beard styles for black men

7 Beard Styles for Black Men That Are Booming In Social Media

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Today’s beard styles for black men deliver a handsome, sophisticated appearance that will take your game and looks to the next level!

The best beard styles for black men are your best ally: they highlight your best facial features, project strength, and help you nail those all-too-important first impressions. We won’t sugarcoat it: the more facial hair you can grow, the more choices you’ll be able to choose from, but we saved a wildcard choice for guys with limited facial hair too!

Beard Styles for Black Men

Today, barbers and stylists have perfected the best beard styles for black men, turning their services into intricate art expressions. By leaving behind the strictly practical nature of a shave, they can deliver a unique look that makes the most out of your facial features. The only downside is that these incredible beard styles are best left to your barber, who has the expertise and tools to make the magic happen. The upside is that we can maintain our amazing looks all by ourselves!

Today, we’ll help you bring your beard game to the next level by going through some dope suggestions you can weigh with your barber. We’ll cover trendy beard styles that you can confidently rock in business environments, dates, parties, and everyday life!

The No Mustache Beard

beard styles for black men 1Source: Osheen Turnbull
No mustache beards are at an all-time popular these days.

This beard style looks great as a no mustache beard or by leaving a slight trail posing as a mustache above your top lip. What’s cool about this easy-to-maintain look is that you only need to shave your mustache every couple of days as you let the facial hair around your jawline develop.

Your haircut also plays a critical role in this look; in fact, few other beard styles for black men rely so much on your current hairdo as this one does. If you’re looking for a natural, rugged look, trim your sides and the back of your head, and let the rest of your hair naturally grow. Keep your mustache in check, and you’ll have a legit no mustache beard look that will draw compliments wherever you go.

If you have plenty of facial hair, you can trim the lower line of your no mustache beard to do some contouring. You can contour the facial hair around your chin to give you a pointy, regal look that accentuates your jawline. You can regularly maintain your original contouring and keep this fantastic look for months at a time since it’s all about keeping that symmetry.

Short Faded Beard Styles

beard styles for black men 2Source: Twists Sponge
Barbers and stylists are experts at creating smooth transition zones between your beard and haircut.

Short faded beard styles are all about balancing your hair volume in the lower half of your head, sideburns, and jaw area. These beard styles for black men are trending this year, and even though they’ll require some daily maintenance, their stylish and modern look is well worth it.

A Mid drop fade with coils on top is an excellent example of how perfect a short faded beard style looks with a faded haircut. The key to making this look work to perfection is creating a smooth hair transition beneath your temple, all the way to your sideburns.

First, let your beard grow as much as to cover your jawline and display enough hair volume beneath your cheekbones. You can then use your beard trimmer to create a round upper beard line and straighten your beard’s lower section to accentuate your chin’s pointy contouring. Lastly, trim from the top of your sideburns upwards and downwards from your side hairline, applying different trimmer levels until you’re satisfied with its smoothness.

Another practical tip would be to take pictures as soon as you’re home from the barber. You can then reference your pictures to maintain your beard style every 2-3 days, depending on how fast your hair grows.

Short Haircuts with A Beard

beard styles for black men 3Source: Kareem Hayes
Short haircuts and beards add sharp, eye-catching contrasts to your look.

Those bold enough to break away from vanilla symmetry will love rocking short haircuts with a beard. If you got lush, thick facial hair, then a rounded beard shape might just give you that well-collected, professional look that you can easily maintain throughout the months.

Keeping your hair short at the top of your head and its sides can make your beard more noticeable and play as the centerpiece of your well-groomed aesthetic. You can keep things nice and tidy by purposely reducing your beard’s bottom line with your trimmer to give it a curved outline.

The best part is that you don’t need a big mustache to make your short haircut with a beard look good. The key is to keep your mustache, cheekbone hair, sideburns, and your beard’s lower boundary properly contoured every two days or so.

The Short Hair Long Beard Combo

beard styles for black men 4Source: Jay Mullings
A long beard can add a bit of ruggedness and masculinity to any fashion style.

The short hair long beard combination is a classic. Pairing up a short haircut with a long beard can be traced back to ancient times; in some cultures, this timeless style worked as a social queue, conveying a man’s wealth, power, and high social status.

James Harden is single-handedly responsible for turning this classic into one of the most popular beard styles for black men this year. However, going for this stylish look isn’t as simple as letting your beard grow wild while getting a buzz cut every week: it requires a bit of maintenance and minding the details.

For the short hair long beard combo to work, you need to monitor one of the most critical areas of your beard: its baseline. Given its visual impact, your beard’s bottom line can amplify your jawline and make it look more robust, so how you trim your beard can reshape your face shape and radically change your appearance.

Going for a short haircut and pairing it with a long rounded beard can still give you a well-groomed appearance as long as your abundant facial hair has a distinctly curved contour. Using a beard trimmer to get rid of split ends and maintain a non-scraggy, rounded beard outline is vital. Clearing the hair fuzz on your neck, keeping it clean by washing it with a beard shampoo (recommended by your barber), and combing it daily can make you look your best no matter the occasion.

A Skin Fade with Beard Look

beard styles for black men 5Source: seuelias on Instagram
Faded haircuts and faded beards are a top-tier combination.

Some of the coolest beard styles for black men simply require sharpening your facial hair gaps and trimming your top and bottom beard lines with a bit of style. For instance, the skin fade with beard combo relies on smoothly leveling your side hair and the facial hair around your sideburns to produce a highly detailed, modern look.

Barbers unleash their creativity by combining original fades, cuts, and transitions to create unique beard styles for men. However, due to its intricacy and level of detail, we highly recommend visiting your barbershop to ensure you get a stylish skin fade with beard look. We also recommend you pick specific styles and accents online, grab the pictures, and then show them to your barber. Once you’re home, take multiple pictures of your hairdo so you can regularly trim and maintain this look for months.

Skin fade with beards easily complements hairstyles, tattoos, and even face accessories with its angled contours and shaved drawings. The key to making a skin fade with beard last is to keep your shaved areas clean and your facial hair transitions as smooth as possible. Use your beard trimmer to refresh hair gaps, trim your sideburn boundaries, tidy your mustache, and keep your beard’s bottom contour free of wild hair tips.

It is best to do this kind of maintenance every day after taking a shower since this will make your facial hair easier to handle, and you’ll get a better view of the areas you need to retouch with your trimmer’s highest setting.

The Jawline Favored Square Beard

beard styles for black men 6Source: GoldenGroomingCo
Squared beards add contrast and depth to your looks with minimal facial hair.

Short beards are more readily accessible for guys simply because you don’t need to develop a thick, luscious beard to sport them. Not every beard style for black men revolves around growing impressive amounts of facial hair. Sometimes going for a more understated look is a much better way to display your natural features.

There’s a type of short beard that looks amazing for those with a rectangular face shape, and (not surprising at all), it’s called the square beard. If you have a squared-off jawline without that many curves, you have a rectangular face shape. The thing about squared beards is that they give you a sharp, well-kept look for casual and business occasions by just tinkering with your facial hair borders.

Creating (and keeping) a square beard is all about using your trimmer to create sharp, precise lines near your cheekbones, sideburns, and your chin. Keep your beard short on the sides and fuller on your chin to take advantage of your square jawline, but also Keep a straight trim above your upper lip and for each side on your chin. Plus, always go for a clean shave above and below your beard upper and bottom line, respectively, for a perfect look.

Sophisticated Thin Beard Styles

beard styles for black men 7Source: Ivana Cajina
Thin beard styles are a perfect match for fashion-forward hairstyles.

Thin beard styles always look fantastic when you wear hats, caps, and sunglasses. These beard styles for black men are super easy to maintain and can be styled by pretty much anybody as you don’t need copious facial hair to style them.

A patchy, thin beard can make you look sophisticated and manly with a bit of low-cost maintenance. The key to this beard style for black men is to keep the symmetry between the right and left sides of your face and make the most out of every patchy area. For starters, keep your mustache unconnected and neatly trim your beard’s upper (cheekbone level) and lower (Adam’s apple level) boundaries.

Keeping your mustache unconnected from your beard’s patches makes your thin beard style trims look intentional, making it easier to replicate the same borders and patches on both sides of your face. Furthermore, thin beard styles perfectly complement long and short haircuts, giving you and your barber a lot of freedom when trying out new hairstyles!

Closing Words

Like in our previous pieces, we rounded up a varied selection of beard styles for black men that adapt exceptionally well to your style. Each beard variation can be tuned or modified to suit better casual outfits and formal ensembles you want to wear for a special celebration.

Furthermore, these beard styles for black men are also great options for trying something new and shaking things up a little fashion-wise. This series isn’t over yet, so keep an eye out for even more beard styles (and haircut suggestions for each of them) to get some additional inspiration!