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ACRONYM: The Brand That Started Techwear Subculture

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ACRONYM design philosophy aligns with martial arts principles: the more mobile and protected you are, the stronger you’ll be. Their techwear pieces weave premium fabrics to accomplish this.

ACRONYM: A Techwear Cultural Banner

Founded in 1994 as an independent design agency in Munich, Errolson Hugh and Michaela Sachenbacher lead ACRONYM in reimagining sports and utility garments with a futuristic aesthetic. As the most representative brand of techwear culture, their vision connects them with fans of dystopian futures and those interested in dressing in modern elegance.

Subjecting Form to Function

acronym techwear brand 1Source: ACRONYM
ACRONYM produces durable garments for dynamic lifestyles.

The best techwear brands are known for providing performance, comfort, and looks in the most innovative way possible. Competitively, Acronym marketing is minimal (especially when compared to bigger brands) and has instead relied on its quality-first approach.

Striving for a dystopian aesthetic, what makes ACRONYM stand out is their inherent sense of functionality: they fundamentally seek to produce high quality, durable garments instead of mass production of disposable, ephemeral pieces. The idea is for people to enjoy real techwear, and keep it for as long as it can last.

For ACRONYM, garments are only viable if they can empower their wearers in their everyday tasks. Given this need for high functionality, their clothing lines are built to face unpredictable, extreme situations.

Let’s take a look at some of their most recent collections and their advantages:

2020 Spring/Summer Collection

acronym techwear brand 2Source: ACRONYM
Versatile garments that offer comfort and different layers of protection.

For the Spring/Summer 2020 collection, ACRONYM prepped the J1L-GT, a convertible jacket that uses GORE-TEX fabric.

This piece features a multi-position convertible storm collar, as well as an outer storm hood with a customizable visor you can adjust without compromising your sight. Frontal gravity pockets feature elongated liner access zips for additional carry-on capacity.

acronym techwear brand 3Source: ACRONYM
Jackets with carry-on capabilities offer tremendous versatility

This jacket can be carried as a backpack thanks to its highly resistant sling, which you can adjust for perfect comfort. To pair this superb jacket, ACRONYM releases the sporty S23-AK Cashllama Long Sleeve Sweater, as well as the P10-DS Dryskin™ Articulated Pants.

2020 Fall/Winter Collection

acronym techwear brand 4Source: ACRONYM
Sober, reliable, and stylish wears that protect you during winter.

For this year’s Fall/Winter collection ACRONYM presented their Rider Jacket. Its GORE-TEX Infinium shell guarantees protection against cold air currents and low temperatures. This jacket also comes with a multitude of adjustable features.

Their black and olive tones excellently pair up with the Schoeller Dryskin cargo pants. These techwear pants offer creative storage solutions while keeping your legs warm from winter’s low temperatures.

A Brand That Focuses on Autonomy

acronym techwear brand 5Source: ACRONYM
ACRONYM garments seek to empower individuals in their everyday tasks.

As mentioned by Errolson Hugh, ACRONYM concept is to adjust clothing mechanics to empower the individual. They do this by incorporating techwear’s benefits and functionality with elegant style, in a wide range of sizes & shapes.

Their fully adaptable pieces are excellent for travel given their convenience and versatility however, from a fashion standpoint, they seek modern aesthetics through cutting-edge fabrics such as SCHOELLER® 3XDRY® DRYSKIN™ and HIGH-DENSITY GABARDINE.

Who is Errolson Hugh?

acronym techwear brand 6Source: ACRONYM
Errolson Hughes’s idea of fitness-to-purpose seeps into ACRONYM’s design concept.

Errolson Hughes’s idea of fitness-to-purpose seeps into ACRONYM’s design concept.

Errolson Hugh is a world-renowned fashion designer born on September 22, 1971, in Canada. As a martial arts practitioner, his ideals of self-reliance, and trusting your judgment influenced ACRONYMs clothing concept to go hand in hand with the realization that we can do more than we think we can.

ACRONYM is all about making clothing compact and usable. Artistically, it can express something very complex in a reduced size by subjecting form to function. After all, fitness to purpose is an organic and natural way of clothing design.


ACRONYM can integrate new things seamlessly into what you already own, previous or current. Their clothing line further establishes techwear as a progressive genre of clothing that seeks to evolve itself in aesthetic, comfort, and function. To dress in full Acronym is to untether yourself from a sense of place and time as if you aesthetically dive into the world of Ghost in the Shell.