Best Cardigans for Men

14 Cardigans for Men That Add Sophistication To Any Outfit

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Cardigans for men have come a long way from their cavalry origins. Today, they stand as handsome, underrated garments that transform casual outfits into sharp, elegant ensembles that convey confidence, maturity, and a great fashion taste. Join us in this 14-piece review of this must-have item for every man’s wardrobe!

Keeping Men Elegant for Centuries

Cardigans trace their history back to the age of hussars; famed cavalry regiments were known for their bravery, audacity, and dashing uniforms. The famous Major General James Brudenell, commander of the British Light Cavalry Brigade, commissioned a personal tailor to create a knitted wool waistcoat that would set him apart as an officer, only for this piece to gain notoriety within British high society.

It’s no wonder that all cardigans for men easily have a classy, elegant air. These 2-season pieces of clothing have been a man’s greatest ally whenever he needed a slimmer, less encumbering outwear piece to handle temperature drops from late fall, winter, and spring chilly mornings.

The Best Cardigans for Men

Despite their classic appeal, cardigans for men were often misconstrued as the stereotypical look of nerds and bookworms, and some of that has fallen on most manufacturers not offering more slim-fit cuts in their bestselling models.

Thankfully, in the last few years, mens cardigans have gone through somewhat of a renaissance. With a return to their roots, they display a true anatomical fit that highlights a man’s back and laps more easily, instantly stylizing your figure with a dash of elegance.

Let’s take a look at some of the best cardigans for men (for casual and business occasions) and some helpful tips on how to make them shine:

Coofandy Line of Cardigans for Men

Best Cardigans for Men 1Source: Coofandy
Men’s cardigans are a practical way to elevate semi-formal and formal outfits with style.

This soft Coofandy cardigan is the perfect way to escape the dime of a dozen look of regular business ensembles. Coofandy is a highly rated men’s clothing brand known for its upbeat garments and great price/quality pieces.

Cardigans for men excel at offering convenience and elegance without you having to overthink what to wear for work, a date, or a business meeting. If you want to look formal but not too dressy, you can start by wearing your favorite dress shirt, combine it with a Coofandy mens cardigan of contrasting color, and round it up with a matching tie for maximum style.

The best thing about this line of cardigans for men is that its slim-fit cuts, extensive colorways, and understated textures easily blend with different outfits, effectively expanding your wardrobe possibilities.

For instance, if you go for a dark grey Coofandy cardigan, and white dress shirt will do the trick as long as your tie has some black, grey, and white on its pattern. This combination also looks great by adding dark blue tapered jeans and some shiny black boots to the mix.

AllSaints Wool Cardigans for Men

Best Cardigans for Men 2Source: AllSaints
Sophisticated, casual, and comfortable are three words that come to mind when describing this ALLSAINTS cardigan.

The AllSaints Gray and Black wool cardigans for men offer elegance without sacrificing a single bit of convenience. This long-sleeved cardigan is a priceless addition to your wardrobe, especially if you dig stylish outfits that don’t feel like you’re over-dressing for the occasion.

Both ALLSAINTS mens cardigans are made entirely of merino wool, making them easy to clean, resistant to wrinkles, and highly breathable. Thanks to its open-front design, this casual, lightweight jacket alternative is also the perfect complement for plain and printed t-shirts. These cardigans for men allow your center print to shine while adding much-needed warmth and layering to the outfit.

Quince Best Affordable Cardigans For Men

Best Cardigans for Men 3Source: OneQuince
Quince is one of the few high-quality clothing brands to offer 100% cashmere cardigans at a budget-friendly price.

The Quince Mongolian is hands down one of the best affordable cardigans for men you can find. This buttoned vest is made from grade A cashmere, adding upscale quality and soft comfort to any outfit.

This moisture-wicking buttoned jacket feels as light as a t-shirt, yet it adds considerable warmth and protection for those backyard get-togethers with friends. The Quince affordable cardigans for men feature grey and black colorways that match your favorite loungewear pieces, making them an excellent addition to your wardrobe.

If you’re aiming for a sharper look, you can button your cardigan up and combine it with a pair of tailored trousers. This ensemble effortlessly adds style and warmth during those early spring days, making them a top pick for this year.

Synthetic Fabric Cardigan for Men

Best Cardigans for Men 4Source: KarlyWindow
This cozy outerwear will give you a classy, rugged look that keeps you comfy during the year’s colder months.

This Karly Window thick cardigan is the perfect gift for those who feel perpetually cold, even when everyone else seems fine with indoor ambient temperatures. Stretchy, super soft, and with an imposing neck cuff, this synthetic fabric cardigan for men is a fashionable, budget-friendly piece that can last for years.

This shaw-collar cardigan comes in 7 different colorways you can choose from. Despite its thicker, fitted blanket design, this synthetic fabric cardigan for men envelops your figure in a flattering way, widening your shoulder’s and back’s length all at once.

The Knitted Karly Window cardigan for men keeps you comfy as you enjoy some authentic Cuban cigars with the boys. You can also take this fashionable piece to coffee dates, making it a versatile piece for just about any occasion. This cardigan for men is a must-consider holiday present for any relative or friend that appreciates fashion, especially if you’re looking to make a splash without breaking the bank!

Pioneer Camp Line of Zipped Men’s Cardigans

Best Cardigans for Men 5Source: Pioneer Camp
The Pioneer zipped cardigan gives you that put-together look that you need!

The less traditional but elegant Pioneer zipped mens cardigans work as handsome insulating layers that keep you stylish in any scenario. Zipped mens cardigans are as underrated as they are versatile and are regarded by the best fashion websites for men as a perfect complement to dress shirts. This fashionable combination is great for commuting, dates, or casual Friday night hangouts.

Strongly knitted and snug, the Pioneer line of zipped mens cardigans never droops even if you put keys, tech essentials (or even your wallet) in its side pockets. You can also choose from 6 rich colorways (Dark and Navy Blue, Army Green, Khaki, Black, and Grey) to make stylish combinations with shirts and tie patterns alongside your favorite trousers.

Luxurious Cardigans Men Jackets from Peter Millar

Best Cardigans for Men 6Source: PeterMillar
Add an airy, luxurious cardigan to your beach outfits and get some of that Bellagio coastline fashion style.

The super-smooth Villa cardigan from Peter Millar elevates any summer outfit in style with its Kelp green color and an Italian fabric blend of linen, silk, and merino wool. More often than not, we think of cardigans as practical outer layer pieces that can keep us cozy in cold environments, but they’re so much more than that! They’re the ideal companion for windy days at the coast or chilly vacation evenings abroad.

Peter Millar’s cardigans mens light jackets are the perfect buttoned complement for summer outfits. Add some stylish cargo shorts and the best Louis Vuitton sneakers, and you’ll look like you own a 30-foot yacht!

The collar style of this unique PM cardigans men piece has a spread shape that mimics dress shirts for a classy look, almost as if you’re wearing a super light, airy polo. Thanks to its high-quality fabrics, you are guaranteed to experience a pleasant, soft-to-the-touch outer layer that fits your figure nicely.

The Hooded Male Cardigan From H&M

Best Cardigans for Men 7Source: Hennes & Mauritz
No scratchiness, no itchiness. Enjoy the pure cotton fabric of this long-hooded cardigan wherever you go.

What if I told you there’s a way to look classy and expensive without sacrificing comfort? The Hennes & Mauritz extended jacket adds sophistication and relaxed comfort to any outfit, even if you’re just heading to the gym!

Round up your favorite gray or black joggers, gym t-shirt, and comfy ultra-boosts with this lightweight hooded male cardigan to weather chilly mornings and rainy days without skipping a beat!

If you work from home and like to stay on that cozy athleisure clothing as much as possible, a long hooded male cardigan can be the perfect addition to your wardrobe. Just put the H&M cardigan on top of whatever you’re wearing, and you’re good to go for last-minute errands or a late-night Saturday night beer run.

H&M Pastel Color Men Cardigans

Best Cardigans for Men 8Source: Hennes & Mauritz
Pastels are the perfect way to step outside the usual hues of neutrals that dominate men’s formal outfits.

The Hennes & Mauritz pastel color men cardigans are a fashionable alternative for those who love a classic summer aesthetic. This sophisticated piece dials back on intensely colored clothes to make your outfits less dependent on sharp contrasts.

Fashionable and functional, this line of zipped, pastel color men cardigans lets you choose from 7 different color combinations to create laid-back outfits that look unique, feel comfortable, and add a ton of options to your wardrobe. This cardigan is also a fantastic piece for your softboy outfits this year!

For instance, take the light blue H&M men cardigan: This slim-fit jacket alternative looks incredible with orange, white, or light green t-shirts underneath. Add some beige or navy blue chinos, and you can choose between a pair of trendy sneakers or some quality Birkenstocks to create a unique ensemble! Whether you’re going for a stroll at the nearest park or meeting a friend for some coffee, you’re guaranteed to look effortlessly stylish.

Everlane Trendy Mens Cardigans

Best Cardigans for Men 9Source: Everlane
This elegant cardigan’s cotton and synthetic fabric efficiently wick away moisture from your skin to keep you warm and comfortable.

This updated Everlane cardigan serves as the perfect outer layer for semi-formal outfits and casual ensembles. The Everlane’s mens cardigans are revolutionary pieces that add depth and fashionable twists to your all-time favorite apparel.

For instance, if you’re a college student or trying to look sharp at the internship without too much effort, we highly recommend pairing this smooth cotton and polyester cardigan with a light-colored shirt underneath, some olive trousers, and a pair of comfy brown suede boots. You can then accessorize your ensemble with a wooden wristwatch for that handsome upscale look that will impress your coworkers!

You can also add elegance and convenience to your busy college days by wearing a minimalist brown backpack to match your watch and boots. It’s a timeless combination that will turn heads and draw compliments from that cute classmate!

Nautica’s Men in Cardigans Series

Best Cardigans for Men 10Source: Nautica
Keep your days nice and comfy with this stylish Nautica cardigan.

This Navy Blue Nautica Cardigan is warm, textured, and snug enough to work as both a mid or outer layer as it’s entirely made of cotton. Its preppy look, rich navy blue colorway, durable black buttons, and embraided white details are a tried-and-true combination that makes you stand out from the crowd.

Back in the 50s, you’d see men in cardigans during the colder months, showcasing what was once considered an essential wardrobe piece that helped you stay warm and well-presented both indoors and outdoors, especially when temperatures didn’t warrant a sheepskin jacket.

Nowadays, men in cardigans still retain that fashionable look with the additional flair of modern tailoring. They’re also perfect for matching the stylish overcoat outfits you’ll need during wintertime.

Even if you don’t feel like wearing an outer layer piece on top of this Nautica cardigan, you’d still look golden with a flannel shirt underneath, some well-preserved jeans, and a pair of comfy boots that matches your shirt’s color combination.

The Avamo Line of Long Cardigans for Men

Best Cardigans for Men 11Source: Avamo
The Avamo long cardigans for men can add serious style points to your everyday outfits.

The Avamo line of long cardigans for men keeps the Way of the Dude current in fashion by making the most casual outfits a bit more sophisticated. After all, not everyone is fond of the Mr. Rodgers look that some cardigans offer, especially since it makes us look unnecessarily old or straight up outdated when it comes to fashion. The Avamo, thankfully, shatters this stereotype with tremendous ease.

If you are looking for a stylish outer layer piece that can keep you warm as you run errands during the morning, then the Avamo long cardigans are perfect for you. They feel like a cozy, comfy bathrobe you can confidently wear outside your house without looking like a slob.

Since they’re made from synthetic fabrics, these long cardigans for men feel soft and light, making them an ideal complement for your favorite shirts, jeans, and loungewear.

Bonobos Best Cardigans for Men

Best Cardigans for Men 12Source: Bonobos
Go full Fleetwood style with this special edition Bonobos cardigan!

This special edition piece is one of the best cardigans for men ever created by Bonobos. If you love golfing and having a good time with some friends at your local course, then these Bonobos cardigans for men are a must-have.

The Fern Stripe cardigan and a nice yarn-dye striped shirt are guaranteed to add sophisticated retro vibes to your outfits. It’s a tried-and-true vintage look that is currently trending this year, and with good reason. You can also pair these with your favorite white or brown golf shorts to surpass any Club’s dress code and stay mobile as you hit the green.

Moreover, if you rather put together a dressier outfit for country club events and cookouts, round up this special edition cardigan with some brown stretch chinos and some brown loafers to stay elegant and comfortable for hours on end.

The H2H Black Cardigans for Men

Best Cardigans for Men 13Source: H2H
Black cardigans always complement the most sophisticated outfits.

The H2H Long Sleeve black cardigan for men is perfect for an elegant monochromatic outfit, with plenty of room and potential for accessorization. Pairing slim-fit black cardigans for men such as this with a black turtleneck and some charcoal chinos is a surefire way to introduce Milan’s high-fashion to your outfit rotation.

If you’re not big on turtlenecks, a black dress shirt or a monochromatic shirt will pair nicely. Introduce some modish accessories such as the upscale Sinn wristwatch, an all-purpose techwear backpack, and some white canvas oxford shoes, and you’re all set!

On the other hand, if you’re looking to impress your date, just pair these black cardigans for men with some rimless sunglasses and a scarf, and you’ll look like a rockstar on your dinner date!

Cashmere Cardigans for Men

Best Cardigans for Men 14Source: MaisonCashmere
Pair this cashmere vest with your favorite dress shirts to stay sharp!

This extra fine sweater vest is one of the best cashmere cardigans for men ever produced by MaisonCashmere. This piece has a distinguished smooth texture and outstanding hypoallergenic properties that only authentic cashmere can offer.

If you have a small frame, you probably have difficulty finding sweaters and jackets that look bulky or oversized. This Maison Cashmere cardigan for men might be the perfect piece you were looking for since its slim cut, fine gauge, ribbed neck, and hems deliver that snug fit that every man needs from a lightweight garment.


When to Use Cashmere Cardigans for Men?

Business meetings, work environments, dinners, and social occasions that call for elegance are the best time to use cashmere cardigans for men.

Given its softness, lightweight, wrinkle-resistant capabilities, and being 8 times more insulating than sheep’s wool, cashmere cardigans for men excel while wearing them during the colder months and wherever indoor temperatures prove uncomfortably chilly.

How Do You Style Black Cardigans for Men?

Black cardigans for men are great at delivering sharp contrasts to any outfit. Wearing a black cardigan over a dress shirt with a tie projects seriousness and a well-kept professional appearance as long as it’s generally slim and not skin tight.

Plus, since black clothing pieces add style to all other pieces, it’s safe to say that french blue, grey, burgundy, and white shirts, as well as grey chinos, light-hued jeans, and beige dress pants, are some of the easiest pair-ups to go with black cardigans for men.

Are Hooded Cardigans for Men Worth It?

Definitely! Hooded cardigans add the same sophisticated aesthetic of an overcoat without the added weight you’d normally bear on gym days.

They’re also a fantastic choice for wedding outfits that need an extra layer capable of handling unexpected rainfalls.