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Top 5 Best Men’s Bike Shorts for This Year [Complete Review]

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Cycling is a fun and effective low-impact cardio, but you need the best men’s bicycling shorts if you want quick results!

Cycling is the most popular cardio workout this year. With virtual races and Peloton becoming increasingly popular, both outdoors and indoors cyclists are looking for the best men’s bicycling shorts they can get their hands on.

The best bike shorts for men are nothing short of game-changers. They can turn annoying bumpy rides into extremely satisfying, breezy routes you’ll look forward to visiting the next day. Picking the best shorts for men is all about understanding which shorts design is best suited to your needs.

The Best Men’s Bicycling Shorts

The best men’s cycling shorts come in two designs: bibs and shorts. Bibs look like regular cycling shorts, but they come with a couple of comfortable straps that helps everything stay in place without resorting to a waistband.

Our list of the best men’s bicycling shorts includes traditional models, as well as bibs to guarantee you get the quality gear you deserve. Here’s what we looked for:

High-quality fabrics: the best men’s bicycling shorts come with lightweight, breathable and stretchy fabric that feels smooth on the skin. They help you reduce wind resistance and passively wicks sweat away from your skin to prevent rashes and chafing, making them a must-have for any model on our list.

Padded Chamois: a high-quality chamois pad is crucial to long-term comfort and injury prevention. Getting the best bike shorts for men will help you avoid saddle sores and chafing because they feature a densely padded chamois designed to improve comfort.

Comfortable fit: the best bike shorts for men need to offer an unrestrictive yet firm fit. As mentioned before, cycling shorts can come in traditional designs or with bibs, and it all comes down to personal preference. Regardless, all of the models we’ve picked offer next-level comfort in outdoors and indoors scenarios.

Our list also features exclusive pieces from the best online clothing stores for men to guarantee you get the quality you deserve. Without further ado, here are the best men’s bicycling shorts for this year!

The Baleaf Cycling Shorts for Men

best mens bike shorts 1Source: Bayleaf
The 3D Chamois Padded Cycling Shorts are equally comfortable and affordable.

The Baleaf Low Cut model is one of the best men’s bicycling shorts for this year. This model features a 4-way-stretch polyester and spandex blend that maximizes your mobility and prevents moisture from building up.

The stretchy fabrics blend is also super smooth on the skin, and it comes with a 3D Chamois padding that prevents sores and chafing at all times. The Baleaf cycling shorts are also one of the best bike shorts for men in terms of convenience since it offers a nifty side pocket and reflective elements that keep you visible during the night.

The design and comfort level resembles some of the best men’s athletic shorts for men out there, and it’s an excellent choice for those that prefer a traditional strap-less design.

The Przewalski Bike Shorts for Men

best mens bike shorts 2Source: Amazon
The Przewalski cycling bibs come with an ergonomic chamois that keeps you dry and comfortable.

The Przewalski is, without question, one of the best bike shorts on Amazon due to its chamois and fabric blend. The chamois is a critical part of any cyclist’s shorts since it’s constantly brushing against your bike’s seat. This model comes with an Ergonomic Coolmax Chamois comes with a high-density foam insert that actively absorbs shocks while preventing skin irritation.

The Przewalski also comes with a water-diffusive fabric that keeps your pelvic area fresh even during the warmer months. The level of attention to detail and overall thoughtful design make this model one of the best bike shorts on Amazon for this year.

The Fox Racing Bike Shorts for Men

best mens bike shorts 3Source: Fox Racing
The Fox Racing bike shorts for men pack a trail-specific technology that takes your performance to the next level.

The Fox Racing Shorts are one of the best bike shorts with pockets, perfect for carrying essentials ahead of a tough trail. The stretch ripstop fabric is tough on the elements and soft on the skin, and it comes with a dynamic waist adjuster that allows you to pick a fit that feels just right for you. We highly recommend you pair these up with the best compression shorts for men to take your performance to new heights.

The TruDri technology and DWR finish keep moisture away from your body and actively sheds dirt and debris. This powerful combination, along with its dual-density chamois, guarantees that your skin stays protected from sores, chafing, and impacts.

The Sponeed Bike Shorts for Men

best mens bike shorts 4Source: Team Sponeed
The Sponeed cycling shorts for men come with a super comfortable 4D chamois padding.

The super-stylish Sponeed are the best bike shorts for peloton, but they’re also well-suited for outdoor cycling. This best-selling model comes with an 80% polyester and 20% spandex stretchy fabric blend topped off with a UPF 50+ protection for summer days.

As far as non-bibs models go, the Sponeed is definitely amongst the best in terms of comfort and style. Instead of the traditional straps, this model features an elastic waistband that comfortably sits at waist level and pairs it with two silicon anti-slip bands that hug your legs. This design ensures that your cycling shorts and chamois stay perfectly aligned at all times.

The Gore Wear C5 Cycling Shorts

best mens bike shorts 5Source: Gorewear
The Gore Wear bike shorts are a high-tech option for men that value comfort and performance above all else.

The Gore Wear is one of the best men’s bicycling shorts for pro cyclists and peloton enthusiasts. Gore is known for incorporating high-performance fabrics into each of its products, and these bike shorts for men are no exception.

The C5 Opti Bib bicycling shorts for men come with a Gore Windstopper cup insert that is both highly breathable and quick drying. The double-layer construction design guarantees that your chamois actively protects you from sores, impacts, and annoying chafing you’d get from lower-quality models.

The C5 Opti Bib is also one of the best men’s cycling shorts because of its anatomically shaped wing that keeps your sciatic nerve protected from pressure, which makes it perfect for day-long rides and competitions that truly push you to your limits.


The best bike shorts for men offer a mix of comfort and support that regular models just can’t deliver consistently. A low-quality pair can not only lead to extreme discomfort: it can even drain you of your passion for the sport altogether! Because of this, the best men’s bicycling shorts are the one piece of a cycling kit that you can’t afford to skip or ignore.