Best German Watches

The Best German Watch Brands for Every Budget

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Ready to add sophistication and luxury to your outfits? Check out the best German watch brands for this year!

When it comes to luxury watches, two Titans stand above the rest: the Swiss and the German horologists. A few years ago, the high-end Swiss watchmaking industry had the market cornered, with admittedly, little to no opposition.

However, superior German engineering has managed to do what many believed was impossible: give the Swiss luxury watches a run for their money.

The Best German Watch Brands

Anyone that has worn luxury timepieces understands that, while they’re assets that appreciate over time, their true power and worth lies in that absolute confidence that they imbue on its wearer.

The Germans understand that designer watches are exclusive timepieces that add prestige and sophistication to any outfit. Luxury watches project authority and a deep respect and appreciation for craftsmanship, and high fashion, in an undeniable and opulent manner.

The best German watch brands managed to match Swiss timepieces in precision and craftsmanship. These manufacturers also release affordable models that look just as tasteful and refined as a Rolex, proving that there’s a timepiece for every budget.

Today, we’ve put together a list of the best German watch brands for this year. These German made watches are perfect for anyone ready to elevate their wardrobes with a dash of sophistication and power without breaking the bank.

Laco German Made Watches

Best German Watches 1Source: Laco
Laco creates authentic German watches with exceptional weather-resistant capabilities.

Laco Deutsche Uhrenmanufaktur began its century-long history by designing and supplying some of the best pilots watches ever created. First known as Flieger watches or Observer-watches (Beobachtungs-Uhren), Laco dedicated their efforts to producing the first cockpit computers, aiding Luftwaffe pilots to navigate the skies in a time where most officers wore pocket watches.

Laco competed with other historical German watch companies throughout the first half of the twentieth century in creating some of the first military-grade pilot watches. These rugged and imposing models display large, legible dials with dual time and GMT functions, weather-resistant capabilities, and oversized winding crowns to be comfortably worn alongside a thick pair of gloves to serve airmen, sailors, and soldiers throughout the riskiest missions.

Suppose you’re looking for the perfect gift for an air force service member or an admirer of the daredevil pioneers who risked everything at the dawn of aviation. In that case, few gifts are better than a Laco classic German watch.

Take, for instance, the Laco Type B Dial Miyota, one of the best German watches under $500 from this brand. At the moment, you can get this iconic wristwatch at $370 from Laco’s amazon store, a gift that perfectly captivates the adventurous spirit and excitement of the pilot lifestyle.

Moreover, German made watches such as the Laco Type B are perfect for rounding up formal attires composed of navy-blue blazers and dress pants, white dress-up shirts, and comfortable brown leather boots. Not to mention, its all-purpose, action-ready design also makes it an excellent addition for traveling or casually hanging out with some friends.

Lange & Söhne German Luxury Watches

Best German Watches 2Source: Lange & Söhne
Lange & Söhne watches are built by and for strong-willed individuals, ready to face life’s highs and lows without compromising who they are.

The origins of the prestigious Lange & Söhne German watch brand go as far back as 19th century Geneva. Its founder, Ferdinand Adolph Lange, envisioned the rise of a proud watchmaking culture that would transform the impoverished city of Glashütte into the commercially buzzing home of the best German watches.

His legacy would have to stand the most arduous tests of time, as a politically convoluted Europe would suffer the immense destruction and stagnating government overtakes resulting from two world wars and decades of strictly controlled economies.

Lange’s dream and legacy would not live up to its promise until the fall of the Berlin wall, opening the gates for the notable German watch brand to shine as a thriving private enterprise. Now producing some of the best made in Germany watches, A. Lange & Söhne offers six unique timepiece families representing a wristwatch’s most adventurous, romantic, and luxurious appeal.

Some of the most recognizable German luxury watches to this day come from the Odysseus Timepiece Collection: a family of German made watches fully encased in steel or white gold that contrasts the dials’ rich colorways. Any Odysseus model is sophisticated enough to be part of formal outfits, yet resilient enough to go with you on hiking, sailing, and even camping escapades, which speaks volumes of A. Lange & Söhne’s craftsmanship.

Glashütte Original Made in Germany Watches

Best German Watches 3Source: Glashütte Original
Glashütte Original embodies the highest level of German watchmaking art, producing timepieces that reflect their owner’s prestige.

Glashütte Original is widely considered one of the top German watch brands due to its resilience, commitment to excellence, and ingenious timepiece collections. The company has benefitted from a long crossover history with Swiss watchmakers, introducing Swiss-made mechanical components into elegant German timepiece designs.

Glashütte Original made in Germany watches honor resilience, sturdiness, and high standard aesthetics. Five exquisite collections cover an extensive range of options for men and women, covering classically elegant German watches and innovative asymmetric timepieces that suit every occasion and personal style.

One of their best seller collections is the Vintage Glashütte, which features classic German-made watches inspired in the 1960s and 1970s fashion. Each of their three colorful models is easily recognizable by its unique angular cases, artful chronographs, and curvy retro-modern silhouettes, making them perfect to round up single-colored flannel jackets and tapered jeans ensembles.

Sinn-Spezialuhren German Watches

Best German Watches 4Source: Sinn-Spezialuhren
Germany’s elite pilots, divers, and special forces wear these highly functional mechanical watches.

Sinn-Spezialuhren (commonly known as Sinn) stands as one of the best German watch brands in the market, competing with other historical brands through sheer innovation and cutting-edge technologies. Their unwavering desire to improve upon each model makes their extensive catalog of German watches a sight to behold.

Unlike other historical German watch companies, Sinn was founded in Frankfurt back in 1961 and has focused ever since on developing and implementing technologies to bring forth the most reliable, sturdy, and visually appealing timepieces you’ll ever see.

Their highly-capable team design division covers everything from instrument chronographs and cutting-edge straps to unique collections such as the Frankfurt Financial District Watches.

Consider their latest award-winning timepiece: The Sinns 717 Cockpit Wristwatch. Crowned with 2022’s Best German Watches Design Award, this modern German watch features a bead-blasted case made from stainless steel, topped by a low-pressure resistant sapphire crystal glass that’s impervious to fogging just like current Luftwaffe (German air force) issued models.

NOMOS Best German Watches

Best German Watches 5Source: Nomos
Nomos is known for its beautiful, lightweight designer watches.

NOMOS Glashütte offers some of the best German watches at surprisingly affordable prices. They merge luxury, beauty, and bargain prices into each of their carefully crafted models.

After 30 years, this increasingly popular company is committed to designing and building all their mechanical components in-house, producing 100% made in Germany watches that last for generations.

This outstanding German watch brand focuses on Bauhaus-style watches: a school of art that defines beauty in any object as an intrinsic form of effortless appeal. NOMOS German watches, therefore, stand as minimalist timepieces elegant enough to be dress watches yet, simple enough for daily wear thanks to a lack of extraneous, unnecessary detail.

As one of the top German watch companies, their never-ending research and investment allow their design and manufacturing division to improve newer technologies, issuing the slimmest and most durable wristwatches you’ve ever seen.

Tutima German Watches

Best German Watches 6Source: Tutima
Tutima watches are resilient, stylish, and easy to customize.

Tutima Glashütte SA stands to this day as one of the best German watches brands to produce all-terrain capable timepieces for every adventure.

Tutima German watches offer what other sporty, digital timepieces can’t. These German made watches break away from plastic and merge high-quality materials with battle-tested designs that infuse elegance, power, and good taste into any outfit.

This top German watch company has recently upgraded the M2 German watches collection, resurfacing the NATO and Bundeswehr (German Military) award-winning model that served countless professionals for decades in the harshest combat and training scenarios.

In this reedition, the M2 Tutima Made in Germany watches surpass the prerequisites demanded from its predecessors to serve present-day outdoor adventurers and hiking enthusiasts. These german watches also stand as the perfect companion ahead of a challenging climb in the relentless concrete jungle.

Some of the M2’s most notorious features include pure titanium cases (pressure-proofed to 30 atm of atmospheric pressure), sapphire crystals coated with anti-reflective treatment, and two sets of straps (titanium link bracelet and Kevlar weave) to meet every wearer’s fashion taste and performance standards.


The best German watch brands are, without question, the best thing that has happened to the luxury watch industry in the past 50 years. These German-made watches have forced the Swiss to take their craftsmanship and fashion teams to new levels.

As with all made in Germany watches, adding one of these pieces to your outfits guarantees you’ll stand out from any crowd. The best German watches have a way of making you feel confident, unique, and powerful wherever you go, and it’s something that successful businessmen rightfully appreciate.

Many of these watches are surprisingly affordable (by traditional luxury watch standards). But, they’re still prestigious timepieces that will impress your date and colleagues by offering an understated look that projects authority and style. By combining superior craftsmanship with considerable style, the best German watches offer the best of both worlds.