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10 Men’s Golf Shorts for Better Performance

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Want to shave some strokes off your game? Check out the best men’s golf shorts for this year!

Many golfers break the bank to get the best golf clubs, hoping to improve their game. But more often than not, they miss the bigger picture: you need quality garments that maximize your range of motion and focus if you wish to shave strokes off your game quickly.

The best shorts for men offer the mechanical stretch, mobility, and overall comfort that you’ll need to take your game to the next level. After all, staying comfortable on the course is one of the top priorities for any golfer worth his salt.

The Best Men’s Golf Shorts

We’ve filtered tens of models and substantially narrowed them down to this list of the best golf shorts for men. Here’s what we prioritized:

Performance and Comfort: having the freedom to move during your swing is critical to take strokes off your game. Our selection of the best mens golf shorts features models with stretchy, soft fabric that comes with some form of moisture-wicking system. We want shorts that flex to your swing and feel comfortable even during hot summer days.

Compliant with dress codes: many golf clubs require you to follow a strict dress code. We took advice from the best men’s clothing websites and pro golfers to add men’s golf shorts that will pass the check at any course.

Additional features: the best men’s golf shorts come with extra features that add convenience on and off the course. Spacious pocket systems, UV protection, and stylish designs that you can also wear for casual errands add points to our book.

Affordable pricing: finding the right balance between quality and price is always a priority for us. The best mens golf shorts need to be good enough for casual and flag tournament golfers alike. We’re happy to say we’ve found high-quality models at excellent prices!

With that being said, let’s take a look at the best golf shorts this year has to offer!

The Nike Golf Shorts

best men golf shorts 1Source: Nike
The comfortable and stylish Chino Shorts match any clubhouse etiquette standards.

Nike Golf Chino Shorts are hands down one of the best golf shorts for men you can find. Their stretchy fabric and multiple pockets create a casual, comfortable fit built to perform at the highest levels of play. Their 10.5’’ length makes perfect for any hot day at the course, protecting your thighs from UV light while its stretchy blend of cotton and polyester keeps moisture from building up.

Two side pockets, two back pockets, and a tee pocket conveniently give you multiple roomy options to keep your essentials at hand, no matter their weight. The latter is possible thanks to the Nike Chino Shorts waistband, which uses chambray and an inner stripe that gently hugs your waist.

This comfy sports garment from Nike’s golf collection is available in nine colors, Obsidian, Black, Dark Smoke Grey, and Beige being the best options to pair neutral-colored polo shirts with. However, if you favor non-traditional outfit combinations, the Nike Chino slacks also come in Lemon Drop, Lapis, and Photon Dust colors to match vivid-colored wardrobe combinations.

Adidas Golf Shorts

best men golf shorts 2Source: Adidas
Adidas Ultimate 365 Golf Shorts feature a water-resistant finish that sheds light rain and snow.

The Ultimate 365 Golf Shorts are also one of the best golf shorts for hot weather because of their durability and modern design. Their lightweight, breathable Primegreen fabric gives you all the comfort you need during summer weather rounds, while its water-resistant coating repels raindrops with ease.

Adidas Primegreen fabric uses a series of high-performance recycled materials such as polyester and elastane plain weave, embroiled in a four-way stretch design that includes a UV 50+ sunlight protection. The Ultimate 365 also features Belt loops and a spacious pocket system that keeps your golf essentials secured.

Aesthetically speaking, the Ultimate 365 gives you stunning color options such as Acid Yellow, Semi Screaming Green, Pulso Yellow, and Sonic Aqua to modernize any golfing outfit. However, if you prefer a casual, elegant look, we recommend any of the other seven options showcased on the Adidas website.

Best Golf Shorts for Tall Guys

best men golf shorts 9Source: Johnnie O
The Neal Stretch provides that much-added length for taller players.

When it comes to the best golf shorts for tall guys, the Neal 10.5″ Stretch Twill towers above the rest. This model comes with stretch fabric for superior performance, featuring 97% cotton and a 3% spandex mix that adds an extra range of motion for your swing.

The Neal Stretch Twill is also the best men’s golf shorts because of its four-pocket system and heat-dissipating design, making it a must-have for hot sunny days.

UnderArmour Golf Shorts

best men golf shorts 3Source: Underarmor
UnderArmour’s Showdown Golf Shorts have a stretch-engineered waistband for superior mobility & outstanding comfort.

The UA Showdown Golf Shorts feature an elegant design that perfectly pairs with classic polos and sporty golf shoes, making them one of the best white golf shorts options in the market.

Preferred by most due to their flexibility, the UA Showdown Shorts are built with a high-performance fabric that contours to your waist movement. The Showdown also comes with an excellent four-pocket design that keeps your everyday techwear secure.

Last but not least, its nylon, polyester, and elastane fabric make the UA showdown shorts easy to care for: just wash and dry to enjoy their comfortable and elegant appearance any time you hit the green!

The Best Golf Shorts for Big Guys

best men golf shorts 8Source: Amazon
The Big & Tall cargo shorts by Amazon comes with a relaxed fit and a spacious pocket.

The Big & Tall cargo shorts are hands down, the best golf shorts for big guys. It comes with a relaxed fit that allows you to move naturally and swing with complete freedom of movement. We consider it one of the best golf shorts for men because it comfortably sits at the waist and comes with a spacious 8-inch pocket for all your golfing essentials.

Footjoy Golf Shorts

best men golf shorts 5Source: Footjoy
FJ Performance Golf Shorts ensure a comfortable fit and superior breathability.

The Footjoy Pleated Golf Shorts boast properties that will make them your new go-to option as one of the best golf shorts for short guys this year. These 9.5’’ slacks are designed and constructed to offer nothing but the best performance regardless of weather conditions.

The Footjoy Golf Shorts come with a soft, 88% polyester stretch fabric that dynamically stretches on every swing. These golf shorts come with a relaxed fit, secure front and back pockets, and a stylish classic aesthetic and cut that looks great on shorter golfers.

The Peter Millar Golf Shorts

best men golf shorts 6Source: Peter Millar
The Salem is a terrific addition to your golf apparel due to its high-quality fabric and modern design.

The Salem High Drape Golf Shorts from Peter Millar are the best golf shorts for sweat you can find this year. These performance slacks feature an exceptionally soft, lightweight twill that brings the best moisture-wicking and quick-drying technology.

Also, if you’re wondering what shorts are acceptable for golf, take these Peter Millar performance shorts as a classic example of elegance and functionality. They were impeccably designed to meet the visual refinement demanded by most clubhouse etiquette standards while being casual enough to be worn around town.

The Linksoul Eco-friendly Golf Short

best men golf shorts 10Source: Linksoul
The Recycled Boardwalker Short is a performance-first, eco-friendly golf short.

The Recycled Boardwalker has it all: comfort, style, and functionality. The Boardwalker comes with high-performance fabrics that not only give you more stretch but a complete range of motion. It’s by far one of the best mens golf shorts for this year in terms of performance and style.

This 4-way stretch fabric is made from recycled materials and perfectly pairs up with a stylish wooden watch for a next-level eco-friendly style. It’s one of those rare pieces that are both environmentally conscious and fashionable at the same time.

The BONOBOS Golf Shorts

best men golf shorts 7Source: Bonobo
These casual and elegant golf shorts feature a breezy design with moisture-reducing pockets.

The Justin Rose Highland Golf Shorts are one of the best casual golf shorts in the market due to their beautiful stitching, stylish color options, and UPF 50 sun protection. BONOBOS handsomely tailored these slacks to exceed the dress code standards of all golf clubs while keeping comforting features such as M-Flex side panels and a back yoke that ensures a better fit.

These performance golf shorts are woven with polyester and elastane, allowing the fabric to stretch as you swing in good form. Additionally, the Justin Rose Highland features a grip tape inside the waistband to keep your shirt neatly tucked in as you play.

G/Forge Golf Shorts

best men golf shorts 4Source: Gfore
The Maverick Golf Short features belt loops, pocket details, and waistband tab closure for maximum convenience.

G/Fore’s Maverick Golf Shorts are one of the best slim-fit golf shorts you can find. These classy golf slacks feature a lightweight moisture-wicking, 4-way stretch fabric that keeps you comfortable and dry no matter the heat.

The Maverick golf shorts present a clubhouse-inspired design, elevating your outfit’s style with an exceptional fit for slim figures. The Maverick also comes with zippered pockets with a mesh interior that keeps golf essentials, keys, smartphones, and earbuds safely at hand.


The golf apparel industry has grown over the last years, and unsurprisingly, many of the best online men’s clothing stores offer some of our favorite golf shorts for this year.

We’re proud to say that all of these models are not only quality golf apparel: they’re also performance-oriented pieces that will enhance your comfort and mobility for years to come!