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Start Looking Taller Now with Elevator Shoes [Full Review]

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Have you ever wished you could be taller? Whether you’re preparing for a job interview or a date, elevator shoes will give you the height and confidence you’ll need to crush it!

There’s no getting around it: tall men have it easier. According to studies, they’re more likely to earn more, date more, and overall be more respected. Elevator shoes allow you to even the playing field instantly!

Thanks to advances in technology and design, elevator shoes are no longer exclusive to Hollywood and political elites (which have used these for years!). Before I show you the best elevator shoes for this year, I’d like to explain why we picked these models and what they can do for you.

The Best Elevator Shoes

I’m a firm believer that you should do whatever you can to feel more confident. We’re also naturally wired to judge based on physical appearance, and we make decisions on a subconscious level based on a person’s height. For both of these reasons, using elevator shoes makes all the sense in the world!

The best elevator shoes will instantly boost your confidence, but they must also look like regular shoes would. Whether you’re going to a fancy wedding or a casual date, your elevator shoes need to look natural and avoid suspicion of any kind.

I also believe that we need to be sticklers when it comes to quality. Most elevator shoes come with an insole that gradually increases as you get to the heel to make you look taller. The insole is a critical part of any elevator shoe design, and we must pick a comfortable and durable insole that will last for years to come.

Lastly, we need to talk about style and comfort. If you’re going to be taller, you’re going to need shoes for every occasion! The best elevator shoes will help you in formal events and casual outings to guarantee you look consistently taller at all times, but they also need to be comfortable. A job interview might be over in a little over an hour, but weddings can take up an entire day!

With the help of our review team, I’ve hand-picked models that pass our strict standards with flying colors. Here are the best elevator shoes for this year!

The CALTO Q331 Casual Elevator Shoes

elevator shoes 1Source: Tallmenshoes
The Q331 gives you the best of two worlds: Super-light, breathable fabrics, and durable height-increasers in their soles.

These sporty elevator shoes feature a white outsole below their wear-resistant mesh fabric, mixing comfort and longevity. The Q331’s come in coal-black, navy blue, and steel gray colors and a modern design that seamlessly elevates you by 2.6 inches.

Perfect for jogging, light training, and walks, these CALTO elevator sneakers make use of an inner lined hidden increaser that offers ample room for your foot.

The CALTO – S3507: Refined Elevator Dress Shoes

elevator shoes 5Source: Tallmenshoes
Classic yet fashionable, The CALTO A329013 dress shoes are perfect for formal events.

The CALTO S3507 by Tallmenshoes is the perfect mix of refined style, comfort, and seamless height-increasing design. This model combines a cushioned height-increasing insole with a discrete heel height to instantly make you three inches taller.

The CALTO S3507 features high-quality leather as well as an elegantly double-stitched design that is as durable as it is stylish. The sharp cap toe and dual monk strap aesthetic is a tried-and-true design that draws compliments from even the most avid fashionistas. These elevator shoes project refined taste and power, making them ideal for interviews, weddings, and public speaking.

CHAMARIPA’s Heavy-duty Elevated Shoes

elevator shoes 3Source: CHAMARIPA
Get ready to impress coworkers with these rugged and fashionable elevator shoes.

These genuine leather elevator shoes by CHAMARIPA feature top-notch materials and a crafty ergonomic design that will boost your height by 2.76 inches overnight.

These elevator shoes are the ultimate work and hiking companion. They combine a rugged design with a high-quality rubber sole that offers exceptional support and traction at all times. The CHAMARIPA elevator shoes are also lightweight and comfortable, allowing you to look your best regardless of weather or terrain conditions.

Thursday Boot Company Duke Elevator Shoes

elevator shoes 4Source: Thursday Boot Co.
The Dukes are weather-resistant and stain-resistant elevator shoes that boost your height and style from the get-go.

The Dukes by Thursday Boot Co. is a stylish pair of Chelsea boots tailor-made for business meetings and work environments. The waxed chrome leather cover offers an upscale look, while its discrete design naturally enhances your height.

The cork-bed midsoles dynamically adapt to your feet, while its Poron antimicrobial insoles protect you from sudden shocks, making it one of the best elevator shoes in terms of comfort. These elevator shoes are also easy to polish and can be worn for extended periods of time, making them a must-have addition to any wardrobe.

The Best Elevator Shoes for Workouts

elevator shoes 2Source: Ice Cold Lemonade
These impact-ready, training elevator shoes are ideal for intense trekking or training sessions.

Ice Cold Lemonade’s Training Sneakers are some of the best elevator shoes for intense workouts and outdoor activities. The futuristic, borderline techwear style conceals a durable height-increasing sole that will make you look taller instantly.

With a stylish engraving stripe and a multicolor mesh collar, these shoes don’t just lift your height: They help you look good as you see eye-to-eye with the competition at the gym.


Elevator shoes are quickly becoming one of the trendiest men’s accessories for this year, along with wooden watches. Being taller is scientifically proven to be a desirable trait from a romantic and financial standpoint, and it’s about time men are able to even the playing field!

As closing advice, I’d personally recommend going for 2-3 inches elevator shoes and passing on the more extreme +5 inches models (unless you need them!). These elevator shoes will be easier to get used to, and since they’ll improve your posture, many will assume you look taller because of that. If you believe you’ll need the whole extra five inches, then I’d still recommend buying an intermediate model before fully transitioning to a taller version to get used to how they feel.