Best Hooded Flannel Jackets

7 Fashionable Flannel Jackets You’ll Love To Wear On Chilly Days

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Add a smart casual or outdoorsman twist to your wardrobe with the best flannel jackets!

A stylish men’s flannel jacket will revolutionize your wardrobe at a great price. A flannel jacket allows you to put together smart casual, manly outdoorsman, and even edgy 90s-Esque grunge outfits in a matter of seconds.

Today, we’ll help you dust off some of your old jeans and sneakers to breathe some new life into your wardrobe options!

The Best Flannel Jacket

A flannel shirt jacket unlocks a wide range of outfits and casual weekend looks.

They offer warmth and perfectly capture fall and winter style, allowing you to channel a rustic, outdoor look for riverside strolls or open-air gatherings with family and friends. But a durable shirt jacket has also become a staple in busy urban settings!

Many celebrities and fashion enthusiasts will pick a flannel shirt jacket, or a monochromatic shirt jacket, as their outfit’s centerpiece. They combine it with black jeans from the best clothing brands for men to create equally fashionable and cozy outfits for cold weather.

Today, we’ve put together a detailed rundown of the best flannel jackets for this year. These shirt jackets offer durability, style and they also come with a great price tag!

The Legendary Whitetails Best Hooded Flannel Jacket

Best Hooded Flannel Jackets 1Source: Legendary Whitetails
The Maplewood Hooded Shacket excels as an outdoor fall and winter jacket.

This Legendary Whitetails hooded shirt jacket is exactly what you need for that chilly fall and winter weather. The Maplewood hooded flannel comes with an optimal layered design that transitions from an internal quilted lining to a beautiful plaid flannel surface. Coupled with your favorite black jeans, you can go for a trendy Instagram model outfit or face the outdoors and everything it has to throw at you!

The soft-washed, all-cotton Maplewood flannel hoodie is one of this year’s best hooded flannel jackets for shifting temperatures. Comfy and heat retentive on the inside, the shackets outer layer safeguards your upper body with a reinforced poly-fill insulation cover and a plush, double-lined hood in case of rain or snow.

The Maplewood also includes super-cool features such as reinforced pencil slots and a pair of side warming pockets that keep your hands toasty and ready for anything.

The Hamilton Carhartt Best Hooded Flannel Jacket

Best Hooded Flannel Jackets 2Source: Hamilton Carhartt
This Carhartt piece is, by far, one of the most elegant hooded flannel jackets out there.

The Carhartt quilted flannel shirt jacket combines a stylish pilot jacket cut with all the weather-resistant properties a flannel coat has to offer. This hooded flannel jacket comes with a wind-resistant and water-repellent cotton duck outer layer that keeps you insulated at all times. The rugged cotton duck and stylish Carhartt brown finish add that smooth, modern aesthetic you can proudly show off where the wind takes you.

This beautifully made flannel shirt jacket holds a quilted flannel inner fabric that keeps you warm and comfortable, extending its impressive heat retention to the back of your head with its attached hood. Plus, this flannel hoodie is light enough that you can take it off without a problem whenever it gets too warm, making it perfect for indoor, patio, and outdoor adventures alike.

The Backwoods Plaid jacket

Best Hooded Flannel Jackets 3Source: Legendary Whitetails
This hooded midweight flannel shirt suits all kinds of outdoor winter outfits with its western-style yoke.

Legendary Whitetails knocks it out of the park with this versatile men’s shirt jacket. The brand went for a simple (yet super reliable) plaid shirt jacket design that merges traditional western yokes with a modern adjustable hoodie.

The Whitetails Backwoods Plaid jacket is the perfect outer layer piece to rock over your favorite t-shirts while running errands. This comfortable plaid jacket is also hosting your friends in your backyard as the cold starts to set in.

Its 100% cotton inner fabric not only keeps you comfortably warm but also gives you a snug fit for a leaner appearance (which is hard to find in your typical flannel jacket). With a simple button adjustment, you can work in both indoor and outdoor work scenarios throughout the year, making it an equally reliable and stylish piece.

The Gioberti Removable Hood Shirt Jacket

Best Hooded Flannel Jackets 4Source: Gioberti
Gioberti combines high-quality materials and superior craftsmanship in each of its pieces.

The Gioberti Sherpa Lined flannel shirt jacket is hands down one of the best-priced, quality flannel coats you can find for this winter. This super-comfy men’s shirt jacket combines a wind-breaking polyester flannel outer shell with a smooth inner Sherpa lining.

The Gioberti has a soft-to-the-touch inner texture that adjusts to your silhouette, making it perfect not just for the colder months but also for driving, working in the garage, or enjoying the breeze during spring and summer evenings

Feel free to check out this removable hood shirt jacket’s eight plaid colorways. We find that the Brown-Black, Blue-Navy, and Green-Navy presentations perfectly round up casual outfits that include contrasting jeans, dark sneakers, and any t-shirts with colorful logos.

The Total Eclipse Flannel Coat by Wrangler

Best Hooded Flannel Jackets 5Source: Wrangler
This Black and Blue plaid flannel jacket is a stylish wardrobe essential that takes casual outfits to new heights.

The Wrangler Total Eclipse flannel coat keeps you warm and stylish during winter break parties. This piece naturally adjusts to your figure, cutting down on the bulk most flannel shirts and hoodies combos deal with.

This eco-friendly flannel jacket is padded with diamond black quilted polyester for extra warmth and is fleece-lined for exceptional breathability. You’ll quickly warm down after buttoning up and locking down this jacket’s cuffs as you enjoy a night out with friends and family.

The Total Eclipse also includes two side seam pockets (in addition to your typical dual front chest pockets) to keep your everyday essentials and gadgets secure at all times.

We recommend pairing this laid-back flannel jacket with some vivid-blue jeans and your favorite black sneakers for a casual look. However, if you want a dressier ensemble, go for a slim, white turtle neck long-sleeve shirt, a pair of black leather boots, and a steel blue dial wristwatch to make a great first impression!

The Dickies Hydroshield Flannel Shacket

Best Hooded Flannel Jackets 6Source: Dickies
This flannel shacket by Dickies is warm, durable, water-resistant, and most of all: super-comfortable.

The Dickies Hydroshield Flannel shacket is here to keep you comfortable and dry while you work, cruise around town on your bike, or have a great time with your friends under the starry sky.

Flannel shackets are hybrid fashion items that can be worn as either shirts or jackets. This Dickie’s model features the equally versatile and fashionable button-down design that made shackets so popular this year.

This Hydroshield flannel shacket also combines a water-repellent cotton yarn and a smooth-to-the-touch polyester Sherpa lining to keep you warm during chilly nights. We highly recommend you pair the Hydroshield flannel shacket with a pair of comfortable boots or some black sneakers for a stylish, manly appearance.

The Pendleton Wool Shirt Jacket

Best Hooded Flannel Jackets 7Source: Pendleton
This high-quality Pendleton shacket features premium wool sourced from local ranchers in Umatilla County, Oregon.

The Pendleton Green Wool shirt jacket pairs its durable, high-quality fabric with a relaxed-fit design that looks exceptionally well on any guy. This wool shirt jacket is perfect for everyday activities or social occasions such as parties, barbeques, and even cabin getaway trips.

The Pendleton’s trimmer sleeves and a slimmer back and waist cut add elegance to an otherwise casual piece. Despite its tailored appeal, this wool shirt jacket excels in cold weather scenarios as its sturdy, pure virgin American wool retains warmth like no other.

What’s more, the iconic plaid pattern of this wool shirt jacket strikes the perfect balance between heavy-duty and super stylish. We recommend pairing it up with some slim-fit jeans and some black techwear-style boots (such as the Rhyodomo GTX) for a modern yet rugged aesthetic.


A men’s flannel jacket is a wardrobe staple that everyone should own. Whether you’re going cross-country into the great wilds or to a fancy date downtown, a shirt jacket might be that fashionable centerpiece that your wardrobe needs.

A shirt jacket is also warm, cozy and it offers that rugged touch that your crush will love. Even the softboy aesthetic that has TikTok in a frenzy this year regularly incorporates plaid jackets into their casual outfits! It truly is a multi-functional piece that you’ll look forward to wearing every time you head out.