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The 8 Best Nike Golf Shoes to Lower Your Handicap

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Get in the zone with the best Nike golf shoes for this year!

Lowering your handicap is tough. The fastest way to start accumulating those small wins that, eventually, take you from duffer to pro golfer is by making sure you’re using the right gear.

The best Nike golf shoes are, in my opinion, substantially better than their Adidas and Callaway counterparts. Whether you’re playing on a dog track or the legendary Arcadia Bluffs Golf Club, the best golf shoes for men will add the stability, traction, and comfort that even the best golfers need.

The Best Nike Golf Shoes

Every time you step into the course, you’re in for an endurance and concentration battle that only fellow golfers understand. Your clubs and your shoes are, by far, the most effective tools at your disposal, and they often mark the difference between a mediocre show and a top-tier performance.

The best Nike golf shoes allow you to ground your feet and instantly improve your stability and balance throughout your swings, resulting in better accuracy and distance in each shot. The Nike men’s golf shoes also come with optimal arch support, cushioning, and the next-level comfort that you’ll need to bring out your “A Game”.

Today we’ve hand-picked the best Nike golf shoes that experts could find this year. We’ve opted to include models that are guaranteed to improve your game regardless of your current handicap and skill level!

Nike Infinity Golf Shoes: The Air Zoom Infinity

best nike golf shoes 2Source: Nike
The Nike Air Zoom Infinity Tour golf shoes deliver unrivaled comfort on the course.

The Air Zoom Infinity has the most fashionable design in the Nike Infinity golf shoes footwear line. These lightweight kicks will keep you comfortable and stylish as you take on all 18 holes in your local golf course. The shoe’s outsole is very stable and, together with its Nike-engineered cleats, gives you outstanding energy return from the ground up on every swing.

These Nike infinity golf shoes wrap around your Achilles to secure your footing while easing pressure around your ankles. Nike also strategically placed the Air Zoom Infinity cleats below their midsoles supporting airbags to ensure a comfortable and natural walking motion.

The Nike Infinity Golf Shoes’ modern design showcases different color options to choose from, matching dark and neutral golf shorts to keep you looking sharp throughout the day. These Nike Infinity golf shoes are just perfect all-rounder shoes that are guaranteed to maximize your setup angles and style altogether.

The Nike Roshe G Cool Golf Shoes

best nike golf shoes 3Source: Nike
The Nike Roshe G comes in a variety of color options to fit your style.

The Nike Roshe G pair of cool golf shoes are made for casual golfers who need a couple of comfortable kicks with excellent traction to enjoy a mind-clearing golf experience.

These cool golf shoes come with performance features that work together to offer superb flexibility, grip, and excellent rotational support.

First, their foam midsole seamlessly absorbs your weight in each step, while their pressure-mapped outsole holds your foot in place. As you set up for your next swing, the Roshe G wraparound heel counter secures both of your feet’ Achilles regions, cushioning them with a nested high sidewall.

As you start down swinging, you’ll notice that the Roche G integrated traction pattern plants your heel firmly just before rotating your hips. The fact that these cool golf shoes allow you to replant your heel with ease makes the Roshe G perfect for golf players of all skill levels.

The Victory Pro Nike Zoom Golf Shoes

best nike golf shoes 4Source: Nike
Elevate your game with the Victory Pro versatile design.

The Nike Air Zoom Victory Pro Golf Shoes are the perfect solution for anyone looking to get superior cushioning and improved stability throughout the day. These Nike Mens Golf allow you to harness more energy as you press your feet into the ground to deliver more powerful swings.

The Victory Pros integrate Nike’s Reach and Zoom Air cushioning technology, placing a Zoom Air unit in the heel to improve energy transfer into your swings, similar to the best LeBron shoes. These Nike mens golf shoes also combine their responsive cushioning with a full-length Phylon midsole for increased stability.

What’s more, the Victory Pro Nike Zoom golf shoes offer two lockdown levels as they come with removable spikes. Even if you choose to play without them, you’ll still have enough grip in dry terrain, making them a versatile gift for dads and moms looking for a reliable 2-in-1 golf shoe.

Last but not least, if you’re wondering how these Nike Zoom Golf Shoes perform in wet course scenarios, the good news is that this model features a waterproof membrane on top of their highly durable synthetic leather upper, keeping your feet dry at all times. Just make sure to check your local golf course weathercast and keep your spikes in your golf bag in case it rains!

Nike 1G Air Max Golf Shoes

best nike golf shoes 5Source: Nike
The Nike Air Max 1 G offers superb comfort and flawless stability on full swings.

The 1G Golf Shoes are part of the iconic Nike Air Max line of kicks and are the closest a golf shoe can get to a high-quality street sneaker. The Nike Air Max 1G Golf Shoes reminisce the timeless Jordan golf shoes, with a neutral aesthetic and an overall laid-back look.

Nowadays, golf players prefer more relaxed dress codes from their local clubs, allowing fashion and convenience to play a more significant role in the game. The Nike 1G Air Max Golf Shoes adapt to this player base demand by showcasing a hip design in different color options to complement almost any stylish modern-day golf outfit.

The Air Max golf shoes prioritize comfort by combining a lightweight Phylon midsole and an Air Max Unit beneath your feet’ key pressure points. The Nike Air Max 1G Golf Shoes feel like regular sneakers, but they have a narrower fit that calls for a break-in period. However, after a couple of uses, you’ll find that their structure molds to your foot, making them increasingly supportive as time goes by.

The Nike Air Max 1G Golf Shoes’ narrower fit works with their spikeless soles, locking your stance and providing fantastic traction on grass. This game-changing design allows you to elevate your game inside the court and your looks outside of it.

The Nike Vapor Golf Shoes

best nike golf shoes 8
The Vapor Pro features a hybrid outsole that combines removable spikes with Integrated Traction technology.

The Nike Vapor Pro is elegantly designed to face rugged terrain and adverse weather at your local golf course. The Vapor Pro incorporates high-quality materials that cushion your feet for a comfortable 18-hole walk, merging performance attributes into a minimalist aesthetic.

These soft spiked shoes strike the perfect balance between footing and comfort. You can safely lock yourself in place for powerful swings and comfortably move around the course if you feel like walking to the next hole. The Nike Vapor golf shoes also come with a convenient attachable spike system that lets you tackle damp terrain with some much-needed stability.

The Vapor Pro is also among the best Nike waterproof golf shoes since it covers your feet with a waterproof synthetic leather upper that breathes away accumulated heat. Plus, these Nike men’s shoes’ high-quality material not only protects your feet from the elements but also maintains a lightweight and slick profile.

Nike Waterproof Golf Shoes: The Durasport 4

best nike golf shoes 1Source: Nike
These classic golf shoes offer top-notch weather protection and comfort.

The Durasport 4 Nike Waterproof Golf Shoes come with a classic, weather-tested design that gives you the comfort, traction, and durability you need to perform at the highest level.

Golf requires using ground forces to produce rotational torque in your body’s horizontal and vertical axis, empowering your swings and increasing your club’s head speed. Even more so, the amount of torque you develop will largely depend on two crucial factors: posture and footing.

The Durasport 4 focuses on the latter, offering superb stability through a pair of durable rubber outsoles equipped with Nike’s Black Widow spikes. The importance of these spikes cannot be understated: they hold a powerful grip on the course, keeping your feet in place and mitigating energy losses as your swing develops.

The Control Vapor 2 Nike Lunar Golf Shoes

best nike golf shoes 7Source: Nike
Nike’s Lunar golf shoes are known for their high performance in any weather.

The Nike Lunar Control Vapor 2 offers casual and dedicated golfers the best balance between structure, cushioning, and freedom of movement. These Nike Lunar golf models excel at blending lightweight, sturdy and high-quality materials that keep you comfortable as you lower your handicap.

The most noticeable upgrade of these Nike lunar golf shoes is the Articulated Integrated Traction (AIT) sole, replacing Nike traditional spikes to provide even more traction in sloppy and dry terrain. Plus, these kickers carry a two-year waterproof guarantee that vouches for the Control Vapor 2 top-notch performance during rainy weather. It’s an overall fantastic choice for golfers that regularly deal with adverse weather and need that extra strength and stability in their swings.

Nike Best Spikeless Golf Shoes: The Victory G Lite

best nike golf shoes 6Source: Nike
The Victory G Lite features a breathable and eco-friendly design made from recycled materials.

The Victory G Lite is not just the brand’s latest eco-friendly take of a golf shoe: they’re also among Nike’s Best Spikeless Golf Shoes. These golf kickers are made from at least 20% recycled materials, making them incredibly light and breathable while offering great on and off-court versatility.

These Nike mens golf shoes showcase a trendy design with a summer-ready minimal mesh upper, a soft sock liner, and foam midsole for additional underfoot cushioning. The grippy foam outsole of the Victory G Lite also gives you all the traction you need on the course, so your swing gains plenty of momentum regardless of terrain conditions.

The critical factor that makes the Victory G lite one of Nike’s best spikeless golf shoes is their engineered rubber tread. Their unique traction pattern prevents slips in slick conditions while offering a surprising grip for a spikeless shoe. You can confidently swing on a fairway, tee box, rough, or bunkers with these spikeless golf shoes and never feel like you’ve compromised on stability or traction.


The best Nike golf shoes are nothing short of incredible. They passively reduce foot, ankle, and leg pain like no other and prove that the brand is still one of the best clothing websites for men.

Whether you have to chip out of the woods or go into the high grass, these trustworthy Nike men’s golf shoes will prove themselves as battle-hardened companions that will stick with you through thick and thin as you lower your handicap this year.