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Adidas Y-3: Yohji Yamamoto High-performance Techwear

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Are you looking for a sophisticated and graceful Asian style techwear? Adidas Y-3 merges high fashion with performance clothing making you stand out in style while enjoying all the benefits of advanced sportswear.

Adidas is one of the most well-known clothing brands in the world—though few are aware of their mysterious Y-3 techwear line. Whether you’re new to the techwear aesthetic or actively seeking a new brand, Adidas Y-3 is likely to capture your attention.

Taking Japanese Tailoring and Style into The Future

adidas y3 techwear 2Source: Adidas Y-3
Performance, comfort, and looks in the most innovative way possible.

Ever since Adidas started their Y-3 product line back in 2002, it quickly climbed to the podium of the best techwear brands. Y stands for Yohji Yamamoto while the “3” represents Adidas’ three signature stripes. This signature represents the collaboration label between the German clothing giant and the recognized Japanese designer known for his avant-garde designs and striking silhouettes.

Techwear is all about providing performance, comfort, and looks in the most innovative way possible. By being unique and creatively rich, Y-3 provides you with collections that emphasize form and movement, with a futuristic take on traditional Japanese tailoring.

Responding to The Need for Attractive Techwear Apparel

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Tactical and outdoor clothing never matched the need for fashion in our tech-centered times.

The influence of techwear within the fashion industry is growing each year. Tactical clothing successfully sheds light on clothes that provide both utility and comfort, but it rarely matched the need for fashion in our tech-centered times.

The best techwear brands are known for manufacturing clothing for everyday life with premium materials. These garments and their unique properties grant you advanced mobility, comfort, and dynamic thermoregulation thanks to its breathable fabric. But what does Adidas Y-3 bring to the table in terms of elegance and style? The answer lies in the exquisite work of Yohji Yamamoto.

The Advantages of Progressive Apparel

adidas y3 techwear 3Source: Adidas Y-3
The Y-3 collection fuses performance with Yamamoto’s style.

Y-3 brings sports-style to the street. Yamamoto’s originality and cutting-edge sense of fashion take charge, creating strong tailored, elegant urban uniforms. Adidas brings decades of german engineered garments built for intensive performance.

Inevitably, Y-3 designs bring the best of Japanese and German trends in fashion sportswear. The collection explores the possibilities of techwear in apparel, footwear, garments, and accessories through a constant redefinition of their fashion concept. Let’s take a look at how their collections draw inspiration from techno-orientalism:

Y-3 Spring/Summer Collections

adidas y3 techwear 4Source: Adidas Y-3
A homage to contemporary fast transportation.

Aiming to celebrate the adventurous spirit of “citizens of the world”, the Adidas Y-3 collections are all about bringing sophistication to a mobile lifestyle. Inspired by travel, exploration, and the nonstop nature of dynamic lifestyles, Y-3 brings forth jackets, vests, shirts, and pants constructed with lightweight packable materials and non-creasing fabrics.

adidas y3 techwear 10Source: Adidas Y-3
The apparel silhouette, hidden pockets, and strap detailing enhance movement and functionality.

This collection maximizes a monochromatic color palette that allows accessories to be interchangeable and convenient. A single article can become the centerpiece of tens of combinations or outfits with ease.

Adidas Y-3 Summer Techwear Apparel

adidas y3 techwear 7Source: Adidas Y-3
Lightweight techwear with colorful energy for coastal adventures.

In addition to the sober and elegant homage to a modern nomad lifestyle, Y-3 adds in the same collection a host of beach-ready necessities. The collection gives way to multicolored geometric patterns for slides, sandals, jackets, and sports pants in sheer, light fabrics. Y-3 Summer beachwear combines Adidas’ remarkable quality for swim sportswear with Yohji Yamamoto’s sense of on-the-go fashion.

Y-3 Fall/ Winter Collections

adidas y3 techwear 5Source: Adidas Y-3
Strong and creative design to face adverse environments.

The Fall/Winder Adidas Y3 collections are cleverly designed black layered coats, puffy liner jackets, and cargo pants that include colorful prints that include the designer’s name and his taste for cartoonish art.

Yohji Yamamoto infuses his signature muted color palette with updated technical staples as it effortlessly incorporates function within attractive silhouettes. As such, these weather-resistant garments are filled with visual appeal and maximum comfort.

Perhaps the best fusion of Yamamoto’s sense of aesthetic and Adidas’ technical expertise is evidenced in the NOTOMA Boot. An original piece of this collection footwear that showcases all-weather protection, detailed visual code, all in an elegant silhouette.

adidas y3 techwear 6Source: Adidas Y-3
Rugged yet fashionable clothing pieces.

Notice the contrasting color models and how this piece captures the essence of Y-3’s Fall/ Winter collections: celebrating exploration and adventure in the face of rugged environments. The inclusion of techwear shoes within their catalog demonstrates the Y-3 line’s commitment to the techwear aesthetic.


adidas y3 techwear 9Source: Adidas Y-3
Adidas has redefined the meaning of high-performance clothes for decades.

The Adidas Group (headquartered in Herzogenaurach, Germany) is one of the best techwear brands in the world, as well as a giant in the sporting goods industry. Always seeking to excel in offering a broad portfolio of footwear, apparel, and hardware for sport and lifestyle, the company also strives to push the boundaries of aesthetic convention through bold collections.

Yohji Yamamoto is one of the most influential creators of the past 45 years regarding traditional clothing codes and his intellectual approach to design. His original and unyielding sense of art, taste, and fashion allowed him to preserve his independence in the fashion industry.

Born in Tokyo, his artistic nature became evident early in his life. Working as a tailor in his mother’s dressmaking shop took him on a journey of fashion innovations. Today, Yohji is a master-tailor known for his avant-garde designs featuring Japanese design aesthetics.

Interested in creating a new kind of casual sportswear that could match the status as formal clothing, it’s no coincidence that international recognition for his work paved the way for the Adidas y-3 project. Yamamoto has been recognized for his contributions to fashion with honors such as the Chevalier of Ordre des Arts et des Lettres, Medal of Honor with Purple Ribbon, the Ordre national du Mérite, the Royal Designer for Industry, and the Master of Design award by Fashion Group International.


Y-3 Adidas embodies futurism without fear: born from a partnership between Adidas and the acclaimed Yohji Yamamoto, the brand is all about bravery, confidence, and stylish designs. The goal of this collaboration is to grant techwear with all the beauty that futuristic fashion has to offer, coupled with Adidas’ world-renowned performance-enhancing clothing.