Beard Styles for Men

Reinvent Yourself With These 12 Popular Beard Styles for Men

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Stylish, ingenious, and practical are the words I’d use to describe these beard styles for men. Each style offers a renewed look that cleverly reshapes your facial hair to complement your haircut and make you look that much better.

You can even follow our tips to perform a no-risk assessment before committing to any specific beard style. That way, once you grab your trimmer (or visit your barber), you’ll know exactly what to do and say.

Best Beard Styles for Men

Barbers, stylists, and fashion trends, in general, have recently adopted a holistic approach to looksmaxing. Classic beard styles for men have reinvented themselves or have given way to entirely new modern looks that synergize with haircuts, outfits, and even face ornaments.

Today, we want to cover some additional beard styles for men that didn’t show on our Short Beards Styles and Long Beard Style for men pieces. We’ll also go over how to grow, shape, and maintain different haircuts with beards and goatees. We’ll also explain how to rock a long hair and beard combo in style!

We’ll also introduce some variations on classic tapered beards and stubbles to guarantee there’s something for every guy out there. Without further ado, let’s get to it!

A Stylish Medium Haircut with Beard

Beard Styles for Men 1Source: Dan Juergen
Medium haircuts with beards are all about balancing both your haircut’s and beard’s shape and volume.

Haircuts with beards allow us to reinvent ourselves and build a unique appearance that plays to our strengths. Making the most out of those beard styles for men is an excellent way to complement and highlight your favorite haircut.

If you’re one of the lucky guys with zero issues growing abundant hair, the possibilities are almost endless. Going for a medium-length haircut with a beard will let you play around with your haircut’s volume and tweak your beard accordingly. Nailing that perfect volume and shape to highlight your facial features is only a matter of trial and error.

Today, barbers and stylists offer guidance on which haircut with a beard would look the best for us, especially regarding how much volume you should keep on your hair top and beard. They’re also capable of teaching us how to streamline our daily grooming.

A barber’s vision is invaluable for any haircut with a beard combo. Their expertise, imagination, and mastering of styling techniques can make our beards and haircuts look their best and keep them that way for as long as possible. We highly recommend getting their input to create the best possible symmetry between medium haircuts with beards!

A Natural Long Haircut with Beard

Beard Styles for Men 2Source: Dallas Morning News
A long haircut with a beard is easy to grow but challenging to maintain.

On the other hand, long haircuts with beards are all about matching the best beard length, volume, and shape to go with long hairstyles. Some guys will look better with a shorter beard style to avoid cluttering your face. In that case, a mustache becomes a central feature that neatly complements a sharp jawline.

Likewise, a full beard style can showcase that raw masculine appearance that made our ancestors proud and confident, especially when you want your hair to naturally fall on your shoulders. Further down below, we go into more detail on the long haircut with beard style advantages (including some pro stylist tips for its maintenance!).

The All-Purpose Men’s Goatee

Beard Styles for Men 3Source: IMDB
A men’s goatee looks fantastic with both long hairstyles and short haircuts.

Men’s goatees are arguably the most famous (and most accessible) minimalist beard styles for men you can recreate. Universally flattering, adaptable, and timeless, men’s goatees have never ceased to deliver a fashionable look with limited facial hair.

The coolest part about this easy-to-maintain beard style for men is how easy it is to choose from various shapes, adapting your beard to different mustache styles and even face ornaments such as piercings and earrings.

You can choose between a proper goatee (no mustache, just a shaped beard across your chin), a landing strip (a small patch of side-trimmed hair at the center of your chin), or a full goatee (to complement your favorite mustache style). Moreover, men’s goatees are perfect for guys who struggle to grow a luscious, thick beard.

On the plus side, men’s goatee looks terrific with almost any outfit. From airy summer outfits to classy wedding ensembles, this beard style for men adds some serious flair anytime you pair them with sunglasses, beanies, bandanas, and red bottom hats.

Wild and Cool Full Beard Styles

Beard Styles for Men 4Source: Pinterest
Nothing like a luscious beard to make rugged appearances fashionable.

Full beard styles lay the groundwork for all other beard styles for men and are the most natural expression of a man’s facial hair. This beard style for men requires little to no contouring and minimal trimming to make it highly appealing.

Going for a more natural beard style for men is all about letting your facial hair do the hard work, mainly by growing your beard as much as possible over a couple of months. Even though the full beard embraces a man’s rugged aesthetic, it’s safe to say that the key to making it look stylish and well-kept lies in surgical clipping and trimming your upper and bottom beard line.

First and foremost, the most important part of rocking the full beard style is to clean-shave your neck hair a bit below (or above) your Adam’s apple. Making sure your cheekbones and mustache areas are free from fuzz and random facial hairs will enhance your beard’s visual dominance and ensure you don’t look unkempt.

Even though full beard styles ease up daily maintenance, it still makes sense to brush, comb, and trim its sides to keep both cheeks symmetrical. Likewise, trimming your lips line will give you some much-needed quality of life while eating. While we are on the subject: always carry a small comb with you, as these handy carry-on pieces will help you sweep away any food particles lingering after a meal.

Rocking a Long Hair and Beard Combination

Beard Styles for Men 5Source: Archziner
Long hair and beard styles are perfect for guys who grow thick long hair.

There’s nothing better than a long hair and beard combo to convey that easy-going yet intense rockstar look. The natural and unstructured look of men’s long hair and beard style isn’t just timeless: it’ll also show your bold, daring, and artistic side.

Despite its messy appearance, this beard style for men takes a bit of daily maintenance. Even though a long hairstyle is highly adaptable (accommodating all face shapes and mid and long haircuts alike), the key is to keep your hair well hydrated and beard well-trimmed.

Unlike a short hair with beard style, the long hair and beard combination will give you a different set of advantages at the expense of some additional grooming time. Gravity comes this time to make things easier, as you only need to allow your hair and beard to grow (with an occasional visit to your stylist or barber when aiming towards a specific look).

Nevertheless, if you want your long hair and beard to reach their full potential, you’ll need to watch for any puffing. The best way to keep your hair nicely vertical is to comb and brush your hair daily while also applying a tiny bit of styling cream to the tips. Afterward, comb/brush your long hair and beard once more to give it a bit of shape before letting it dry naturally. The same move goes for your beard. Hydrating, combing, and brushing it will emulate your long hairstyle downwards.

Last but not least, a bit of a pro-tip for whenever the cold season starts drying your long hair and beard too much: As soon as you’ve taken a shower, blow dry your long hair and beard at the lowest speed setting on high temperature as this coat your hairs and lock in the moisture of your styling cream!

High Fade Short Hair with Beard

Beard Styles for Men 6Source: Collin Anthony Barber & Supply
Any experienced barber can help you assess which short hair with beard combo best suits your facial features.

Every short hair with beard style aims for the perfect balance between hair length and facial hair volume. If you’re looking for a trendy combination that’s easy to maintain, you might want to look at high-fade haircuts and boxed beards.

Take a French crop of short hair with a beard: a modern beard style for men that can give you a sleek and modern look by complementing short and long boxed beards. The French crop short hair with beard combination relies on contrasting your beard’s upper line with the faded hair gradients across the sides and back of your head.

This short hair with beard style also offers lots of styling possibilities: you can alter the height of your haircut to choose from understated tapered sides to shaving high-top fades. Moreover, faded hairstyles synergize with faded beard styles for men, making them an ideal complement to your French top’s height and faded jawline trims.

A Classic Tapered Beard

Beard Styles for Men 7Source: Instagram
Thankfully, classic tapered beards require minimal maintenance.

The term tapered beard is used interchangeably with “faded beard”, creating confusion and misconceptions. While faded beard styles are known for gradually trimming facial hair at the edges, tapered beards don’t go as far as reducing your hair to skin level.

Instead, tapered beards reduce the thickness of your facial hair at their boundaries. This trimming technique is used to shape short beard styles and long beard styles alike for a fashionable, well-kept appearance.

Classic tapered beards are all about creating movement and stylish contours by using clippers and trimming the edges of your facial hair. Once you grow enough facial hair, you want to shape your beard by minimally clipping its edges to fit what stylists call a design line (the curvature you imagined for your beard).

Tapered beards are a fun way to adapt short beards with lots of hair volume and well-grown beards into a fashionable, well-kept look. This beard style for men also blends nicely with faded effects and any haircut.

The Professional Beard Stubble

Beard Styles for Men 8Source: IMDB
The beard stubble is a practical, easy-to-groom beard style for men.

The beard stubble is one of the easiest to maintain clean shave alternatives. Few other beard styles for men can enhance your facial features and make you look as masculine and mature as a beard stubble does.

The key to this simple but flattering beard style for men is to let it naturally cover your neck above your Adam’s apple while trimming your beard stubble below the cheekbone level.

We know that when it comes to beard stubbles, it’s best to deal with number estimates that fit your facial features rather than strict measurements. As a rule of thumb, keep your stubble beard length below the 0.1 inches mark (3 mm on your trimmer settings) throughout the week. You can trim it a couple of times a week by setting any beard trimmer at level 3 and sweeping across your beard stubble with it without having to worry about damaging your skin.

Short Beard Styles for Men: The Mutton Chop

Beard Styles for Men 9Source: New Oldman Blog Brazil
Mutton Chops have come a long way from their late 18th-century version.

Easy to maintain and versatile, short beard styles can help a man make the most from limited facial hair growth. This short beard style for men will make you look great ahead of job interviews, business meetings, and parties.

One of the most practical and original short beard styles for men is mutton chops. This short beard style has come a long way from its late 18th century by understating a man’s facial hair volume, adding refined contours and clean shaved areas for a fashionable look.

Today’s mutton chops require you to connect your sideburns with a beard that covers your jawline at your mid-cheekbone section. Alternatively, you can connect your modern mutton chops with your mustache for an old-school look.

The modern-day version of a mutton chop look requires no mustache. All you have to do is clean-shave your neck up until your jawline, keeping a curved contour at the upper section of your mutton chop. You’ll want to wrap things up in the bottom section with a straight cut to avoid growing a goatee.

The Versatile Goatee and Mustache

Beard Styles for Men 10Source: IMDB
A well-connected goatee and mustache beard style is a highly underrated look.

A versatile goatee and mustache combination is a safe bet if you’re going for a classy look. This beard style for men looks great with a summer outfit or a stylish men’s suit, so it’s a fashionable look you can rock throughout the year.

Goatees, as we know, are a circled beard style for men that covers the area around your mouth. This facial hairstyle blends nicely with just about any mustache, and it’s a solid option for older and younger men alike.

A stubble goatee and mustache is also an excellent compromise for those who’d rather not grow a full beard but don’t quite like the high-maintenance clean-shaven look. This in-between look only needs you to keep its form in line by casually trimming it and clean-shaving your cheekbones and the neck area.

You can also sport a goatee and mustache with more hair volume. You can extend your goatee, allowing your jawline and sideburn facial hair to grow. Then, you can adjust your beard trimmer to a higher setting to keep your hair leveled across your face for a well-kept appearance.

Faded Beard Styles for Black Men

Beard Styles for Men 11Source: Adriel the Barber
Creative barbers can take your beard game to the next level.

Nowadays, there are countless exciting beard styles for black men to choose from. It all comes down to finding and trying different hairstyles and beard combinations that best suit your style and personality.

Trimmed and well-groomed beard designs are more versatile than unkempt and messy looks simply because they are suitable for casual and professional occasions. The best course of action seems to be finding a skilled barber that can shape your facial hair in a cool way. We recommend you stock up on selfies covering each angle on your face to ensure you trim every little detail over time. Doing so will allow you to sustain your faded beard style while sparing your wallet from regular barber fees.

Nowadays, faded beard styles for black are trendy, since they complement hairstyles, tattoos, and even garments by cleverly using slashes and angled contours. The key to faded beard styles for black men is to create and keep a seamless flow from hair, to sideburns, to beards and, just like with patchy beard styles for men, make a fashionable use of facial hair gaps.

There are also two significant factors when grooming faded beard styles for black men: Sharpening your gaps and trimming your top and bottom beard lines.

In order to sharpen your gaps, you’ll want to use the highest setting of your beard trimmer to keep openings and precise cuts from fading too fast. We recommend that you do this after taking a shower or washing your face for two reasons. First, it’ll make your facial hair easier to handle, and second, you’ll get a better view of the area as you carefully use your razor or beard trimmer.

Once you’ve updated your gaps and contours, you want to work on your fades by using increasingly higher beard trimmer levels on each section. Slowly reduce your facial hair volume as you navigate towards your neck area, then remove any excess hair below your neck, sideburns, and cheekbones. This daily maintenance routine will keep your faded beard’s overall shape and style in top condition as days go by.

Using Patchy Beards to Highlight your Facial Features

Beard Styles for Men 12Source: Pinterest
Patchy beard styles are known for adapting to any facial shape.

Patchy beard styles open the door for us to create fashionable facial hair shapes that are easy to maintain. The key to rocking any relaxed patchy beard style is constantly using your facial hair’s negative space in your favor.

The truth is that anyone can come up with some pretty original and flattering patchy beard styles. If you’ve never tried it before and wish to experiment at home, try getting a selfie for each side of your face to better recognize the pattern of your beard patches.

Doing the latter will let you shape your beard in different shapes and forms, making it significantly easier to narrow down every patch area you want to keep trimmed.

Preemptively modifying your beard in a photo is a fun, risk-free way to assess which patchy beard styles look better for you. Once you’re positive about a specific patchy beard style and shape, you can start by leveling your whole beard to set a clean canvas for your work.

You can set your beard trimmer to the highest setting and work your way down to trim your facial hair all across, as this will help you eliminate any outlying hairs that make your beard look sloppy.

You can then use a lower beard trimmer setting to either shave or taper your beard’s upper and bottom boundaries. This way you’ll give a cleaner (and more complex) gradient to your patchy beard style.

Likewise, when you notice a significant patch on your beard, set your beard trimmer to its lowest setting and draw straight angled cuts across your beard’s border to create a similar contour to the one you’ve predesigned on your photos.

Closing Words

Like we promised on our last short beard style piece, we rounded up some fantastic variations for the most popular beard styles for men (including some haircut recommendations).

These haircuts with beards are great for trying something new that can revitalize your outfits while looking masculine and fashionable. This series is not over yet, so keep an eye on some additional beard styles that add more possibilities to your looksmaxing potential!