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Are Polos Still in Style? Custom Designs & More!

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The polo shirt has been around since early in the 20th century, and it is still going strong today. A polo shirt is a good investment because it will never go out of style. Its classic look flatters all different body types, and its design requires the use of high-quality materials.

History of the Polo Shirt

The polo was developed in India and intended to be the upper half of a uniform for polo players. It originally had long sleeves and resembled a shirt worn by Indian aristocrats. The high collar was developed to keep the wind of polo participants.

Although polo shirts may have been invented for horseback riders, it was made famous by a tennis player named René Lacoste. Mr. Lacoste was known as the alligator because he had wagered an alligator suitcase during one of his games.

The tennis polo shirt was originally designed just for him and had an alligator in the upper left-hand corner. When he went back to France, they started calling him the crocodile rather than the alligator.  And the crocodile is now the animal featured in the upper left corner of the shirt.

Nowadays, Not only do people wear classic polo shirts with the crocodile emblem but there are also custom polo shirts that feature any design the wearer might desire.

What the Fashion Magazine Say

GQ Magazine has always loved the polo, and every year they have an article devoted to the best ways to wear this popular shirt. Every fashion designer has their own version of the polo. If you Google “how to wear a polo shirt,” hundreds of results will come up. Everyone who loves fashion seems to have an opinion about how to wear this beloved garment.

How to Design Your Own Polo Shirt

Nowadays, it is easier than ever to create your own fashions. There are several different on-demand printing companies online. All you have to do is visit their website, upload your design, and select the article of clothing upon what you would like it to appear.

If you are creating a polo shirt, you will want the design to appear in embroidery and need a high-quality shirt that can hold the embroidery thread. The best on-demand printing websites will have an industrial-strength programmable sewing machine that can make flawless embroidery stitches.

Although the idea of hand embroidering your polo shirt might be charming, a machine can do a much better job. Hand embroidered threads can come loose and look uneven. You never have to worry about that with a machine.

What should I put on my shirt?

You can put anything you would like on your shirt. It can be the image of a favorite pet, a word that inspires you, or a picture that your child drew. Polo shirts with the company logo make excellent souvenirs for your employees. They will project an affluent image for your company.

Polo shirts are always a good investment because they will never go out of style. If you get a lot of compliments on your shirt, you can always try selling it. Most on-demand companies have an option that lets you sell your shirts online. Who knows, your shirt may be the next big polo trend.

Final Thoughts

Polo shirts are deemed timeless and nearly always in style. They are among the sharpest looks for any male wardrobe and exude a sense of respect and social prowess. There are any number of popular shirt brands on the market today but a truly custom polo design can help take your style to the next level. Uses services such as Printful can help make customizing your look easy!