Black Sneakers for Men

7 Easy to Combine Best Black Sneakers for Men

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Snag the most fashionable black sneakers for men this year!

No matter your age, black sneakers for men are a wardrobe staple too good to pass on.

According to the best fashion websites for men, you can wear black sneakers throughout the year for almost any occasion. The best black sneakers for men are also easy to combine and maintain, allowing you to get plenty of mileage out of each pair.

The Best Black Sneakers for Men

Getting the most out of your black sneakers for men is all about reading the occasion and dressing for it. Are you dressing to impress your date? Then go with luxe streetwear outfits with a leather bomber jacket and some sleek black sneakers.

Maybe you’re looking for that casual winter outfit you’ll wear to class and downtown trips. Then you can’t go wrong with slim-fit black jeans and some kicks for the best black sneaker brands. With so many emerging fashion trends, such as the soft boy look, it’s safe to say that there’s a pair of black sneakers for every occasion.

By the time you’re done reading our list, you’ll find that the best black sneakers for men look great with anything from tees to fancy jackets.

Without further ado, here are the best black sneakers for men this year!

Adidas Hoops 2.0 Black Sneakers for Men

Black Sneakers for Men 1Source: Adidas
Treat your feet with the slick and comfy Adidas Hoops 2.0

The Mid Black Hoops 2.0 are arguably the best Adidas black sneakers for monochromatic outfits and everyday wear. These black sneakers for men showcase a mid-top shoe design that pays homage to 90’s basketball kicks, surrounding your ankles with its cushy padding. The water-resistant nubuck upper also keeps your feet dry and comfortable during rainy commutes or backyard barbecues.

Triple black sneakers are visually powerful and can either stand out as your outfit’s focal point or serve as the ideal complement for black jackets and dark shirts. Pairing the Mid Black Hoops 2.0 with some dark rinse slim jeans and a black & brown plaid button-up shirt makes for a stylish and versatile outfit for both day and night occasions.

PUMA Tazon 6 Fracture Black Sneakers for Men

Black Sneakers for Men 2Source: Puma
The Tazon 6 are great for casual outfits but can double as top-tier workout and running companions.

The PUMA Tazon 6 Fracture black sneakers for men are the perfect pair of casual kicks to go to the gym or run errands. The Tazon 6 modern silhouette adds techwear fashion aesthetic to your everyday outfits and stands as a creative alternative that your fashion-savvy friends will notice and praise.

These black sneakers for men also make a great match with neutral-colored high water pants, modern joggers, or your favorite athletic shorts. Depending on the occasion, you can rock these kicks with a crew-neck t-shirt or some navy-blue cargo shorts for an extra-mellow outfit.

The PUMA Tazon 6 uses a trademark soft foam+ sock liner technology and an EVA heel pod to keep your feet comfortable and well supported. This powerful combination rivals even the best Kobe shoes in terms of cushioning and comfort, making it a fantastic choice for basketball players and fitness enthusiasts alike.

The Lacoste Lerond Black Sneakers for Men

Black Sneakers for Men 3Source: Lacoste
The Lerond stands out as one of the most fashionable and durable black sneakers made by Lacoste.

The Lacoste Lerond black sneakers are elegant shoes that distinguish themselves from other kicks by including leather in their tennis-inspired design. These black sneakers for men round up cool and creative outfits in true European fashion, adding color and stylish details to any ensemble.

Lacoste introduces a casual, social-club aesthetic to your wardrobe through their Lerond black sneakers, unlocking new casual outfit possibilities by adding a touch of elegance to your everyday wares. You can dust off your navy blue tight-fit jeans and pair them up with an emerald green button-up shirt for a tidy casual look that effortlessly stands out.

A great outfit idea rides on proper color combinations and matching the right pieces of clothing, but they unlock their full potential through detailed fashion accents. When using the Leronds, be sure to pick the best smartwatch with white color dials to match the white soles and balance your outfit’s colors with an elegant yet subtle contrast.

The Reebok Classic Black Sneakers for Men

Black Sneakers for Men 4Source: Reebok
Performance and style come together in these resilient Reebok classics.

The Reebok Workout Plus black sneakers for men are comfort-first shoes that put mobility and shock absorption above anything else. The best thing about these low-cut design black sneakers is their simplicity: you can use them in sporty outfits just as you would in any college party outfit.

Reebok merged technical performance into these minimal style kickers to give you as much freedom as possible. Wear them as your go-to skating and bike shoes without having to worry about slippery surfaces, as their high abrasion outsole and EVA foam midsole work together to secure your footing.

Add these sporty black sneakers for men to a black button-up and denim-worn jeans outfit to create a hip, modern ensemble. These retro-designed shoes come with a modern vibe and a sturdy build that withstands the trials of an active lifestyle.

The Nike Air Huarache Run Black Sneakers for Men

Black Sneakers for Men 5Source: Nike
The Huarache combines top-notch performance design with beautiful aesthetics.

The Nike Air Huaraches are one of the most comfortable black sneakers shoes for men ever created by Nike. The Huarache comes with a neoprene sock construction that rivals the Jordan 11s in terms of comfort and cushion. Their rear support system also makes them great running and basketball shoes you can wear on open-air courts.

The new-age design of these super comfy Nike black sneakers shoes makes them perfect for modern-day rugged outfits. You can pair the Huarache with a blue button-up shirt and your favorite relaxed-fit black jeans to create a stylish, dark-colored ensemble you can take to barbecues or bars downtown.

Black Sneakers for Men LacesSource: Booyckiy
Unlock the Huarache full aesthetic potential with some custom shoelaces.

The Huarache comes with stock shoelaces that look alright, but they don’t do justice to its modern aesthetic. The Booyckiy Shoelaces provide some of the best no-tie laces, keeping your kicks conveniently prepared at all times while adding any color combination your triple black sneakers may need.

The Polo Ralph Lauren Faxon Low Black Sneakers for Men

Black Sneakers for Men 6Source: Ralph Lauren
These low-top Polo Ralph Lauren sneakers offer unmatched style and comfort.

The Polo Ralph Lauren Faxon black sneakers are certainly a unique pair of kicks. These polo-style black sneakers come with a sleek silhouette that allows bold patterns and neutral-colored slim-fit pieces to take the center stage.

If you’re currently asking yourself, “which are the best black sneakers for me?” you’ll notice that style, quality, comfort, and reasonable pricing quickly become your shopping parameters. It may seem tedious to find a pair of black sneakers that tick all these boxes, but thankfully the Lauren Faxon is a proven candidate in each of these fields.

Ralph Lauren garments are known for their country club aesthetic. This notorious sneaker brand transforms casual and sporty apparel concepts into effortlessly elegant garments that complement everyday outfits. The Lauren Faxon not only breaks in nicely thanks to their upper canvas material, but they also introduce minimalism through a simple contrast. The delicate black fabric and the brown leathery raw-hide details work together to add elegance and style to casual and semi-formal attires alike.

These low-top black sneakers look great when paired with a fitted button-down long-sleeved shirt and your favorite chino pants. You can also go for a more elegant yet relaxed look by choosing some navy blue capri pants, a black and white horizontal stripe t-shirt, and a blue blazer jacket on top to add a dash of color.

The Cole Haan Nantucket Black Sneakers for Men

Black Sneakers for Men 7Source: Cole Haan
The Cole Haan Nantucket adds understated elegance to casual ensembles.

The Cole Haan Nantucket is one of the most comfortable slip-on black sneakers you can find. This convenient model comes with a slip-on entry and a delicate leather finish that combines with just about any work and casual outfit you can think of.

The modern classic version of the Cole Haan Nantucket includes dual elastic goring and a cushioned insole for superb comfort. The durable vulcanized traction outsole adds grip and traction to prevent unfortunate slips on wet surfaces while providing a much-needed contrast to the shoe’s aesthetic.

The Nantucket black sneakers are also incredibly versatile. These black sneakers for men ensure that the rest of your outfit stands out and remain easy-to-combine pieces you can slip on in a hurry. Remember to occasionally polish them to keep them in top conditions at all times.

Black Sneakers for Men Cleaning KitSource: Crep Protect
Keep your black sneakers in top condition with this tiny maintenance kit.

The Crep Protect offers one of the best black sneakers cleaning kits you can find, covering any leather upper shoe maintenance needs with a compact travel kit. This awesome maintenance pack comes in its tray, holding a premium hog hairbrush, a cleaning solution that never expires, and a microfiber cloth to keep your Nantucket sharp and tidy.

We recommend matching these black sneakers with a blue long-sleeved polka shirt to discover a fresh and classy look. Take your favorite accessories from your sunglasses organizer to elevate your outfit to the next level, and you’re golden!


Black sneakers for men are footwear essential for us because black effortlessly projects power and sophistication. They’re super easy to combine and always add a bit of edge and style to just about any outfit we can think of, making them a powerful accessory that every guy should have in their wardrobe.

Our list includes pieces from the best online clothing stores for men to guarantee you get excellent mileage from any of these fashionable kicks. These tried-and-true classics from the best black sneaker brands will revolutionize your wardrobe and even allow you to recycle some of your favorite outfits with a new twist!