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The 7 Best Men’s Yoga Shorts for This Year [Complete Review]

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Do you prefer loose and airy or form-fitting and stretchy yoga shorts? Our list of the best men’s yoga shorts has something for everyone!

All experienced yogis agree on one thing: the best mens yoga shorts will take your flexibility and concentration to new levels. Having to adjust your shorts mid pose is distracting and annoying, and it’s the last thing you need in the middle of a yoga session.

Anyone that does Yoga knows that gym shorts can’t keep you covered and comfortable at all times either. So, what are our options?

Luckily, Yoga has become a mainstream weight-loss activity amongst men, and several brands have taken notice. For some years now, each brand has tried to release the best yoga shorts for men, prioritizing range of motion, comfort, and modesty above all.

The Best Men’s Yoga Shorts

The best shorts for men need to offer flexibility and freedom of movement, but they also need to keep you covered and confident at all times. We’ve selected the best of the best for this year using the following criteria:

Maximum flexibility: the best yoga shorts for men must feature a stretchy fabric that keeps you flexible at all times. Yoga is a physically demanding form of cardio, and your shorts need to keep up with your needs.

Coverage: if you attend classes or go to a yoga studio to get your daily stretching, keeping our private bits hidden from prying eyes is likely a priority. There needs to be a balance between modesty and comfort.

Comfort: readjusting your shorts or privates mid pose is incredibly annoying, and it’s likely to hinder your focus and concentration. The best yoga shorts for men are both performance-oriented and super comfy.

Affordable: The best mens yoga shorts need to adapt to your budget. In other words, their fabric needs to be as flexible as its pricing!

Following these guidelines, we were able to filter several models and narrowed them down to the six best men’s yoga shorts for this year.

Nike Yoga Dri-FIT

best mens yoga shorts 1Source: Nike
Nike’s Dri-FIT technology helps you stay dry and comfortable during any yoga pose.

The Nike Yoga Dri-FIT shorts are one of the best men’s yoga shorts due to their irresistibly smooth fabric and slight compressive feel. These Infinalon fabric yoga shorts are perfect for basic and complex stretching exercises, allowing you to tackle even the most challenging poses.

We love how the Yoga Dri-FIT produces a gentle compression that keeps the fabric in place as you do a downward-facing dog, eliminating mid pose adjustments no matter how far you manage to lift your hips off the floor. The Yoga Dri-Fit shorts further prove that Nike is one of the best men’s clothing websites today.

Adidas Primeblue Shorts

best mens yoga shorts 2Source: Adidas
Adidas Primeblue shorts are comfortable to wear and aren’t as heavy or baggy as other athletic shorts.

The Adidas Primeblue Shorts are a great alternative to tight-fit yoga shorts. Their airy design keeps you fresh and comfortable during hour-long yoga sessions and gym workouts alike. Couple these incredible shorts with moist-wicking socks, and you’ll be ready for even the hottest summer days.

These sporty slacks are considered one of the best men’s yoga shorts due to Adidas Primeblue fabric, a high-performance recycled material made in part with Parley Ocean Plastic. The lateral zip pockets are one of our favorite features: they keep your keys safe even while doing consecutive bridge poses. Plus, they look great!

The Willit Workout Yoga Shorts

best mens yoga shorts 3Source: Amazon
These workout shorts are perfect for yoga and working out during summer.

The Willit workout shorts are one of the best men’s yoga shorts due to their next-to-skin softness and chafe-free design. These slacks feature a skin-friendly cotton fabric that keeps moisture away while maximizing range of motion.

The Willit yoga shorts feature an adjustable waistband that is tight enough on the waist and loose on the thighs. We loved how non-restrictive they proved to be while doing tree poses, especially since most shorts get in the way of putting your feet on top of your upper thighs.

Prana Metric E-Waist Zip Short

best mens yoga shorts 4Source: Prana
The vintage washed fade on these yoga shorts is as cool as a dip in the Atlantic on a hot summer day.

The Prana E-Waist Zip Shorts are part of our best men’s yoga shorts review due to its performance-woven, long-leg design. Prana is an eco-friendly yoga clothing brand that focuses on creating sustainable wardrobe pieces that look stylish and hip. Add some stylish parkour shoes to your apparel and you’re ready for even the most challenging poses Yoga has to offer.

Design-wise, the E-Waist Zip shorts excel at exercises that focus on building strength in the entire lower body and core: their organic cotton blend fabric lets you comfortably stretch hips and thighs while doing the Warrior pose.

Anjali Arlo Shorts

best mens yoga shorts 5Source: Anjali
The Arlo is as stylish as it is soft on the skin. It’s one of the best yoga shorts for men this year.

The Arlo Shorts by Anjali come with a superior quick-dry performance fabric that keeps you fresh even during hot summer yoga sessions. These shorts feature a soft Micro Poly fabric that gently embraces your pelvic region and minimizes mid pose adjustments.

The Arlo feels like high-performance pajama shorts. It can stretch as much as you need during supine twists or while performing any of the ambitious Rajakapotasana poses. Definitely, one of the best men’s yoga shorts you can find.

Vuori Kore Short

best mens yoga shorts 6Source: Vuori
The Kore Shorts are perfect for yoga and everyday use, thanks to their versatile design.

The Kore Shorts by Vuori are among the best men’s yoga shorts in the market because of their versatility, style, and comfortable design. These stretchy slacks have a classic athletic fit that falls just above the knee, similar to the most comfortable boxing shorts.

We went commando with them to get a feel of their breathable boxer-brief liner, and we were happily surprised by how comfortable they felt as we engaged in seated forward bends, stretching our hamstrings and our lower and upper back.

4RTH Transition Yoga Shorts

best mens yoga shorts 7Source: 4RTH
If you love tight and flexible fits then, 4RTH Yoga pants are your go-to option.

The 4RTH Transition Yoga Shorts will quickly become your go-to knickers for years to come. These lightweight slacks are one of the best men’s yoga shorts due to a hybrid design that merges the best of classic shorts with high-performance underpants.

Cut short and square but fully lined for comfort, these bad boys handle themselves pretty well, even during compass poses. The 4RTH feels tight enough around the waist while preserving your freedom of movement.


We’ve summarized the most frequently asked questions regarding yoga shorts here.

Should I wear Yoga shorts or Yoga pants?

Yoga shorts are often the better choice. They offer an increased range of motion and are also stylish and comfortable enough for everyday use.

Are Yoga shorts better than Yoga pants?

Yoga shorts tend to outperform yoga pants, assuming weather and hot temperatures aren’t a factor. Wearing specialized yoga clothing will help you take your performance and concentration to new heights.

Can I wear compression garments to Yoga?

Yes. You can pair the best yoga shorts for men with a compression garment to keep your privates comfortably in place at all times.


The best yoga shorts for men are some of the most comfortable and reliable clothes you’ll get to wear. Yoga is one of the most popular forms of cardio, so even in moderate temperatures, you’ll find that yoga shorts are notoriously good at keeping your body heat under control.

You’ll also notice your posture and overall flexibility improve over time, all while keeping your private bits comfortably in place and concealed from curious looks.