Best Dad Shoes

The Best Dad Shoes to Keep You Comfortable at Home and Work

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Looking for the hottest sneaker Heritage edition relaunches? Here are the best dad shoes for this year!

Many believe that the best dad shoes are little more than a trend. I think they’re wrong: dad shoes are a lifestyle!

The best dad shoes are dope because they bring back the best that 90s fashion had to offer at the time. Celebrities like Chance the Rapper, Chris Evans, Kendall Jenner, and even Jaden Smith prove that dad shoes transcend age and gender rules and make just about anyone look effortlessly cool.

The Best Dad Shoes

The best dad shoes feature those thick, chunky soles that changed the game during the 90s and borderline tacky plastic components throughout the build. They’re also exceptionally comfortable and excel at keeping your feet snug throughout the day.

You can use dad shoes like running shoes, but we’d highly recommend you instead opt for some of the best Ultraboost colorways out there. They’re specifically designed for running and add modern style choices to your wardrobe that dad shoes are not meant to fill.

Whether you’re a fan of heritage edition sneakers or wish to bring some of that 90s comfort and cool into your outfits, you’ll find that our list of the best dad shoes has something for you!

The Monarch IV Nike Dad Shoes

Best Dad Shoes Nike MonarchSource: Nike
The Air Monarch IV kicks are perfect for home workouts or Sunday barbeque days.

The Monarch IV is hands down one of the most fashionable daddy shoes you can gift nowadays. These Nike dad sneakers are renowned for their style and performance by both athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

Nike designed one of the best dad shoes in terms of cushion and support for everyday cardio activities. You can wear these for your daily walks, jogs, workouts, and run-of-the-mill errands, but don’t be surprised to catch yourself wearing these on your next backyard cookout either! After all, the best dad shoes are great for everyday use, but they’re equally suited for weekend cookouts with friends and family.

The Monarch IV also looks great on you whether you’re wearing shorts or your favorite jeans. Its old-fashioned sneaker style has a curved but solid upper design with beautiful navy-blue details. Plus, Nike added a reactive foam midsole and pressured air pockets beneath it to absorb impacts and weight like no other dad shoe.

The Best New Balance Dad Shoes

Best Dad Shoes New BalanceSource: New Balance
These New Balance kicks have an athletic look that builds upon their predecessors’ breathability, versatility, and durability.

The 623 V3 is one of the best New Balance dad shoes you can find for any weekend activity, without breaking the bank. As a direct competitor to the Nike Monarch IV, these dad new balance shoes are exceptionally comfortable thanks to their chunky soles and the brand’s newest insole technology.

The New Balance 623 brought a throwback upper design inspired by 90’s professional tennis footwear (back in the day, they stood as the typical old man new balance shoes.) Nonetheless, these dad shoes are making a comeback due to their long-missed durability, comfort, and sporty design.

These dad shoes are perfect for hanging out at your mancave or do some mind-clearing pump ups at your garage gym. The kick’s premium cushioning and their trusty ABZORB heel pad help you secure a better footing during workouts or long walks around town. They’re great for staying in shape, fashionable, and comfortable all at the same time!

The Modern Dad Grilling Shoes by Reebok

Best Dad Shoes GrillSource: Reebok
These Reebok kicks add 90s drip to your wardrobe.

The Reebok Workout Plus are some of the most up-to-date dad shoes you can find. The vintage throwback style of these kicks meets today’s modern footwear technology, featuring the exceptional shock absorption capabilities of their EVA foam soles and lots of other powerful performance features.

These dad shoes are straight-up great for your feet. You can take them anywhere and everywhere without looking outdated thanks to their durable soft leather upper design and still enjoy the freedom and mobility of their low-cut design.

The best dad shoes add versatility and freedom of choice to any wardrobe, and the Reebok Workout Plus excels at this. Their minimalist colorways contrast with their grippy rubber outsole, matching white t-shirts, polos, ripped jeans, and jackets to perfection.

The Most Reliable White Dad Shoes From FILA

Best Dad Shoes FilaSource: Fila
The FILA Memory Workshift shoes are one of the most low-key fashionable dad shoes ever released.

FILA may not be as popular in the U.S. as Sketchers, Nike, and Adidas, but they sure make high-quality, versatile sneakers. Back in the 90s, the Italian-based company expanded its supply lines across the States, Latin America, and Asia with a super comfortable, fashionable, and sturdy footwear line.

Sticking to tradition and high-quality construction, the Memory Workshift reveals FILA’s experience producing ultra-lightweight and ergonomically designed footwear. These dad tennis shoes showcase durable leather and synthetic overlays and guarantee a comfortable walking experience thanks to a top-notch insole cushion that lets your feet rest the moment you put them on.

The FILA Memory Workshift is the ultimate go-to shoe for just about any activity. The Memory Workshift dad shoes excel at occupational and everyday scenarios since their durable rubber outsole surpass industrial safety standards and slip performance tests. Plus, it comes with an incredible price tag!

The Strutter Adidas Dad Shoe

Best Dad Shoes AdidasSource: Adidas
The Strutters are ready for wherever the day takes you, as their chunky silhouette and street-style design deliver comfort for years to come.

The Adidas Strutters are the perfect last-minute gift for birthdays or fathers days. The stylish silhouette allows the wearer to update their outfits with a stylish 90s chunky sole design at an excellent price.

The smooth leather upper detailed with cutouts, overlays, and Adidas signature 3-Stripes details make them a stylish addition to any casual outfit. Plus, you can choose from a wide selection of colorways such as cloud white, core dark, dark blue, active red, and even grey six, each capable of rejuvenating your wardrobe.

The Strutter is also one of the best dad shoes for damp terrains and rainy days. They keep your feet dry even if rain catches you on your commute, thanks to its padded ankle collar, plushy tongue, and chunky, supper grippy midsole design. In terms of water resistance and overall grip, they’re right up there with the best traction basketball shoes!

Adidas Yeezy Dad Shoes

Best Dad Shoes YeezySource: Adidas
This Adidas model takes the Yeezy “dad shoe” clean look to a whole new level.

The Adidas Yeezy Boost 700 dad shoes merge old-school bulky aesthetics with a uniquely snug design. The Boost 700 is guaranteed to draw eyes and compliments from knowledgeable sneakerheads and conquer your heart with their next-level performance features.

These Adidas dad shoes combine flexible leather and breathable mesh to keep your feet fresh and comfortable at all times. These kicks’ well-supported design makes them perfect for shooting some hoops with the kids at home or taking them on a bicycle ride nearby. Plus, they look great alongside some jogger capri pants when going to the gym!

The Sketcher Energy Afterburn Chunky Dad Shoes

Best Dad Shoes Sketchers EnergySource: Sketchers
The Energy Afterburn looks effortlessly cool on almost any outfit.

The Skechers Energy Afterburn is one of the most popular dad shoes ever designed by Sketchers. These dad shoes offer premium cushioning through more than inch-high thick soles, preventing sore feet and any pressure-related discomfort as you head downtown for some tacos with your friends.

The best chunky dad shoes are known to deliver outstanding support, comfort, and versatility. The Energy Afterburn gives you this and more through a shock-absorbing midsole that provides extra height and stability. They might not add as many inches as the best elevator shoes, but they’re casual and easier to combine.

Furthermore, these exercise-ready shoes are also great for hiking adventures as their sturdy upper design keeps your feet protected with a leather overlay.

Last but not least, these well-built kicks have proven to be a great wardrobe addition for amputees. Removing one of their insole’s prosthetics can benefit from their shock absorption without changing their height and foot alignment, providing excellent footing and comfort at all times.

Sketchers Ultimate Dad Shoes for Staying at Home

Best Dad Shoes SketchersSource: Sketchers
These slip-on shoes add convenience and comfort to your weekends at home.

The Skechers Equalizer 2.0 are one of the best daddy shoes for young parents and seniors alike thanks to their highly convenient slip-on design and comfortable cushion.

The Equalizer 2.0 is one of the best dad shoes in terms of convenience, ease of use, and overall comfort. You can slip these on and head out to the park with your significant other for a gorgeous day under the sun. These Sketcher dad shoes not only bring a thicker sole and better arch support to the table, but they also deliver a snug, sock-like fit that you can quickly put on and off.

These dad shoes also demonstrate outstanding performance on slippery surfaces as their engineered rubber outsole provides all the traction you need. All in all, these are the kind of shoes you want to wear with casual outfits on your Wednesday morning errands.


The best dad shoes are perfect for anyone that prioritizes comfort above all else. Dads have a tendency to be fashion impaired and instead look for sneakers with thick soles and extra cushioning on the heel to stay active and comfortable throughout the day. But now, it just so happens that the best dad shoes are super fashionable, with many celebrities proudly sporting their dad shoes. The best clothing brands for men have begun releasing heritage editions of these oldies and are quickly catching on to this nifty fashion trend.

One of my favorite things about the dad shoe lifestyle is that you don’t have to be a dad or a guy to partake in this trend. Wearing dad shoes is an inclusive activity that transcends generational and gender barriers. It offers a comfortable twist to our wardrobes and presents itself as a top-tier gift option for this year.