Long Beard Styles

8 Awesome Long Beard Styles that Social Media Universally Likes

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Iconic, historically relevant, and fashionable are some of the words used to describe long beard styles. They flaunt their bearer’s good health, looks, and social status uniquely masculine and flattering way.

Long beards have never really gone out of style, but you must pick a style that fits your face shape if you want your facial hair to shine for all the right reasons!

Best Long Beard Styles

The best long beard styles have (surprisingly!) been subject to serious studies by both biologists and historians. Some of them believe that they act like a peacock’s feathers because they signal good health and looks to potential mates, with many women referring to them as “men’s natural makeup.”

Women put a great deal of trust and value into their makeup, so this is by no means a trivial statement: it’s proof of just how powerful a beard can be, aesthetically speaking. Beards are also a sign of active testosterone in the body and can disguise not so prominent or chiseled jawlines, conveying masculinity, good health, and fertility.

As you can see, finding a hairstyle and beard style that represents your personality is a life-changing discovery. Today, we’d like to showcase some of the most popular long beard styles for this year to help you find that perfect fit for you!

These stylish long beard styles will work for both social and professional scenarios to guarantee you get the most out of your facial hair wherever you go!

V Shaped Long Beards

long beard styles 4Source: Fotis Fotopoulos
Polished long beards are all about patience and discipline: Let your facial hair develop until you hit a nice volume, and then shape it to your heart’s content!

The key to curating long beard styles is to highlight your facial features. For instance, if you have an oval or a round face shape, you might want to keep a wider angle for your long beard because it’s easier to maintain and doesn’t look pointy and out of place.

On the other hand, if you have a square or rectangular face shape, a long beard can add contrast and dimension. Squared facial shapes also have squared-off jawlines, so a long beard would look awesome in you keep it short on your sides and let your long beard widen towards your chin as it grows.

Getting rid of rebel hairs that mess up your beard’s angle would be your priority. Once you’re happy with your beard’s volume, grab your scissor and snip away those longer, straggly hairs.

Next, you want to get rid of excess hair on your neck so you don’t look unkempt. The best way to do this is by placing two fingers above your Adam’s apple while tilting your head backward and shaving off (or trimming) anything below this point.

Balancing your face’s shape, hairstyle, length, and the beard’s V angles makes or breaks this long beard style. For instance, if you have a faded or short haircut, keeping a wide V angle on your long beard will look badass.

Guys with a long hairstyle can also keep their beards close and parallel to the jawline to have that well-groomed symmetry that we all love. This style also artificially slims down fuller faces, making it a popular choice for this year. Don’t be afraid to experiment until you find that perfect balance; your hair will grow back anyways!

Rocking Short Hair with a Beard

long beard styles 6Source: Jakob Owens
This short hair with a beard combination displays different lengths for a professional yet rugged look.

We’ve mentioned how symmetry can work wonders for your look, but in some cases, mixing things up a little can yield amazing results. If you want a classic yet rugged look, matching a short hairstyle with a long beard can be just the thing. The key is to play in favor of your face shape strengths and make the most out of your facial hair volume.

Comb over hairstyles is a formal and practical fashion tactic that draws attention away from receding hairlines. This haircut goes well with all face types (oval, squared, circled, and rectangular), adapting to different hair textures while looking sharp ahead of any formal or social occasion.

Matching the comb-over haircut with a uniformed circle beard is a top-tier short hair and beard combo that simultaneously projects professionalism and manliness. The key is to keep your haircut’s sides leveled at approximately the same height as your sideburns and the jawline section closest to your ears. By doing the latter, the top of your haircut coincides with the denser (frontal) part of your beard for that greek god look.

A Stylish Long Beard: The Long Ducktail

long beard styles 1Source: Joanne Davidson
Mel Gibson rocks a well-groomed long beard with a ducktail form on the chin.

Like the long goatee beard, long beard styles such as the long ducktail get their name from iconic bottom lines, which emulate a duck’s fluffy tail. Love him or hate him, you’ve got to admit the man has style to spare!

This long beard style is all about growing out the hair on your chin while trimming your sideburns, jawline hair, neck, and mustache, so the bottom line of your ducktails looks more prominent.

This long beard style looks great on guys with a round or squared face, adding continuity and more vertical dimension to their facial structure. You have to grow a substantial amount of facial hair, letting your long beard develop weekly while using a beard trimmer and a scissor to pare down everything on the sides and below your jawline.

Always keep your mustache connected to your chin and upper facial hair. The key is to let them flow between one another as smoothly and naturally as possible while keeping stray hairs in check.

Once you’ve groomed this badass long beard style to your liking, the rest is all up to you: You can go for a broader shape to make it look more natural, or if you want to avoid a New Age Santa look, trim its bottom line and gradually taper your sideburns for a modern look.

The New Beard with No Mustache Style

long beard styles 2Source: Jassir Jonis
Beards with no mustaches are trending big time this year!

Beards with no mustache might sound hard to pull, but it’s not as difficult as you think. For most people, as soon as you mention this style, everyone starts to think about the famous and wispy Amish beards, but that’s only one way to style a beard with no mustache.

Making a beard with no mustache viable and stylish is all about playing with your hair to create a whole face symmetry that looks appealing. First, let your beard grow as long as possible, and trim it to mirror your hairstyle, just like the picture above!

A beard with no mustache style is perfect for rugged or professional looks, but you must maintain your hair and beard in similar shapes. Keeping that symmetry is a significant part of its appeal, and thankfully it only requires minimal supervision.

The Updated Extended Big Beard

long beard styles 3Source: Abolfazl Eslami
Extended round beards perfectly complement shorter hairstyles.

Having a big beard is a matter of proportion and hair volume. Not everyone is blessed with rapidly growing, thick facial hair above their jawline. If you’re one of the lucky ones, then a world of possibilities opens up for you, especially if you’re a fan of rimless sunglasses!

Big beards, such as extended round beards, are a perfect way to look professional while making the most abundant facial hair. These types of long beards are purposely reduced on their bottom section to preserve a curved outline. Guys with an extended big beard trim their upper and lip boundaries to project a clean, well-groomed aesthetic.

Big beards with a circled outline can also add a little edge to any face shape, but they also require you to grow a curved mustache (such as the chevron mustache) to mirror its curved bottom line with a similar curvy, inverted V to maintain symmetry.

The key here is to keep your mustache, cheekbone hair, sideburns, and your beard’s lower boundary properly contoured. You can also add some product and comb it to keep it fresh and soft to the touch.

The Stylish Long Goatee

long beard styles 5Source: IMDB
A long goatee combines a trimmed mustache with a goatee, keeping key areas clean-shaved for an awesome look.

The long goatee is the perfect solution for those who want to rock a long beard style but can’t help but grow a patchy beard. Round and square faces may benefit from it the most, but long goatees also look good on oval-shaped faces, regardless of your haircut’s length.

The key to a cool long goatee is to go for a padlock beard and let it grow downwards just like a goat. A general rule of thumb is to clean-shave your cheekbones and jawline until you hit the area beneath your mustache. It also helps to place a finger on the underside of your chin to know how far you want your long goatee to extend.

If you love the heavy metal rockstar style, let your long goatee extend way below your neck while fading your jawline hair beneath your mustache. Fortunately, you don’t need that much hair on your long goatee to look awesome: Trim its bottom line in a V-shape or keep its natural edges in check to avoid an unkempt, wispy look.

Last but not least, just like with all other long beard styles, make sure to comb your beard after a meal! It’s always better to avoid carrying unsightly food debris on your long goatee.

The Always Cool Faded Long Beard Style

long beard styles 7Source: Ben Kane
The ultimate goal of a faded long beard style is to add contrast and more dimension to your face.

You’ve hit the genetic jackpot if you can grow a thick beard. It opens up so many opportunities in terms of facial hair styling options, and they all follow some general rules of thumb.

From long beard styles to short beards, the key is to keep things as tidy as possible while playing to your facial features, which means keeping the sides of your beard symmetrical (trimming down your bottom and top line in similar shapes).

One way to keep a modern, updated appearance is through faded long beard styles. This look perfectly rounds up faded haircut styles by matching the hair gradient on your head sides and temple with your sideburns and cheek hair, letting them grow across your jawline to produce a visually increasing hair density effect.

Faded long beard styles work great with mid fade and high fade haircuts, favoring oval, rectangular and square face shapes. Even though this particular long beard style requires daily attention and detailed grooming, they are well worth the results. You’ll look great throughout the year, and it’ll make your cool summer outfit that much cooler!

The Amazing Man Curly Hair Beard

long beard styles 8Source: Lagence
Man curly hair beards allow you to stand out effortlessly.

Just like with faded long beard styles, man curly hair beards are all about using symmetry in your favor. Matching your hair’s natural waves with your facial hair is a great way to achieve a manly, fashionable, and trendy look while looking natural and authentic.

Man curly hair beards (and permed hairstyles) are a major trend this year. One cool way to rock a man curly hair beard would be to develop a long beard and a flared mustache that goes beyond the edges of your lips. You can then trim your beard’s lower section to a pointy shape and allow your sideburns to erupt from your faded sides.

The key to pulling off this fantastic look is to keep your beard’s boundaries in check. Your hairstyle should incorporate some fading at both sides of your head to guarantee that your hair’s natural curls take the spotlight.

As you can see, this trendy look requires minimal maintenance. Just grab your favorite beard trimmer and shaving machine after you shower and do a quick sweep!

Closing Words

Long beards have never really gone out of style, but guys are increasingly aware of how to shape their facial hair to looksmax their way to success. It’s undoubtedly a change for the better since it helps us maximize our chances of landing that dream job or finding that special someone.

Our selection of long beard styles is guaranteed to make you stand out amongst the crowd. Pair that with some of our best fashion advice and you’re guaranteed to score some points on dates and live an overall happier life!