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Style is what separates us from animals. Style is the stage on which we express the complexities of the human experience. Our writing has style, our homes have style, even our food has style. Our clothing, gadgets, and decor should be no exception—that’s where we come in to lend a helping hand!

Your Style Guides

Our team is dedicated to helping you find styles that resonate with your experience. Whether that includes pants, shoes, sandals, or even furniture—we’re here to help. Our team members are obsessed with finding the most memorable, shocking, and awe-inspiring expressions of style out there. You’ll find these styles shared through guides, reviews, and sometimes just inspirational style articles or galleries.

Style is unique in its transcendence of common critique. For example; stylish pants aren’t any less stylish if they wear out sooner than another pair. A pair of sandals isn’t any more stylish if they are more comfortable than all the competitors. However, both longevity and comfort are important when considering your next purchase.

Our Mission

We endeavor to create a well-balanced appreciation of style with consideration for practical use as well. We believe that a stylish 3-drawer chest that is priced at $5,000USD is less attractive to purchase than one nearly as stylish for $500USD. That’s how we approach things: like you aren’t made of money but still have a palette for a refined design.

Our guides strive to show you a wide range of pricing, styles, and availability. With this blend, you are able to take value from our recommendations without our knowing your imperative(s). Maybe you’re buying for life; maybe you’re buying a cheap gift; maybe you’re just weighing your options—these are our considerations for you.

Get Involved

We take reader feedback seriously. If you’re looking for a guide, review, or coverage of a specific product our style let us know. We’ll do our best to create the resources that you, and buyers like you, need to find the best options on the market and the best places to shop for them. Just send us a message.