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7 Men’s Casual Shorts to Look and Feel Cool All Year Long

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Casual men’s shorts are trending big time this year. Check out the seven casual summer shorts that will keep you looking and feeling cool all summer long!

Let’s make this clear: owning the best men’s casual summer shorts is a necessity this year. The warm weathers of the year keep getting warmer, and it’s time that your wardrobe adapts to this reality.

Thankfully, the best men’s casual summer shorts are comfy and flattering all at the same time. These must-have pieces are ideal for your favorite warm-weather activities, but they’ve also become a popular addition to casual streetwear over the last few years.

We even believe that the best shorts for men open a world of opportunities with little to no effort required. It’s all about finding the right length, fit, and style for you.

Here’s how to find the best casual shorts for men this year:

The Best Men’s Casual Summer Shorts

Finding the best men’s casual summer shorts is all about picking models that resonate with your style and adapt to your physique. Here’s what we prioritized:

Top-notch materials: the best men’s casual shorts feature cotton, denim, or even a polyester blend that adds a stretch factor to your summer outfit. We decided to prioritize fine, natural materials that allow your skin to breathe even during hot summer days.

Comfy fit: the best casual shorts for men should come with a relaxed fit that firmly sits at waist level. You should be able to wedge a finger between the short’s waistband and your waist to ensure it feels comfortable and not oppressive or overly tight.

Ideal length: after much consideration, we decided to include models with below-the-knee and above-knee cuts to match all types of outfits. However, we decided to showcase casual shorts with tapering along the leg length to make you look taller at all times.

Fashionable: the best mens casual shorts will help you look and feel confident at all times. Depending on your preferences, you might favor solid dark colors, vibrant monochromatic shorts, or patterned pieces that help you stand out.

Without further ado, here are the best men’s casual summer shorts to keep you cool and comfy all summer long!

The Levi 505 Casual Shorts

best mens casual summer shorts 1Source: Levi
Hit the trail in these functional and stylish shorts that keep you comfortable during the hottest days of summer.

The Levi 505 Shorts are one of the best men’s casual shorts you can get your hands on. These stylish slacks come with a cotton and elastane blend that softly contours to your body shape and keeps you comfortable at all times.

Casual shorts have solidified themselves as versatile pieces, ready to be worn for almost any occasion. The Levi 505 stays true to this purpose thanks to its lightweight, breathable fabric and aesthetically flattering design. The streamlined pocket and fashionable above-the-knee cut perfectly match dress shirts and casual shirts alike, making them a must-have in any wardrobe.

The North Face Belted Casual Shorts

best mens casual summer shorts 2Source: The North Face
You can use your Class V shorts for beach trips or last-minute 7/11 supply runs in complete confidence.

The North Face Class V Shorts are one of the best casual shorts for guys in the market due to their ultraviolet protection factor (UPF) and their smooth fabric. These casual, relaxed, and preppy shorts are quintessential summer staples that every man should have in his wardrobe. They are the perfect thing to wear during summer barbecues, strolls at the beach, and exciting boat trips with friends.

The Class V casual shorts feature a partially exposed, three-color webbing belt to ensure a relaxed fit around your waistline. Last but not least, their zip-secured side pockets hold wallets, smartphones, and keys safe at all times, sparing you from unexpected drops while you’re having fun.

The Baleaf Casual Summer Shorts

best mens casual summer shorts 3Source: Baleaf
The Baleaf Casual Summer Shorts are incredibly versatile. You can take them on beach walks or gym workouts as needed.

The Baleaf Casual Sweatshorts are some of the best mens casual stretch shorts due to their high-quality fabric and excellent price. These slacks are fleece-lined and use a 65% cotton, 35% polyester fabric for a soft-to-the-touch texture that makes them ideal for your summer adventures.

These slacks come with a roomy and comfortable fit that keeps you comfortable during challenging workouts or boba runs with your friends. The Baleaf monochromatic options range from easy-to-combine black to vibrant tiger orange slacks to update your casual outfits during warmer months. This model also comes with a zippered pocket system that keeps your everyday essentials safe at hand.

Polo Ralph Lauren Casual Shorts

best mens casual summer shorts 4Source: Ralph Lauren
Create the ultimate summer outfit with these Ralph Lauren casual shorts!

The Classic Fit Seersucker by Ralph Lauren is one of the most stylish casual shorts you can get ahead of warm-weather days. These slacks are ideal for balmy holidays and summertime strolls, as they’re made from cotton-blend seersucker, a fabric that’s lightweight, breathable, and wrinkle-resistant.

These Ralph Lauren shorts feature white and blue stripes design, embroidered with the brand’s equestrian emblem for an elegant look guaranteed to draw compliments. These lightweight shorts combine stretch cotton seersucker in a 9-inch length roomy fit, held by a zip fly with a buttoned closure.

Convenience-wise, these slacks feature two front angled pockets, a right hip coin pocket, and two back-buttoned pockets to keep your carriables safely stored. Plus, you can always pair them up with a matching belt to make them part of your semi-casual outfits, making them one of the best men’s casual summer shorts in the market.

The Nautica Casual Shorts

best mens casual summer shorts 5Source: Nautica
Level up your summer style with the classic fit Nautica Plaid Shorts.

The Nautica Plaid Shorts are dressy and comfortable enough to be in our best casual shorts for men’s review. The Nautica can be worn during weekdays at the office or to weekend cookouts due to its straight-leg silhouette and modest length.

These knit shorts make it easy to stay fresh and look fantastic during hot days thanks to their 100% cotton fabric and air-optimized 8.5’’ inseam. These casual summer shorts for men are just as comfortable as lounge sweatpants but offer much-needed additional airflow during warm months.

The Dockers Casual Shorts

best mens casual summer shorts 6Source: Dockers
These Docker Casual slacks are versatile and classy enough for any summer activity.

The Docker Casual Shorts are one of the best mens casual shorts for this year in terms of fashion and convenience. Every guy should have at least a pair of khaki shorts in their wardrobe for casual occasions such as last-minute lunches, welcoming surprise visits, or a quick run down to the grocery store under the summer heat.

The Dockers Classic Fit Shorts are the perfect foundation for any summer outfit due to their 100% cotton fabric and a slightly shorter inseam. The latter guarantees comfort and excellent mobility as you wear them, while clever features such as their extra-long smartphone pocket keep your essentials safe at all times.

The Dockers are comfortable, easy to combine, and can be worn for almost any occasion. This model is, overall, one of the best men’s casual summer shorts for this year.

The Bonobos Casual Shorts

best mens casual summer shorts 7Source: Bonobo
These Bonobos slacks are the stretchy version of a classic washed chino.

The Bonobos Stretch Chino Shorts not only are exceptionally comfortable, but they are also one of the best men’s shorts for summer on our list.

These Cotton and Lycra shorts are inspired by Italian fashion designs, as you can tell by their signature curved waistband and contrast pocket liner. So, if you still need some casual stunners that are versatile enough to be worn during daytime (or evening) events, look no further than these Bonobos Chinos.

Chinos are timeless staples of menswear but, as summer begins to influence the type of clothing we can wear, it becomes all the more apparent that breathable, relaxed fits are superior. The Bonobos Casual Stretch Shorts offers maximum comfort, convenience, and style thanks to its numerous color options, smooth fabric, and sturdy back pockets.


The best men’s casual summer shorts rise in popularity has a lot to do with its overall versatility.

From an aesthetics point of view, the best fashion websites for men all agree that casual shorts perfectly adapt to a wide range of styles. The best men’s casual shorts can offer slim fits for traditional button-ups, while those with a more relaxed fit pair up with t-shirts and hoodies. Casual summer shorts are even used in trendy soft boy aesthetic apparel, further proving how versatile these pieces are!

All the items on our list come from the best online clothing stores for men, guaranteeing you’ll get top-notch products for the coming summer season.