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The Best Men’s Trousers to Keep You Fashionable Throughout the Year

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Men’s trousers are easy to combine and instantly make any outfit look more expensive. Their tailored cut is both affordable and elegant, making it a must-have piece in any man’s wardrobe.

You can also dress them down to create all sorts of creative ensembles, similar to how the increasingly popular Korean men’s fashion scene did over the last year.

The Best Men’s Trousers

The best men’s trousers are guaranteed to open a whole world of opportunities for you. You can match these with a pair of stylish sneakers and an athleisure shirt for dates or glam up with a blazer for that important job interview next week.

Trousers for men adapt to just about any budget as well. Thankfully, you don’t have to break the bank to access all the elegance and unique wardrobe combinations that men’s trousers can offer you this year.

Today, we’ve picked the best of the best for you. These trousers for men feature a slim fit, straight fit, and even relaxed fit cuts to ensure that you have something elegant, comfortable and stylish wherever you go.

Without further ado, we put together a list of top picks from some of the best clothing brands for men!

The Haggar Men’s Trousers

Mens Trousers 1Source: Haggar
The Haggar Cool 18 is perfect for clean-cut, fashionable outfits.

These Haggar Cool 18 mens trousers are perfect for suits, casual office ensembles, and formal events. Their black, navy blue, and gray presentations feature a stretchy waistband and some serious moisture-wicking capabilities to keep you comfortable for hours at weddings, dates, and graduations.

What’s nice about these Haggar men’s trousers is that they come in a traditional fit, perfectly balancing style, and comfort. Don’t get me wrong, tapered trousers look great (especially if you’re a regular at your gym), but I’d advise you to try a couple of tapered jeans before committing to a non-traditional fit for your trousers.

We recommend rounding up these men’s trousers with elevator monk shoes to add a bit of traditional sophistication to your outfit. You’ll avoid having to tie your laces every few hours while adding a couple of inches to your natural height!

H&M Checked Trousers Men’s

Mens Trousers 9Source: H&M
Keep it classy with these H&M checked trousers for men.

These gray-coloured H&M checked trousers men’s line gives you the most stylish and flexible options for formal and semi-formal wear. The skinny fit cut and unbuttoned dress shirt combination is a tried-and-true formula you can rock for drinks after work too!

Moreover, a black cardigan with a white dress shirt underneath is a superb combination for any gray checked trousers, transforming a casual look into a dressy ensemble! All you have to do is switch a pair of white sneakers for some dress shoes, and you’re good to go. You can also add a blazer to look even more elegant while wearing the H&M checked trousers men’s!

The Kenneth Cole Slim Fit Man Trousers

Mens Trousers 3Source: Kenneth Cole
Let your styling credentials shine with these Kenneth Cole Reaction dress pants.

The Kenneth Cole Reaction Slim fit man trousers will flatter your body image like no baggy jeans ever could. The neutral color of these faux-flannel dress pants makes them a perfect (and comfy) complement to light blue dress shirts and white button-ups with ties.

When it comes to projecting confidence and seriousness through an outfit, these charcoal gray slim fit man trousers will beat anything you have in your wardrobe. Slim fit man trousers are known to stylize your figure, making you look taller, leaner, and muscular all at the same time.

We recommend pairing up these slim fit man trousers with a blazer to handsomely stand from the crowd in both casual situations and business-related appointments that warrant a professional look. These pants project the confidence, competence, and refined taste your employers want.

The Corduroy High Waisted Trousers for Men

Mens Trousers 4Source: LL Bean
High waisted trousers are in again! This corduroy model allows you to add texture and color to semi-formal ensembles.

These Country Corduroy high waisted trousers for men are stretchy, comfy, and come in a classic trouser rise that lets them sit at hip bone level. You don’t even need to wear these pants in a 1950 style (you know, at a belly-button level) to enjoy their fashion-forward design, as these high waisted trousers for men look phenomenal in dressy and casual situations.

Suppose you’re looking for a stylish look that balances formality and casualness: Try matching up these LL Bean corduroy trousers with any contrasting t-shirt with an eye-catchy logo design (or typography) and some unique Louis Vuitton sneakers.

Sophisticated but chill looks are making a comeback alongside round sunglasses, permed curls, and shoulder-level haircuts styled by 90’s fashion runway models, making these LL Bean high waisted trousers for men perfect for those types of outfits.

For a dressier style, we recommend throwing in a navy blue jacket and a pair of brown Chelsea boots. These pieces perfectly complement the Country Corduroys’ light-brown tone, setting you apart from classic jeans and sneaker ensembles.

The Dickies Work Trousers for Men

Mens Trousers 2Source: Dickies
The flexibility, smooth texture, and convenient design make these Dickies the most resilient work trousers for men.

The Dickies relaxed fit work trousers for men are perfect for physically demanding jobs requiring you to kneel, bend or climb regularly. Plus, you’re guaranteed the next-level utility that its extensive pocket system offers.

Work trousers have been a mans greatest ally ever since the 19th century. At first, these wardrobe essentials started as denim trousers, protecting our ancestors’ lower bodies as they toiled away, perfected their trade, and took their chances in the world.

Nowadays, the most resilient work trousers for men use modern fabrics that are equally durable and affordable. Like these Dickies trousers for men, the latter often use an outer duck fabric with a 100% cotton layer underneath for greater protection and breathability.

These Carpenter-inspired trousers for men to embody those historical design lessons that aimed for the most reliability, convenience, and comfort for everyday jobs. Reinforced rivets at key stress points, a reliable hammer loop, and a dual tool pocket at thigh level (perfect for holding LED flashlights and multitools) come extremely handy when carrying tools and getting the job done.

Trouser Men Styles: Versatile Cargo Pants

Mens Trousers 5Source: Levi
These Levi Cargo pants have a sturdy, flexible fabric and convenient front, side, and rear pockets.

The Levi Taper Fit Cargo Pants showcase how trouser men styles evolved the rugged work pants aesthetic into fashionable pieces for everyday use. Several trouser men styles incorporate soft satin fabric to enjoy a smooth, relaxed fit that keeps you comfortable during grocery runs and errands.

Perfect for summertime leisure or a hot day’s work, these cargo pants effortlessly take your trouser men style to the next level. You can combine this piece with polo shirts, bomber jackets and even hoodies if you’re looking for a casual, modern look.

Like its fellow Cargo Short model, the Levi Taper pants feature reinforced multipurpose pockets on each leg. This unexpected degree of utility and convenience makes it a must-have for contractors that routinely deal with the summer heat.

Benetton Men’s Trousers

Mens Trousers 6Source: Benetton
Chinos give your outfits an elegant, laid-back aesthetic.

The Pastel Colored Chinos from Benetton men’s trousers collection are perfect for your smart college outfit. These trousers are perfect for nailing those all-important first impressions ahead of your college journey or even an internship.

These men’s trousers are second to none in terms of comfort and convenience. The 97% cotton and 3% elastane fabric blend provide that much-needed stretch that keeps you comfortable during 8-hours class days and commutes.

Benetton men’s trousers go extremely well with just about any shirt in your wardrobe (a tee, a Henley, or a polo). But these smooth pants offer a lot more: they open the way for sports coats, cardigans, and vests to be part of your day-to-day outfits, adding a classy vibe to your clothing choices.

You can add an elegant touch to any urban-style ensemble by pairing these sky-blue Benetton men’s trousers with a beige quilted gilet, some casual suede boots, and a wooden wristwatch. The ensemble is meant to balance the cream-inspired gradient throughout your outfit while highlighting your accessories.

Amazon 80s Pleated Trousers Men’s

Mens Trousers 8Source: AEssentials
These wrinkle-resistant chino pants have a certain vintage vibe to them.

These Amazon pleated chinos are the closest thing you can get to those vintage 80s pleated trousers men’s pieces from movies such as Beverly Hills Cop. Pleated trousers are known for their folds at the front of your pelvic area to create more room around your thighs (thus maximizing your range of motion).

Just like the most lightweight 80s pleated trousers men’s from back in the day, the Amazon pleated chinos showcase that single pleat, wrinkle-resistant cotton, and polyester fabric blend that goes so well with a pants traditional cut.

If you’re going for a vintage, casual look, we recommend pairing them with some timeless Vans kickers, an oversized shirt, and some Ray-Ban originals to match your smartwatch perfectly.

You can also combine the Khaki Brown version of these 80s pleated trousers men’s look-alikes with a Blazer of similar tone and some all-white dad shoes to resurface that legendary Sonny Crockett Miami Vice aesthetic!

Nike Sportswear Men’s Fleece Trousers

Mens Trousers 10Source: Nike
These Nike fleece trousers are an all-around solid pair of sweatpants.

These vivid club joggers merge the classic Nike aesthetic with the super comfortable, soft, plush feel of fleece sweatpants. These Nike sportswear men’s fleece trousers excel at regulating body heat, making them perfect for gym workouts and morning jogs.

Flexible, durable, highly breathable, and moisture resistant, the blue Nike sportswear men’s fleece trousers will shield you from adverse weather and random pre-workout drinks spillage. A must-have item for anyone looking to keep their leg warm and comfy while working out in cold weather and gyms with excessively cold air conditioning!


How to style casual trousers for men?

Casual trousers are arguably the most versatile pants for men. You can make countless outfit combinations with white t-shirts, flannel shirts, leather, and varsity jackets.

You can wear monochromatic outfits or deliver sharp contrasts with your shirt and sneakers. These ensembles allow you to flex your favorite accessories or kicks effortlessly.

How to style traditional trousers for men?

Traditional trousers still capture the spirit of the old fashion work trouser to this very day. Matching traditional trousers with dress-up shirts beneath a cardigan can result in an elegant outfit that looks professional and deliberate.

Likewise, matching work trousers with some comfortable boots is a tried-and-true combination if you prefer a more rugged appearance. Match these with your favorite shirt beneath a leather jacket, and you’re good to go!

Are cotton trousers for men more comfortable?

Absolutely! Cotton isn’t just more comfortable than synthetic fabrics, but it’s also breathable and dries faster whenever it gets damp. No wonder many essentials, such as towels, bedsheets, and socks, share the same soft-to-the-skin feel you can feel from cotton trousers!

What are high waist trousers for men?

High waist trousers (as the name suggests) are pants that sit above waist level. This type of pants looks very flattering when wearing a jacket, vest, or cardigan, visually maximizing your legs and showcasing a nice pair of boots more clearly.

Are dress trousers men’s any good outside of formal occasions?

Yes! Dress trousers are great for semi-formal outfits and even casual ensembles. One of the most notable Korean fashion for men trends is to “dress down” dress trousers by combining them with ankle-height pants, jackets, and accessories. It’s a fantastic way to revitalize your casual outfit rotation!

If you’re going for a more traditionally-western outfit, you can match these with polos and a pair of suede loafers. Add a matching wristwatch, belt, and sunglasses, and you’ll recreate a super fashionable outfit you’ll confidently rock to weekend get-togethers.