Face
The North Face Resolve 2 serves as lightweight weather protection for hiking trips and kayaking.

This Navy Blue North Face Jacket isn’t just another casual, lightweight garment for rainy days: it also serves as a comfortable 3-layer coat that maximizes airflow on your upper body. The latter is a North Face trademark technology that filters heat and moisture away amidst low-temperature climates, making the Resolve 2 a reliable high-elevation winter shell.

Designed for cold and windy weather, the Resolve 2 features fleece fabric around its neck area for additional comfort. Even though the North Face Resolve 2 excels as a mountain jacket for non-winter seasons, its minimalist design gives it the modern aesthetic that techwear enthusiasts love, making it a stylish streetwear addition to your wardrobe.

The North Face Down Jacket

The Best North Face Jackets 11Source: The North Face
The Men Stretch Down Jacket offers warmth and style throughout the year.

The Stretch Down Jacket is a modern-style puffy that features North Face 700-fill down technology for unmatched warmth-to-weight ratio and compressibility. The jacket generates a heat shield that encases your upper body without the added weight and movement restriction often presented by the oversized winter coats of the past.

This North Face Down Jacket allows you to move faster and more confidently when climbing up a mountain or gliding slopes. It offers plenty of warmth and enough wiggle room on your shoulders, allowing you to take on challenging hikes while looking great. Plus, you can pack this jacket in its own pocket ahead of a weekend trip!

The North Face 550 Jacket

The Best North Face Jackets 12Source: The North Face
The HMLYN Down Parka servers as a ski-ready performance coat or a fashionable après jacket, depending on the day.

The North Face HMLYIN Down Parka is the result of reengineering their classic Himalayan Down Jacket. It combines its high-elevation clothing capabilities with Europe’s trendy street-level fashion.

What was once the North Face 550 Jacket is now a 600-goose fill coat that will help you stay dry and stoked in any cold-weather scenario. The HMLYN is made with recycled materials, creating a heavyweight synthetic insulation layer that delivers a toasty, comforting feel in frigid conditions. Plus, its outer-layer windproof panels deflect windchills with ease.

This eco-friendly protective garment isn’t only an outstanding choice for outdoor enthusiasts, but its urban sophistication also blends form and function to make you look good on the street.

The North Face Lightweight Jacket

The Best North Face Jackets 13Source: The North Face
This lightweight jacket is perfect for the average hiker and backpacker.

This North Face lightweight jacket endures the test of time thanks to its durable 100% Polyester Woven fabric. This coat also features a DWR (durable water repellent) coating that steadily sheds water over time, making it perfect for rainy days.

The Men’s Venture 2 features the North Face DryVent technology, a process that arrays Nylon (and other materials) to be fully waterproof, windproof, and breathable. Each multi-layered textile allows water vapor to pass through from the inside to the outside with ease. Furthermore, its outer layer comes with a durable water-repellent finish that protects you from the elements.

The Best North Face Jackets 14Source: The North Face
The Venture 2 can be folded into itself for easy carrying.

You can use the Venture 2 as a classic year-round rain jacket, occasional hikes, bike trips, as well as backpacking in another country. Plus, this North Face lightweight jacket features two secure-zip hand pockets that keep your techwear safe from challenging weather conditions and untimely falls.

The North Face Heated Jacket

The Best North Face Jackets 15Source: The North Face
The Thermoball Eco Insulated Jacket has a 100% Nylon shell that repels water and a 100% Polyester layer that acts as an insulating agent.

The North Face ThermoBall Eco Insulated Jacket is designed for year-round use. It has a slim fit with that classic puffy look that houses lightweight ThermoBall™ insulation for a warm and comfortable feel during wet and cold weather conditions.

The secret to the North Face Heated Jacket lies in Thermoball: a trademark quilting pattern that arranges its recycled polyester into fiber clusters. This technology allows the jacket’s inner fabric to trap your body heat within small air pockets to keep your neck, torso and waist are warm at all times.

The North Face Heated Jacket also repels oil, grease, dirt, and water due to its state-of-the-art DWR finish. Its remarkable insulation capability and lightweight modern design make it a must-have item for this year, especially for bikers that wish to pair it up with the best bicycling shorts.


The Best North Face Jackets are next-generation pieces that adapt to even the harshest weather conditions. The pieces we’ve listed are ready to explore the unchartered corners of the world or help you get to the store down the block, even if the wind and the rain stand in your war.

The best North Face jackets also represent deep respect for Earth and the brand’s commitment to its preservation. Many of its pieces feature up to 90% recycled materials, making them some of the most fashionable and eco-friendly jackets that you can find in the best online stores for men.