Best mens cargo shorts

6 Cargo Shorts for Men That Actually Look Amazing!

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The new generation of cargo shorts has it all: style, comfort, and functionality. Here are the best men’s cargo shorts for this year!

Cargo shorts are back and better than ever. The best cargo shorts for men have been trimmed down and make slimmer, sleeker, and more stylish than ever.

And the best part?

They’ve maintained their essence as highly functional pieces of clothing for men that need that additional everyday carry capacity. These reliable, durable, and comfortable models now offer more than a vast pocket system: they also showcase tremendous style!

The Best Men’s Cargo Shorts

This year’s best men’s cargo shorts selection showcases models from the best online clothing stores for men. Here’s what we looked for:

Comfortable: the best mens cargo shorts offer a perfect balance between breathability and coverage, topped with a relaxed fit that sits at the waistline. They’re a must-have piece for men that value comfort, especially in warmer weather.

Convenient pockets: the best cargo shorts for men are perfect for guys that need to carry multiple items throughout the day. Cargo shorts are popular because of how functional and efficient their pocket system is, and it’s critical for these newer models to live up to their reputation.

Durable: the best mens cargo shorts are perfect for laboring, DIY enthusiasts, and even seasoned hikers. These pieces must feature a durable, tough fabric that will last you for many years to come.

Style: the newer generation of cargo shorts come with a modern, gussy look that offers optimal comfort and style, especially during summer. Their modern cut and ample pocket system make them a rather fashionable option for Sunday cookouts at your friend’s place or even high-end golf courses.

We’ve filtered well over 50 products and narrowed our selection to the six best mens cargo shorts in terms of comfort, functionality, and style. Here’s the best of the best for you:

The Nautica Cargo Shorts

Best mens cargo shorts 2Source: Nautica
These Nautica Cargo Shorts can pose as boat wear due to their stylish, classic-fit aesthetic.

The Nautica Navigator Cargo Shorts are excellent for work, doing chores, or lounging due to their stretch-cotton fabric and utility-focused design. These slacks are one of the best cargo shorts for men because they bring the best of two worlds: convenience and comfort. Their fabric makes them breezy and soft-to-the-touch, while their lateral pocket design lets you carry lots of items without hindering your movement.

Nautica is a world-recognized brand that takes inspiration from the sea to furnish everyday-style clothing, which is why it’s no surprise that these versatile cargo shorts are also able to pose as boat wear. The Navigator Cargo Shorts come with a classic-fit aesthetic that adds elegance and style to any apparel, making them versatile everyday pieces you can always count on.

The Nautica Cargo Shorts are also as convenient as they are stylish. They come with two front slant pockets, a pair of side flap-patch pockets, as well as back flap-patch pockets with enough room to keep your light tools and everyday essentials with you at all times.

Levi Cargo Shorts

Best mens cargo shorts 3Source: Levi
The Levi Carrier Cargo Shorts are lightweight and have a full complement of six pockets, including two cargo pockets.

The Levi Carrier Cargo Shorts are one of the best cargo shorts for hiking due to their durable rip-stop nylon and field-tested reinforced abrasion resistance. These stylish cargo slacks showcase a functionality-first design with plenty of pockets and all the comfort that natural cotton can offer.

The Levi Carriers design is both lightweight and breathable, making them a must-have piece for summertime. The Carriers sit below your waist and hit below your knee, keeping your pelvic area and thighs comfortable during any hiking adventure or casual summer outing.

The Carriers also come with an incredible pocket system. Their full complement of six pockets (two cargo pockets, two back pockets, and two side pockets) are internally reinforced to keep your not-so-light carriables safe. The combination of convenience and comfort makes these Levi shorts one of the best cargo shorts for work this year.

The Dickies Cargo Shorts

Best mens cargo shorts 5Source: Dickies
The 13’’ Dickies Cargo Shorts feature a sturdy, flexible fabric alongside a convenient pocket system.

Dickie’s Loose Fit Cargo Shorts are one of the best cargo shorts for big guys in the market. These shorts have a very long inseam that ends up near the knee, making them stylish (and sturdy) clothing pieces for tall and robust men alike.

The Dickies Cargo Shorts feature a 13’’ design that uses a cotton and polyester fabric blend to prevent wrinkles and stains while guaranteeing excellent breathability and flexibility. If you have a lot of outdoor hobbies such as off-roading, kayaking, fishing, or boating, then you’re going to love these breezy and reliable cargo shorts.

The Dickies pocket system features front, back, and side pockets, allowing you to keep all your everyday essentials (and more!) safely stored.

Mark & Spencer Cargo Shorts

Best mens cargo shorts 1Source: Mark & Spencer
Make the most of your summer with these M&S organic-cotton contemporary cargo shorts.

The M&S Organic Cargo Shorts are some of the best lightweight cargo shorts you can find. Made from naturally grown cotton, their smooth fabric, and slim design elevate summer outfits with elegance ahead of any social occasion.

Cargo shorts not only feature maximum functionality and efficiency, but their modern designs also make them attractive, contemporary wardrobe pieces for everyday use. The Mark & Spencer’s Summer Collection features these cargo shorts in four fashionable color options such as Dark Sand, Light Grey, Navy Blue, and Khaki to perfectly match any polo shirt and wooden hand watches of your liking.

The M&S cargo slacks also feature lateral patch pockets (and two back pockets) to keep your essentials at hand. Each of these cargo shorts pockets features the Mark & Spencers’ Buttonsafe™ technology, which safely stores your everyday essentials and tools at all times.

Duluth Trading Cargo Shorts

Best mens cargo shorts 4Source: Duluth Trading Co.
Duluth Trading Co. is a trusted name in the workwear industry.

The Duluth Flex Cargo Shorts are also one of the best cargo work shorts we’ve found due to their abrasion-resistant fire hose fabric. These highly functional slacks use a 97 % cotton and 3% spandex textile blend to keep you comfortable at the job site, featuring specs such as utility straps for box cutters and tape measures.

Rugged cargo shorts often take inspiration from field-issued military uniforms. These cargo work shorts emulate this concept by featuring a stain- and water-repelling treatment, an 11-pocket system, and triple-stitched seams that prevent rip-outs for maximum durability.

Last but not least, the deep navy and khaki tones available for the Duluths work well with any thick over-shirts usually worn at the worksite, plus they’re lightweight and flexible enough to handle most types of jobs during warm weather seasons.

The Nike Cargo Shorts

Best mens cargo shorts 6Source: Nike
The Nike ACG collection offers convenience and modern flair in each of its pieces.

Nike ACG Cargo Shorts are hands down one of the best cargo shorts for work you can get. These slacks are sturdy and flexible thanks to their recycled nylon and spandex blend fabric, making them excellent clothing pieces for heavy-duty work or challenging hikes.

Nike ACG features highly comfortable, environment-protecting apparel favored by hiking and techwear enthusiasts alike. These ACG cargo shorts are an excellent choice for field-based work environments thanks to their double-needle stitching reinforcement and on-the-go waist adjustment mechanism. You can easily fasten or loosen their fit thanks to their quick release buckle and lightweight webbed belt, allowing you to customize your shorts fit depending on the task at hand.

The Nike ACG cargo shorts also features a carabiner for your keys and a spacious zippered pocket system that stores everyday essential, tools as well as the occasional snack if need be!


Cargo shorts have undergone a renaissance of sorts. Top industry manufacturers have re-discovered this incredibly functional design and adapted it to today’s fashion standards with remarkable success.

Today, the best shorts for men challenge the idea that you have to choose between comfort and style. Instead, the best cargo shorts for men take the best of their original design and combine it with a much-needed aesthetic overhaul. The return of cargo shorts to our wardrobes is excellent news for guys that value long-lasting clothes at very reasonable prices!