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The 7 Best Compression Shorts for Muscle Recruitment and Recovery

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Studies show that compression shorts improve muscle recruitment and recovery. Check out the best men’s compression shorts for this year!

The best men’s compression shorts are a crucial component of any workout outfit. Many athletes agree that these undergarments mark the difference between smashing a personal record or leaving shy of your target.

The best compression shorts for men offer proven performance benefits such as increased muscle recruitment and improved muscle recovery, but there’s also a clear psychological benefit from wearing these undergarments.

The best mens compression shorts act as a second skin that keeps your privates and rear comfortably in place and fresh, allowing you to focus on your workouts and posture without a care in the world.

The Best Men’s Compression Shorts

Many compression shorts are specialized for certain activities, such as weightlifting, endurance training, or even hiking. We decided to dramatically filter all the options out there using these criteria:

Compression: the best men’s compression shorts must fit your thighs and keep a firm grip around the hem to better recruit your muscles. We’ve intentionally discarded some of the most extreme compression shorts out there since they require medical prescriptions to obtain.

Materials: the best compression shorts for men must feature premium-level materials that contour to your movement and keep you dry and fresh at all times.

Pricing:  striking a balance between quality and pricing is super important. We’ve included compression shorts that regular gym-goers and fitness enthusiasts will love at very reasonable prices.

Let’s take a look at the best-reviewed compression shorts for men this year!

Underarmour Compression Shorts

best mens compression shorts 1Source: Underarmour
The UA Fast HeatGear Compression shorts give you a locked-in feel with guaranteed comfort.

The UA Fast HeatGear tights are one of the best compression shorts for men you can get your hands on. These compression underpants are designed to support strenuous muscle movements, often occurring in high-impact exercises such as CrossFit training.

Their soft, quick-drying fabric is super comfortable and rapidly wicks off sweat to keep you cool while holding everything firmly in place. Runners will be happy to know that the UA Fast HeatGear comes with a drawstring that further adjusts its fit around your waist. Last but not least, these UA compression shorts also feature a 5’’ zip back pocket capable of comfortably holding smartphones or ridge wallets, no matter where you go.

The MAVA Compression Shorts

best mens compression shorts 2Source: Amazon
The MAVA Sports Compression Shorts excel at supporting your upper leg muscles during training.

The MAVA’s Active Baselayer is among the best compression shorts for running, thanks to its quick-dry and versatile design. These high-performance compression shorts passively improve blood flow and oxygen levels in your muscles and dramatically increase your leg power output.

These compression shorts feature an elastic enclosure made from Nylon and Spandex, both breathable fabrics with excellent moisture-wicking properties. The MAVA is the best compression short for running because it supports your lower body section and passively reduces muscle soreness, allowing you to outlast other runners with ease.

Best Compression Shorts for Weightlifting

best mens compression shorts 7Source: Compressionz
The Compressionz shorts help remove lactic acid and improve muscle recovery times.

The men’s Compressionz Shorts are, without question, the best compression shorts for weightlifting. It comes with a firm grip on your thighs that enhances flexibility, muscle recruitment, and increased range in motion to guarantee you hit those deep squats with ease.

It’s also one of the best shorts for men because they come with an anti-bacterial material that reduces odor. The Compressionz comes with an 85% nylon and 15% spandex fabric mix that is smooth to the skin and keeps your skin fresh throughout your workouts. Plus, it retains its shape even after multiple washes, allowing you to regularly wear it under your jeans, pants, or hiking shorts as a base layer.

Reeboks Compression Shorts

best mens compression shorts 3Source: Reebok
Reebok’s compression shorts are multi-beneficial workout garments available at a great price.

Reebok’s Workout Ready Compression Shorts give you a comfortable fit through their shape retention design. Two features separate them from other compression underpants: their inner leg gusset (which eases up your movement) and their angled side seams. When combined with the best yoga shorts for men, these two garments allow you to tackle the most challenging poses with ease.

These slacks feature an 84 percent polyester and 16 percent elastane interlock that’s equally lightweight and sturdy. This fabric mix is also breathable and passively wicks sweat and moisture, making them a valuable addition to any athlete’s wardrobe. All-in-all, they’re by far one of the best mens compression shorts.

DEVOPS Compression Shorts

best mens compression shorts 6Source: Devop
The DEVOPS feature a quick-drying build and mesh inserts to help keep you dry and cool through every stage of your workout.

The DEVOPS Compression Slacks are among the best compression shorts for men in the market because they can be confidently used as an outer garment. This model comes with a 50+ UPF protection that keeps your lower body protected from sunlight, while its stretchy fabric keeps you comfortable and dry throughout your workouts.

The DEVOPS compression shorts combine freedom of movement with targeted compression to dramatically improve your muscle support and overall performance. They also reduce your muscle recovery by helping increase oxygen saturation in your hip adductor muscles, as well as helping remove lactic acid from the area.

Lastly, their single side pockets fit can reliably secure an average-sized smartphone through challenging workouts. It’s little details such as this that make the Devops one of the best men’s compression shorts.

Best Compression Shorts for Hip Pain

best mens compression shorts 5Source: Nike
The Nike Pro HyperStrong protective panels and compressions prevent hip pains.

Nike is known for its revolutionary contributions to the sports world, and the Nike Pro HyperStrong stands as one of the best compression shorts for hip pain this year.

The Nike Compression Shorts come with a lightweight fabric and protective foam paddings that actively absorb impacts in the hip area. These additional paddings are great for contact sports that demand unhindered movement and localized protection.

Many customers also report that the Nike Hyperstrong compression shorts can ease the pain derived from trochanteric bursitis (hip inflammation) and help you recover from flare ups quicker.

Adidas Compression Shorts

best mens compression shorts 4Source: Adidas
Adidas Primeblue Techfit Compression Shorts feature water-absorbent materials designed to wick sweat.

The Primeblue Techfit Compression Shorts are also one of the best men’s compression shorts, thanks to its Techfit technology. Techfit allows you to focus your muscles’ energy to generate maximum explosive power, acceleration, and long-term endurance, making them one of the best compression shorts for basketball.

Last but not least, their synthetic fabric is made in part with Parley Ocean Plastic, a lightweight and breathable blend that efficiently absorbs water, quickly wicking sweat from your body even during the most intense summer workouts. This all-encompassing design is a staple in all of Adidas products, making them one of the best men’s online clothing stores.


The best men’s compression shorts are a must-have for any fitness enthusiast. These undergarments will increase muscle recruitment on every rep and boost recovery between sets. It’s one of those performance enhancers that become mandatory once you’ve tried them once.

Another (rarely) mentioned upside of wearing the best men’s compression shorts is that they actively shape your lower body section and make you look great. We guarantee you’ll notice your confidence and muscle recruitment levels go up instantly!