Best adidas basketball shoes

The Best Adidas Basketball Shoes for Any Court

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Are you ready to take your game to the next level? Check out the best Adidas basketball shoes for this year!

NBA players love and regularly use the best Adidas basketball shoes. Each model features the cutting-edge tech and materials needed to compete at the highest levels.

The Best Adidas Basketball Shoes

The best Adidas basketball shoes offer the cushion, traction, and extensive durability that you’ll need on the court. Basketball is all about jumps, quick stops, and complex footwork that traditional sneakers struggle with.

Many like to treat their Adidas men’s basketball shoes as casual footwear for urban and college party outfits because they are fashionable. But the models we’ll review today are monsters in the court, and it’s where they truly shine.

Our list of the best Adidas basketball shoes offers the support and cushion you’ll need to take your game and style to the next level!

The Harden 4 Adidas Men’s Basketball Shoes

Best adidas basketball shoes 1Source: Adidas
These Adidas men’s basketball shoes offer the support and traction you need to edge out your competitors.

The Harden 4 are one of the best Adidas men’s basketball shoes for this year. From its grippy sole to its colorful upper, this fantastic model is designed to elevate your performance and comfort on any court.

Harden’s fourth signature shoe comes with Lightstrike, a patented, lightweight cushioning system that offers comfort and responsiveness. Lightstrike comes with a midfoot band that adds stability and shock absorption on high-impact movement, putting it on par with many of the best LeBron shoes.

These Adidas men’s basketball shoes come with an upgraded traction pattern to deliver a fantastic grip. This grippy sole adds stability to your footwork, allowing you to switch gears and speed up your plays as needed.

The Entrap Adidas Sneakers Basketball

Best adidas basketball shoes 2Source: Adidas
The Entrap combines an iconic retro style with a performance-driven design.

The Entrap Adidas sneakers basketball share a deep-rooted connection to the game and fashion all at once. The Entrap is considered one of the best Adidas basketball shoes because of its reliable Ortholite technology. The Ortholite footbed dynamically absorbs shocks and works with the padded ankle collar and tongue to offer some much-needed support and stability.

The Ortholite antimicrobial footbed and ventilated upper also keep your feet fresh and odor-free no matter how tough your days get. The Entrap also happens to be one of the most affordable basketball shoes out there, making it a popular choice for college students on a budget!

Next Level Addidas Basketball Shoes

Best adidas basketball shoes 3Source: Adidas
The Next Level Addidas Basketball Shoes features a unique and stylish laceless design.

The Next Level Addidas Basketball Shoes are reliable, stylish, and super comfortable. These men’s Adidas basketball shoes combine the patented Boost and Lightstrike technologies to create a lightweight model that maximizes your speed and court feel.

The Lightstrike foam midsole specializes in cushioning your feet and knees ahead of impacts, while its TPU midfoot overlay offers the support and stability needed for complex footwork and pivots. This sock-like sneaker also comes with a wide range of colorways that allow you to combine it with your favorite casual and workout outfits, guaranteeing you’ll get plenty of mileage on and off the court.

The Post Move Adidas Low Basketball Shoes

Best adidas basketball shoes 4Source: Adidas
These Adidas Low Basketball Shoes take a classical design to the next level.

The Post Move Adidas low basketball shoes wrap a performance-first design into a sporty, minimalist design that everyone likes. This model features an extra-cushy Cloudfoam super midsole that keeps your feet safe from orthopedic injuries, while its Geofit collar keeps them snug and well-supported throughout the game.

These Adidas Low Basketball Shoes reminisce the iconic Adidas Forum aesthetics and add an eco-friendly twist to them. Some pieces are made with up to 50% recycled content, allowing you to enjoy these top-performance, super comfortable sneakers while you contribute to the brand’s efforts to end plastic waste.

The Pro Bounce Low Top Adidas Basketball Shoes

Best adidas basketball shoes 5Source: Adidas
These low top Adidas basketball shoes are amazing on and off the court.

The Pro Bounce low top Adidas basketball shoes are among the best Adidas shoes in style and performance. These low top Adidas basketball shoes feature an extra-breathable textile upper and a snug Cloudfoam cushioning to keep your feet cozy.

The Bounce combines a low-top silhouette with a herringbone rubber outsole to maximizes mobility and grip on the hardwood. It’s perfect for basketball players that need that extra speed to outmaneuver opponents and maximize their defensive capabilities. Keep in mind that these low top Adidas basketball shoes come in three equally fashionable colorways, making them an excellent choice for your everyday wear outfits.

The Harden Stepback Blue Adidas Basketball Shoes

Best adidas basketball shoes 6Source: Adidas
The Harden Blue Adidas Basketball Shoes are flexible, comfortable, and fashionable all at once.

The Harden Stepback blue Adidas basketball shoes are guaranteed to take your game to the next level. This model comes with an ultra-flexible Bounce midsole that offers support and top-tier shock absorption on hardwood and outdoor courts.

The patented Supergrip rubber outsole alone makes these blue Adidas basketball shoes one of the best options for anyone that plays in outdoor courts. It’s super grippy, and it comes with the traction and stability that all basketball players need to stay flexible and injury-free.

These blue Adidas basketball shoes also come in six other equally fashionable colorways you can choose from. You can incorporate these cushioned sneakers into your favorite college party outfits or take them to casual dates if you feel like it.

The Gold Adidas Basketball Shoes

Best adidas basketball shoes 7 2Source: Adidas
These Gold Adidas Basketball Shoes steal the show with their contrasting onyx and gold colorway.

The Pro Model 2g is, by far, the best gold Adidas basketball shoes. This model features a luxurious leather upper that adds style, comfort, and stability all at once. The shiny patent leather shell toe and luxurious gold finisher make these Gold Adidas basketball shoes one of the most fashionable models ever released.

From a performance standpoint, these Adidas NBA shoes go head to head with the best Kobe shoes. The full-length Bounce midsole offers fantastic cushioning and shock absorption on any court. The ergonomic heel and ankle lockdown system provides the mobility and stability you’ll need to dash around the court.

Cheap Adidas Basketball Shoes

Best adidas basketball shoes 8Source: Adidas
The Hoops 2.0 offers quality and style at a great price.

The Hoops 2.0 are top-tier cheap Adidas basketball shoes. This best-seller offers durability, comfort, and considerable style at a fantastic price!

These cheap Adidas basketball shoes feature a basketball-inspired mid-cut that maximizes ankle mobility and stability to your sprints and footwork. The central loop tab keeps your feet locked in place to prevent them from slipping to the sides.

From an aesthetic point of view, these cheap Adidas basketball shoes look amazing with almost anything. This model is available in various neutral colorways paired with the signature lateral 3-stripes that Adidas sneakerheads instantly recognize and love. It’s an excellent choice for anyone that needs a pair of reliable and stylish shoes that perform well on the court and are easy to combine when you head to classes.


The German clothing giant is, unsurprisingly, still one of the best clothing brands for men this year. Their highly optimized designs, groundbreaking technology, and deep connection to the highest levels of sports competition make the best Adidas basketball shoes a must-have this year.

Many of the best Adidas basketball shoes are also fantastic additions to your casual outfits. Their designs allow anyone with a keen eye for fashion to enjoy their outstanding products and collections at excellent prices. Not to mention that its unisex models are always a safe gift choice ahead of any special occasion!

As a parting bit of advice, we highly recommend you break in these shoes at home. Just grab a pair of thick socks and walk around the house to get a feel of your new favorite pair of shoes. That way, you’ll get to enjoy these Adidas NBA shoes the next time you step on the hardwood or an outdoor court!