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6 Men’s Running Shorts Guaranteed To Keep You Comfortable

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Need a pair of shorts that can go the distance? Check out the best men’s running shorts for this year!

Most athletes recommend stocking up on new running apparel at least once a year. The best men’s running shorts offer a mix of support, sweat-wicking capabilities, and a stretchy, comfortable fit for any terrain.

The best shorts for men will not only take your performance to new heights: they’ll make you look good in the process. Whether you’re logging miles on your mountain trails or working your daily high-intensity interval training session, you’ll find that our selection of the best men’s running shorts for this year will keep you comfy and dry.

The Best Men’s Running Shorts

Every year, top manufacturers and brands design, what they believe, are the best running shorts for men.

We’ve put their claims to the test.

We’ve taken a closer look at over 60+ models and narrowed it down to the best of the best for you. Here’s what we looked for:

Top-notch fabric: the best running shorts for men come with a comfortable blend of fabrics. Spandex adds stretchiness to your shorts, while some nylon adds sweat-wicking properties to the piece. Other synthetic materials come with anti-microbial properties that combat odor as well!

Comfortable design: the best men’s running shorts must offer comfort and support even in the most challenging trails. The length of the shorts’ inseams, adjustable waistbands, and interior liners that prevent chafing are design features that most runners love to have.

Pocket system: zippered pockets, hidden pouches, and reliable lateral pocket systems offer a level of convenience we can’t ignore. Being able to securely stash your keys, wallet, and gadgets at all times is essential to most runners.

Without further ado, here are our top runner-approved men’s running shorts!

Baelaf: Running Shorts that Don’t Ride Up

best men running shorts 1Source: Baleaf
The lightweight and versatile Baleaf 5’’ are perfect for workouts and early morning running adventures.

The Baleaf Workout & Running Shorts are one of the best running shorts for men and a must-have for summer morning runs. Their 95 percent polyester and 5 percent spandex fabric is both light and quick-drying, making them very comfy for both quick jaunts and marathons.

The Baleaf comes with a 5″ design that prioritizes mobility and comfort above all. The built-in mesh briefs keep your pelvic area fresh throughout your run, while its drawstring cord ensures a relaxed fit around your waist as you dash to your goal. The Baleaf length and built-in features make it one of those running shorts that don’t ride up.

The zippered pocket system makes this model one of the best running shorts with a phone pocket as well. It secures smartphones, wallets, and keys from the elements and untimely slip-ups.

Patagonia Best Men’s Running Shorts

best men running shorts 2Source: Patagonia
The reliable Nine Trail running shorts by Patagonia excel during outdoor runs, thanks to their comfortable design.

The Nine Trail Shorts are one of the best mens running shorts in the market. Patagonia is a high-rated outdoor and sportswear brand known for excellent quality garments that keep you safe and comfortable during outdoor activities.

These lightweight running slacks feature a highly breathable, recycled polyester & spandex fiber that wicks moisture across your pelvic area. The Nine Trails 8″ design makes it one of the best running shorts for thick thighs, as it passively prevents chafing and bunching up. We highly recommend you pair these up with the best compression shorts for men to increase your potency and comfort.

Storage-wise, these slacks feature two large, zippered front pockets and an additional back pocket capable of stashing your phone or any other running essentials. It’s without question one of the best running shorts with a phone pocket in terms of convenience and overall comfort.

Nike Running Shorts for Men

best men running shorts 3Source: Nike
The Nike Flex Stride Shorts redesign features an all-new woven fabric and enhanced breathability in high-sweat areas.

The Nike Flex Stride Shorts are also among the best running shorts for men due to their get all-new woven fabric and enhanced breathability. These superbly designed running slacks feature built-in underwear pieces (commonly known as liners) that help keep the short’s outer layer out of your way, preventing its fabric from bunching up as you run.

Runners often struggle while searching for shorts with the right length and fit around the waist. The Flex Stride targets this issue by introducing a 5’’ design that includes a cool-looking knit liner for an ideal fit. More importantly, the latter also keeps your pelvis high-sweat area sufficiently ventilated thanks to their 75% recycled polyester, DRI-FIT fabric. It’s one of those running shorts that don’t ride up no matter how challenging the road gets.

Last but not least, these running shorts feature reflective elements at the side hems that keep you visible in the dark. Storage-wise, you’ll notice a zippered pocket at the back, purposely placed to keep your electronic device secure. Likewise, side pockets and a drop-in pocket on the 2-in-1 liner offer some space for any small items you wish to carry, making it one of the best athletic shorts for men out there.

Shorts BOA USA Running Shorts

best men running shorts 4Source: BOA
The V-Notch running shorts from BOA land at a mid-thigh level and are fantastic options for workout and leisure activities alike.

BOA’s V-Notch Shorts are amongst the best mens running shorts due to their popular v-notch side seam design and fresh Polymicro fiber. If you’re looking for a highly efficient moisture-wicking running short that helps you take your cardio to the limit, look no further than these stylish slacks.

Cross-trainers and joggers love these shorts’ technical features. First, you have a lightweight fabric that keeps you dry and cool, held firmly in place through an elastic waistband with a built-in drawstring. This clever design makes the BOA one of those running shorts that don’t ride up.

Second, the V-notch shorts come with a 3.75″ inseam that improves airflow and leg movement, making them one of the best running shorts for thick thighs. The single key pocket limits the number of essentials you can carry but makes up for it by maximizing your range of motion during marathons.

The RunninRabbit’s Running Shorts

best men running shorts 5Source: RunninRabbit
The FTK running short features an easily washable, durable fabric in a scratch and chafe-free design.

The FKT running shorts from Running Rabbit are modern, cool-looking, and deserve a spot in our best running shoes for men series. Whether you’re shooting for a personal record or going for a quick outdoor jog, these Running Rabbit slacks are your go-to option.

With a 3-inch inseam and a split leg, the FKT is one of the best running shorts to prevent chafing, no matter how steep the trail may be. It also comes with a spacious pocket system featuring lateral side pockets and a large rear zip pocket for your wallet.

The Tracksmith Running Shorts

best men running shorts 6Source: Tracksmith
The Tracksmith Session Shorts feature an internal stretch drawcord with a hidden back pocket for extra convenience.

The Session Shorts by Tracksmith are a top-quality garment that merges UV protection, anti-odor fabrics, and an attractive Italian design, making them one of the best running shorts for men out there.

These 5’’ slacks come with an incredibly lightweight and four-way stretch Italian fabric known as Veloce Blend. Nylon, elastane, polyester, and spandex come together in their outer layer and inner lining to create an anti-odor, antimicrobial material that goes the distance. The Session by Tracksmith is by far one of the best running shorts for big thighs.

Runners continuously demand higher precision and comfort when it comes to their running apparel. The Session Shorts also deliver by being one of the best running shorts to prevent chafing during short morning jogs and 5k marathons.


The best running shorts for men are one of the most cost-effective performance enhancers out there. They prevent untimely wedgies, painful chafing, and awkward mid-run readjustments that can ruin your day. Rest assured that we’ve selected models approved by runners and sold by the best online clothing stores for men. Our selection even includes the best running shorts of thick thighs to guarantee that there’s something for everyone.

We also recommend that you check out our selection of the best hiking shorts for men if you’re planning on hitting the outdoors in complete comfort and style!